Marist Results

Girls Athlete Place Results
5000 Meter Run
18:47.30 SB Kate Northrop 31st Race of Champions Girls
19:35.60 SB Taylor Gould 57th Race of Champions Girls
20:10.50 SB Tori Andrews 82nd Race of Champions Girls
20:24.80 SB Erin Connolly 92nd Race of Champions Girls
20:33.71 SB Kaitlin Krouskous 96th Race of Champions Girls
20:36.21 SB Courtney Marburger 11th White Invitational Girls
20:36.30 SB Allison Fialkowski 98th Race of Champions Girls
20:53.60 SB Maddie Kitchin 18th White Invitational Girls
21:15.80 SB Mary DeGroot 109th Race of Champions Girls
21:15.80 SB Mary De Groot 109th Race of Champions Girls
21:28.80 SB Nicole Fredette 28th White Invitational Girls
21:30.20 SB Ann Marie Ilse 29th White Invitational Girls
22:10.70 SB Robin Brown 39th White Invitational Girls
22:38.10 SB Megan Guenther 45th White Invitational Girls
Boys Athlete Place Results
5000 Meter Run
16:32.71 SB Matthew Weber 80th Race of Champions Boys
16:35.21 SB Michael Thurston 85th Race of Champions Boys
16:53.30 SB Scott Selvey 110th Race of Champions Boys
17:03.80 SB Ben Campbell 122nd Race of Champions Boys
17:09.31 SB Matt McMurray 129th Race of Champions Boys
17:13.70 SB Ty Nelson 133rd Race of Champions Boys
17:23.00 SB Chris Bryant 21st Red Invitational Boys
17:23.20 SB Jack Keller 22nd Red Invitational Boys
17:23.80 SB Patrick Woods 23rd Red Invitational Boys
17:25.00 SB Alexander Anemogianns 25th Red Invitational Boys
17:25.80 SB Daniel Navarro 141st Race of Champions Boys
17:41.00 SB Jack Leahey 34th Red Invitational Boys
17:52.10 SB Stuart O'connor 40th Red Invitational Boys
18:15.60 SB Graham White 53rd Red Invitational Boys