Four Floridians Qualify for Footlocker Nationals Nov 29, 2004

Congratulations to Jenny Barringer, Kelly Parrish, Justin Harbor, and Andy Biladeau who qualified for Footlocker Nationals in San Diego. Barringer was the top Florida finisher, winning the Girls Seeded race. The top eight from the seeded races at Footlocker south Region qualify.

Arthur Lydiard Speaks In Charlotte Nov 29, 2004

Arthur Lydiard spoke in Charlotte Saturday after the Footlocker South Regional meet. Three photographs are now online from the Charlotte Running Company sponsored event. The event was called \"Coach of the Century\" Lecture Tour.

Footlocker South: A Look At South Carolina Nov 29, 2004

OK, here\'s a look at the South Carolina finishers at Footlocker. Biggest surprise? Not Kate geting another trip to San Diego, but that she wasn\'t our best finisher...

Dewey & Scott qualify for Foot Locker Nationals Nov 28, 2004

The state of Virginia will be sending two representatives to this year\'s Foot Locker Nationals in Hayfield senior Melissa Dewey and Western Branch freshmen Aurora Scott. Dewey and Scott were among the top eight nationals bound finishers in the girls\' seeded race at the Foot Locker South Regional Meet held at McAlpine Greenway Park in Charlotte, North Carolina. Foot Locker South Photo Gallery by Lee Dick