ECC 3A/4A Championship 2020

Winterville, NC
Hosted by D.H. Conley

Athlete Entries

Championship Boys 5000 Meter Run 38 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Whitley, Jeremy Southern Wayne
Wagoner, Landon Rose, J.H.
Wise, Carson Southern Wayne
Woodard, Parker Rose, J.H.
Barrett, Aidan Aycock, Charles B
Geyer, Nathan 15:55.44 D.H. Conley
Thorndike, Owen 16:28.22 D.H. Conley
McKinney, Seth 16:31.70 D.H. Conley
Williams, Landen 16:34.69 D.H. Conley
Miller, Garrett 16:38.10 D.H. Conley
Luckett, Ja'Quan 17:09.40 New Bern
Adrias, Carter 17:15.20 D.H. Conley
Roeder, Justin 17:27.40 South Central
Hill, Matthew 17:30.80 South Central
Hill, Scout 17:32.78 D.H. Conley
Cannaday, Steve 17:34.40 South Central
Fraley, Keller 17:54.66 Rose, J.H.
Gardner, Todd 18:09.71 Aycock, Charles B
Adamski, Riley 18:11.40 South Central
Simmons, Curtis 18:20.08 Aycock, Charles B
Seif, Quinn 18:24.40 New Bern
Thomas, Simon 18:25.60 South Central
Velasquez, Jose 18:26.62 Southern Wayne
Riggs, Matthew 18:27.92 South Central
Brantley, Griffin 18:38.44 South Central
Perez, Edwin 18:54.49 Southern Wayne
Amaro, Jace 19:01.59 New Bern
Lupton, Seth 19:32.04 Aycock, Charles B
Norton, Ryan 19:38.96 Southern Wayne
Francisco, Greyson 19:54.90 Aycock, Charles B
Frazier, Creed 20:34.26 New Bern
Collins, Grant 20:42.31 Rose, J.H.
Stevens, Breydon 21:02.73 Aycock, Charles B
Daly, Carson 21:40.50 Southern Wayne
Reyes, Jacob 22:18.79 New Bern
James, Micah 22:48.34 Rose, J.H.
Rojas, Randy 22:56.90 Southern Wayne
Fairbrother, Noah 24:12.42 Rose, J.H.
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Championship Girls 5000 Meter Run 30 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Garmendia, Payten Aycock, Charles B
Howell, Alyssa Aycock, Charles B
Soler, Ziomara Southern Wayne
Watkins, Annabell Aycock, Charles B
Green, Tristin Aycock, Charles B
Smith, Hana 19:58.00 New Bern
Baldwin, Natalie 20:14.20 South Central
Stoakes, Annika 20:39.59 D.H. Conley
Woodmansee, Maisy 20:46.00 Rose, J.H.
Kulas, Saline 21:21.40 Rose, J.H.
Guth, Alice 21:21.80 D.H. Conley
Quinn, Madison 21:36.50 South Central
Mitchell, Channing 21:37.56 D.H. Conley
Ferrell, Hayley 21:45.68 D.H. Conley
Carr, Reagan 22:07.00 New Bern
Halsall, Hadlee 23:08.60 D.H. Conley
Brice, Kyla 23:09.66 New Bern
Ibarra, Savannah 23:21.61 South Central
Brown, Caitlin 23:22.71 D.H. Conley
Ibarra, Angeles 23:35.10 South Central
Odom, Mackenzie 23:37.00 South Central
Fleming, Ra'Nissi 24:00.81 South Central
Kennedy, Grace 24:04.70 D.H. Conley
Gudaitis, Ella 24:25.00 New Bern
Tucker, Lexi 24:36.00 New Bern
Murray, Grace 24:38.00 New Bern
Robinson, Alexis 24:48.57 South Central
Smith, Elle 24:59.00 New Bern
Martin, Haley 25:16.22 Aycock, Charles B
Johnson, Ashlyn 27:58.04 Aycock, Charles B
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