The Monster Dash Invitational Preview and Full Entries

Almost one-third of the boys championship run have already gone under 16:30 in their careers, while another huge group is right on the edge. I would expect a lot of personal bests to come out of this race. William Mitchell (Milbrook/North Raleigh TC) comes in with the fastest personal best of 15:24 from last season. Mitchell was 4th at the Carolina Liberty Freedom Invitational on the same course earlier this season. He was behind some runners that we will see again at the Monster Dash.

Jack Dingman (Northern Guilford) won the Freedom Invite by over 20 seconds clocking 15:37. Luke Ward (Hoggard) ran a personal best of 16:03 at the Freedom Invite where he placed 3rd. Elliott Kleckner (Croatan) is hopefully healthy and ready to get his first victory of the season. He was 4th at the NCRunners Elite Invitational. Ward's teammate Andrew Thompson ran 15:53 last season and will look to break 16:00 for the first time this season.

Josh Navarro (Millbrook/North Raleigh TC) has a personal best of 15:28 and his teammate Mitchell Payne has a personal best of 15:57. The North Raleigh TC has the potential go 1-2-3.

James Blizzard (Leesville Road) ran 15:37 at Jungle Run last season for a 3rd place finish. We have only see him run a 3000m and 3200m so far this fall and this is a great field to make your season debut with. Gavin Sweeney (Lake Norman) ran 15:39 last season at adidas Challenge. He ran 15:48 last weekend at the VA Elite XC Invitational. 

Jay Shanahan (Durham Academy) has a personal best of 15:44 but his legs may be tired from the TISAC Championship Thursday, but if he's feeling fresh than he has a good of chance at winning as anyone. Ryker Mattioli (Durham School of the Arts) dipped under 16:00 for the first time at Hare & Hounds earlier this season and will only look to improve. Walter Sellers (Atkins), like Mattioli, dipped under 16:00 for the first time at Hare & Hounds. They ran 15:55 and 15:56 respectively. Aaron Rovnak (Franklin Academy) is a darkhorse to walk away with a win. 


McGehee, Nolan 18:54.00 Patsy Pond Runners Club
Risenmay, Max 20:27.18 Carolina Liberty
Pena, Evan 16:19.80
Fox, Alexander 22:36.40 Hoke County Blazers
Dewalt, Kieran 16:39.32
Fernandez, Alex 16:49.10
Scott, Will 16:19.70
Mitchell, William 15:24.20 North Raleigh Track Club
Sterrett, Jack 17:02.00 Coastal Christian HS
Laney, Jacob 16:12.00
Rovnak, Aaron 16:04.00
Henry, Dalton 18:11.00
Jordan, caleb 18:30.00 Patsy Pond Runners Club
Vanderpool, Charles 20:03.30 Carolina Liberty
Ward, Luke 16:03.00
Cottle, Caleb 17:45.84 Coastal Christian HS
Payne, Mitchell 15:57.10 North Raleigh Track Club
Gable, Wyatt 17:44.00
Rodriguez, Colten 16:24.00 Patsy Pond Runners Club
Haynes, Armelius 19:41.00 Carolina Liberty
Adams, Jackson 18:20.00
Langhorst, Joseph 18:18.01
Cash, Matt 17:59.70
Cooke, Michael 17:50.07 Coastal Christian HS
Benefield, Jay Buggy 17:39.10 Carolina Liberty
Henry, Colin 16:19.50
Shanahan, Jay 15:44.30
Fleming, Francis 18:01.20
Fargo, Caleb 17:28.42 Coastal Christian HS
Sommers, Ethan 16:43.10
Kleckner, Elliott 15:35.00
Kleckner, Cooper 16:31.00
Sjoblad, Krister 16:30.61
Levy, Malachi 16:23.60
Baker, Quinn 16:09.62
Mattioli, Ryker 15:55.30
Young, Luke 17:28.20
Kurak, Jacob 17:05.40
Meadows, Flyn 16:35.70
Vo, Andrew 18:19.69
Mann, Silas 18:30.00
Hansen, Gavin 16:41.40
Surface, Tyler 16:25.80 North Raleigh Track Club
Sellers, Walter 15:56.90
Austin, Trey 19:11.90 Patsy Pond Runners Club
Conroy, Dominic 16:30.80
Thompson, Andrew 15:53.10
Mann, Gabriel 16:07.80 North Raleigh Track Club
Krieger, Bradley 19:01.27
Blizzard, James 15:37.34
Hunsinger, Ethan 18:08.00
Greenier, Trevor Hoke County Blazers
Whitehead, Andrew 16:12.80
Wallace, James 17:12.36 Patsy Pond Runners Club
Smith, Octavious 16:16.70 Carolina Liberty
Enyeart, Harrison 16:25.20 North Raleigh Track Club
Ajala, Oussama 16:16.20
O'Neill, Thad 18:29.15 Coastal Christian HS
Dingman, Logan 17:38.20
Rudel, Mason 16:31.60
Perry, Isaiah 17:43.11 Cape Fear Flyers
McCabe, Thomas 16:56.00 Patsy Pond Runners Club
Payne, Kamden 17:51.70 Carolina Liberty
Bottiglier, Vince 17:20.12 Coastal Christian HS
Aitken, Graham 16:56.00 North Raleigh Track Club
Sweeney, Gavin 15:39.50
Porter, Glenn 17:52.70
Davis, Patrick 17:16.60 Carolina Liberty
McCaw, Patrick 19:40.40
Longrie, Daniel 17:42.70
Scrocco, Nicholas 16:20.40 Coastal Christian HS
Pippin, Carter 17:05.20
Glick, Christian
Morrell, Roman 18:01.20
Ply, Ethan 17:06.80
Rapp, Matthew 17:28.60
Troiano, Riley 19:15.00
Groff, Bo 17:41.70
Garcia, Alex 16:42.30
Brotemarkle, Austin 16:08.40
Dingman, Jack 15:24.70
Young, Liam 17:49.20
Bolin, Kevin 16:08.50
Lawless, Van 18:35.27
Orr, Colby 18:01.00
Scarlett, Bailey 17:31.00
Chavez, Christian
Epps, Nicholas 16:45.00
Navarro, Joshua 15:28.80 North Raleigh Track Club
Marhold, William 16:27.17