What To Watch From The 40th Apex Lions' Relays

It was a great Saturday at Apex Lions' Relays.  Go through the slideshow and go through out favorite races or performances from the day.  Below highlights the elite performances from the meet.  Thanks to Dan Loughlin for taking photos of the event and Jeff George for giving us commentary during our live stream!


Race Videos


100 Meter Hurdles Finals14.66Taylor MckinnonCardinal Gibbons
100 Meter Dash Finals11.73Jonah RossGarner
100 Meter Dash Finals11.88Jahzara HartSoutheast Raleigh
100 Meter Dash Finals11.98Taylor Boykin-RoachApex
100 Meter Dash Finals12.09Morgan SmallsPanther Creek
100 Meter Dash Finals12.22Naelee StoneCleveland High School
1600 Meter Run Finals5:08.33Emma KincaidGrimsley
1600 Meter Run Finals5:10.31Shannon SeftonPanther Creek
1600 Meter Run Finals5:11.15Erin SpreenWake Forest HS
1600 Meter Run Finals5:11.97Hannah PreisserCarrboro
1600 Meter Run Finals5:14.58Jade MartinApex Friendship
4x100 Meter Relay Finals47.56Relay TeamSoutheast Raleigh
4x1600 Meter Relay Finals21:59.80Relay TeamChapel Hill
4x800 Meter Relay Finals9:40.70Relay TeamChapel Hill
4x800 Meter Relay Finals9:43.16Relay TeamCardinal Gibbons
4x800 Meter Relay Finals9:44.71Relay TeamApex Friendship
Discus Finals121-7Alexandria DavisWest Johnston
Discus Finals122-11Autumn JuddSoutheast Raleigh
Distance Medley Relay Finals12:22.36Relay TeamCardinal Gibbons
Long Jump Finals19-0.75Morgan SmallsPanther Creek
Pole Vault Finals10-6Kayla GiffordGreen Hope
Pole Vault Finals10-6Susannah TruittPanther Creek
Pole Vault Finals11-0Maddie DaviesAthens Drive
Shot Put Finals40-6Sydney FreemanMillbrook
Shot Put Finals41-6Samantha EnnisNorthwood
800 Meter Sprint Medley Relay Finals1:46.09Relay TeamPanther Creek
800 Meter Sprint Medley Relay Finals1:49.97Relay TeamGarner
800 Meter Sprint Medley Relay Finals1:51.06Relay TeamCary
800 Meter Sprint Medley Relay Finals1:51.98Relay TeamRolesville High School
800 Meter Sprint Medley Relay Finals1:52.00Relay TeamMiddle Creek
800 Meter Sprint Medley Relay Finals1:53.53Relay TeamApex
800 Meter Sprint Medley Relay Finals1:54.26Relay TeamCleveland High School
Triple Jump Finals36-7.5Kelly SmithPanther Creek
Triple Jump Finals40-2.5Morgan SmallsPanther Creek
100 Meter Dash Finals10.64Randolph RossGarner
100 Meter Dash Finals10.78Reggie BarlowWakefield
1600 Meter Run Finals4:18.82Aj WilliamsPinecrest
1600 Meter Run Finals4:20.65Thomas VoGreen Hope
1600 Meter Run Finals4:20.74Tim HaughtonApex Friendship
1600 Meter Run Finals4:21.18Preston JonesLeesville Road
1600 Meter Run Finals4:21.81Lowell HensgenCardinal Gibbons
1600 Meter Run Finals4:22.29Ian HarrisonPanther Creek
1600 Meter Run Finals4:24.25Scott KennedyApex
4x1600 Meter Relay Finals17:55.86Relay TeamCary
4x1600 Meter Relay Finals17:59.16Relay TeamBroughton
4x1600 Meter Relay Finals18:03.34Relay TeamMillbrook
4x1600 Meter Relay Finals18:17.80Relay TeamDurham Academy
4x800 Meter Relay Finals8:05.35Relay TeamBroughton
4x800 Meter Relay Finals8:09.99Relay TeamPanther Creek
Discus Finals160-3Chrystian SmithJordan
Discus Finals164-5Davin VannCary
Distance Medley Relay Finals10:37.00Relay TeamCary
Distance Medley Relay Finals10:44.95Relay TeamMillbrook
High Jump Finals6-8Kendall ArtisRolesville High School
High Jump Finals7-0Charles McBrideApex
Shot Put Finals52-11Davin VannCary
Sprint Medley Relay Finals3:30.79Relay TeamGarner
Sprint Medley Relay Finals3:31.02Relay TeamCary
Sprint Medley Relay Finals3:33.57Relay TeamFuquay-Varina
Sprint Medley Relay Finals3:37.35Relay TeamRolesville High School
Sprint Medley Relay Finals3:41.90Relay TeamPinecrest
Sprint Medley Relay Finals3:42.07Relay TeamAthens Drive
Sprint Medley Relay Finals3:42.53Relay TeamCleveland High School
Sprint Medley Relay Finals3:43.24Relay TeamSoutheast Raleigh
Sprint Medley Relay Finals3:43.65Relay TeamWakefield
Sprint Medley Relay Finals3:43.83Relay TeamHolly Springs
Sprint Medley Relay Finals3:44.58Relay TeamChapel Hill
Triple Jump Finals46-0.5Jordan PaynePanther Creek
Triple Jump Finals47-3.25Charles McBrideApex