The Monster Dash Invitational Preview and Full Entries

This course has only held one 5000m Invitational but already has that "PR Course" reputation. Kaitlyn Obremski (Topsail) has the fastest personal best of the bunch, a 17:30 time she clocked at her regional last season. Kaitlyn will likely be joined by her sister Makayla Obremski at the front of this race as both runners are making their 5000m debut of the season. Kaitlyn has won the two tune up races she has ran this fall, a 3000m and a 3200m. Makayla only ran in the 3000m with Kaitlyn and was runner-up. We will see a lot of fresh faces as all four of the top entries have yet to run a 5000m this season.

Paxton Chitty (Ashley) ran 18:07 last season and has the second best personal best in the field. Molly Parker (Hoggard) has not competed since March of outdoor track season. She has a 18:27 personal best but if she has been training these last few months she can easily compete for the win and a new personal best. Right there with her will be her teammate Sloane Fleming-Hickey. She has a 18:34 personal best and, like Parker, has not competed since March of outdoor season. 

Quinn Shanahan (Durham Academy) ran 18:15 at the High Point VertCross last weekend at Ivey Redmon, so a sub 18:00 performance could be in the making if she is healthy. 

Lauren Wimberly (Pinecrest/Franklin Elite) broke 19:00 at Team Regionals at WakeMed last season as a freshman and is ready to dip down in the mid-low 18:00's this season. Natalie Fox (Ashley) ran 19:00 last season also as a freshman so she will be looking to dip down under 19:00 for the first time


Turchetti, Gabriella
Wells, Madeline
DiBlasi, Cecelia 19:18.80
Parker, Molly 18:27.20
Roberts, Taylor 20:19.95
Taylor, Chloe 21:18.80 Cape Fear Flyers
Murrell, Caroline 19:01.20
McKee, Holly 21:07.07 Cape Fear Flyers
Hayes, Emilie 25:21.80 Patsy Pond Runners Club
Fleming-Hickey, Sloane 18:34.70
Hope, Ella Franklin Elite Athletics Track C
Beikirch, Avah 20:17.00 Patsy Pond Runners Club
Sherman, Jordan 22:21.40 Carolina Liberty
Kashefsky, Emma
Elkan, Emma Triangle Cross Country
Shanahan, Quinn 18:30.23
Carter, Maggie 24:23.08 Coastal Christian HS
Schofield, Madison 25:36.93 Carolina Liberty
Eder, Cadence 21:00.00
Harrison, Kaitlyn 22:15.80 Coastal Christian HS
Yell, Tessa 19:53.69
Wilson, Tania 23:41.56 Carolina Liberty
Myers, Emily 22:20.00
Manfre, Bella 20:12.18
Chavez, Breanna
Fischer, Madeline 22:17.30 Coastal Christian HS
Obremski, Makayla 18:22.00
Irwin, Kinleigh
Beisser, Maria 23:33.76
Clodgo, Kristen 19:45.80
Sawyer, Elle 20:39.00
Winslow, Brighten 22:00.00
Webb, Isabela
Lundin, Sophie 20:05 Cape Fear Flyers
Kirkwood, Audry Patsy Pond Runners Club
Asmus, Eliana Franklin Elite Athletics Track C
Chitty, Paxton 18:07.10
Barbour, Sarah 24:58.40
Hall, Samantha 20:42.00 Patsy Pond Runners Club
Pratt, Rainger 21:43.70 Carolina Liberty
Bombien, Paige 19:27.60
Short, Marissa 24:11.31 Coastal Christian HS
Wimberly, Lauren 18:58.40 Franklin Elite Athletics Track C
Nickson, Claire 23:28.70 Patsy Pond Runners Club
Risenmay, Brinlee 26:00.77 Carolina Liberty
Farr, Mackenzie
Lorelle, Catherine Triangle Cross Country
Basler, Ava 21:52.35 Coastal Christian HS
Zoky, Jordan 28:38.20 Carolina Liberty
Ripa, Madi 26:41.26 Coastal Christian HS
Thompson, Kenzie 27:22.30 Carolina Liberty
Obremski, Kaitlyn 17:30.95
Bos, Zoe 20:17.78 Coastal Christian HS
Fox, Natalie 19:00.20
Libretto, Skylar 20:45.14
Phillips, Paige 19:48.72