NCRunners XC Countdown Girls Team #5: Hoggard

The No. 5 team on our girls cross country pre-season countdown are the Vikings of Hoggard!

The defending NCHSAA 4A cross country state champions had three seniors, two sophomores, and two freshmen on the team in 2020. Returning in 2021 is all-state runner junior Molly Parker. Parker, who is ranked No. 7 on our individuals countdown, was 3rd at last year's state meet, finishing behind the Alders who are not returning in 2021. 

Fellow junior Shea Hoffacker was 12th at the cross country state meet. She has not ran track in either her freshman or sophomore seasons, so her fitness will be a question as the season starts.

Sophomores Ashlei Summers and Savannah Moore only have a two-second difference in their 5000m personal bests, with Moore slightly edging Summers 19:49 to 19:51. Summers had a great track season, she ran 5:22 over 1600m and finished 12th at the state meet. 

There will be some friendly in-team competition for that 5th runner position. It will likely be between Anna Tinglestad, Annie Mulligan, and Keener Witmer. If those three can pack up, the 5-6-7 combo for Hoggard could very well be the difference maker when it comes to going back-to-back in 4A.

5Hoggard (NC)359
1) Molly Parker18:14.637
2) Shea Hoffacker18:56.4030
3) Savannah Moore19:49.1594
4) Ashlei Summers19:51.6499
5) Anna Tinglestad20:09.20129
Average Time: 19:24.20 Total Time: 1:37:01.02 1-5 Split: 1:54.57
6) Annie Mulligan20:33.75185
7) Keener Witmer20:49.90214