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High School Boys 4x200 Meter Relay 9 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A Henderson Collegiate
Relay Team A 1:32.36 Dudley
Relay Team A 1:34.70 Southeast Guilford
Relay Team A 1:34.40 Lexington
Relay Team A 1:34.16 T.W. Andrews
Relay Team A 1:28.97 East Forsyth
Relay Team A 1:37.01 Hillside
Relay Team A Mount Airy
Relay Team A 1:29.50h Parkland
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High School Girls 4x200 Meter Relay 8 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A Henderson Collegiate
Relay Team A 1:41.88 Parkland
Relay Team A 1:47.56 Dudley
Relay Team A 1:50.85 Grimsley
Relay Team A 1:53.59 Hillside
Relay Team A 1:48.90 East Forsyth
Relay Team A 1:47.46 Lexington
Relay Team A 1:52.00 Southeast Guilford
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HS Boys 100 Meter Dash 49 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Roseboro, Jacquez 10.84h Parkland
Payne, Yu'Neeke 11.50 Lexington
Smith, Jaidyn 13.14h Northwood
Akins, Adam 11.84h Southeast Guilford
Resper, Devin Grimsley
Bell, Nazrel Mount Airy
Strickland, Isaiah 12.55 High Point Panthers Elite
Griffith, Samuel 12.74h Northwood
Kennedy, Elijah 11.14h High Point Central
Davis, Isaiah 11.24h T.W. Andrews
Thomas, Jaidin 11.10 Bull City Express
Jones, Ty 12.34h Northwest Guilford
Fisher, Isaiah 11.48 Page
Farrington, Shawn 11.84h Hillside
Ward, Kendrick 11.44h East Forsyth
Dobson, Dre 12.54h Mount Airy
Hanks, Trayvon Henderson Collegiate
Mosley, Nyles 11.97 Northern Guilford
Monroe, Larry 11.10h Dudley
Robinson, Dyvai 11.22 Hillside
Lawrence, Jaiden 12.0 Northwest Guilford
Beason, Malik 12.34h Henderson Collegiate
Little, Isaiah 12.24h Northern Guilford
Warren, Jamison 11.27 East Forsyth
Bowers, Samuel 11.95 Parkland
Slade, Chris 11.34h Dudley
Sherrill, Justin 11.74h Lexington
Farmer, Jordan 11.94h Southeast Guilford
Sutton, Tim 11.79 Franklin Academy
Hairston, Kyren 13.11 Grimsley
Mack, Larenzo 11.07 High Point Panthers Elite
Perez, Christian 11.70 Lexington
Lewis, Seth 12.74h Northwood
Stockham, Jalen 11.47 Southeast Guilford
Dilliard, Isaiah 11.94h T.W. Andrews
McCray, Avante 11.94h Page
Peterson, Kendall 11.47 Grimsley
Reales, Matthew Mount Airy
Mcmanus, Deandre 11.53 T.W. Andrews
Abaka-mensah, Samuel 12.74h Northwest Guilford
Walters, Deonte 11.44h Hillside
Green, Justin 11.34 East Forsyth
Taylor, Martin Henderson Collegiate
Clendinen, Will 12.38 Northern Guilford
Gorham, Elijah 11.84h D.H. Conley
Wilkins Jr., Vincent 11.60 Parkland
Kone, Ibraham 11.44h Dudley
Sutton, Matt 11.94h Franklin Academy
Garrett, Matthew 11.29 Charlotte Flights
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HS Boys 110 Meter Hurdles 19 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Person, Phillip 16.64h T.W. Andrews
McKiver, Jevon 16.64h T.W. Andrews
Bowers, Samuel 16.19 Parkland
Smith, Kaulin Mount Airy
Garrett, Matthew 15.34h Charlotte Flights
Gipson, Eugene 23.27 Northwood
Fleming, Justin 15.34h Southeast Guilford
Conway, Brendon 17.53 East Forsyth
Anthony, Bryce 14.27 Ragsdale
Atkins, Ishmel 19.74h Page
Sandiford, Kyle 19.44h Northwood
Wall, Mekhi 15.90h Dudley
Thomas, Dorian 17.51 T.W. Andrews
Rogers, Christopher 15.24h Hillside
Koonts, Nathan 21.64h Southeast Guilford
Johnson, Brandon 14.94h East Forsyth
Fuchs, Justin 15.50 Northwest Guilford
Civiletti, Noah 22.64h Northwood
Reyes, Ivan 17.64h East Forsyth
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HS Boys 1600 Meter Run 42 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Jamar, Payne 5:43.00 High Point Central
Rovnak, Aaron 4:31.52 Franklin Academy
Barbee, Zach 4:53.00 Jesse Carson
Watson, Aiden 6:31.00 Southeast Guilford
Wilson, Thomas 6:05.00 East Forsyth
Eaton, Austin 4:52.06 Mount Airy
Jones, Matthew 5:20.58 Dudley
Joncas, Riley 4:45.60 Northwest Guilford
Barrios-Zavala, Ernesto 4:54.63 Northern Guilford
Pippin, Carter 4:55.50 Northwood
Anderson, Logan 5:07.04 High Point Central
Gaydon, Jackson 4:56.78 Southeast Guilford
Long, Ethan 4:54.51 Page
McKinney, Seth 4:51.81 D.H. Conley
Sadler, Ethan 5:10.59 Grimsley
Hill, Kelvin 6:16.00 Hillside
Cash, Richie 5:24.98 Franklin Academy
Tilley, Dylan 5:40.83 Mount Airy
Hack, Connor East Forsyth
Carbajal Perez, Jose 5:29.00 Hillside
Osorio, Josh 5:29.90 Ragsdale
Waldon, Jeddy 5:01.08 Franklin Academy
McWharter, Liam 4:54.00 Northwest Guilford
De Lisa, Mateo 5:00.66 Northern Guilford
Henry, Colin 4:48.46 Northwood
Sokolowski, John 5:04.00 Jesse Carson
Cox, Kenan 5:37.00 Southeast Guilford
jimenez, alex 5:28.70 East Forsyth
Vernon, Christian 5:16.86 Mount Airy
Meza, Lorenzo Henderson Collegiate
Heras, Matthew 5:05.90 Northwest Guilford
Amin, Zaeem 5:04.41 Page
Aboeid, Mosa 4:56.00h Dudley
Dingman, Jack 4:27.72 Northern Guilford
Levy, Malachi 4:46.10 Northwood
Brown, Neil 4:32.25 High Point Central
Thorndike, Owen 5:07.37 D.H. Conley
Sadler, Noah 5:20.57 Grimsley
Milroy, Cam 4:26.99 Page
Walters, Peyton 4:53.73 D.H. Conley
Geniac, Peter 5:07.26 Grimsley
Parker, Javari Hillside
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HS Boys 200 Meter Dash 48 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Mcmanus, Deandre 23.24 T.W. Andrews
Udemadu, Obieze 25.74h Hillside
Shelton, Cole 25.71 Mount Airy
Strickland, Isaiah 24.60 High Point Panthers Elite
Crawford, Samuel 22.00 Platinum Sports
Abaka-mensah, Samuel 25.94h Northwest Guilford
Crump, Cj 22.94h Page
Hall, Mizell 21.93 East Forsyth
Clarke, Romeo Henderson Collegiate
Williams, Nate 23.65 Northern Guilford
Wilkins Jr., Vincent 24.04 Parkland
Kone, Ibraham 23.44h Dudley
Becquer-Ramos, Miguel 26.94h Northwood
McAllister, Ervin 23.93 Southeast Guilford
Hayes, Savien 21.66 Parkland
Payne, Yu'Neeke 24.44h Lexington
Sutton, Tim 24.14h Franklin Academy
Peterson, Kendall 23.34 Grimsley
Davis, Isaiah 23.44h T.W. Andrews
Brockington, Ja'Corey 25.24h Hillside
Bell, Nazrel Mount Airy
Mack, Larenzo 22.65 High Point Panthers Elite
Austin, Kameron 23.54 Platinum Sports
Griffith, Samuel 25.64h Northwood
Warren, Jamison 22.94h East Forsyth
Tumbarello, Austin 22.34h Mount Airy
Lyon, Tyler Henderson Collegiate
Mosley, Nyles 24.20 Northern Guilford
Attucks, Cameron 22.00h Platinum Sports
Kennedy, Elijah 23.54h High Point Central
Thomas, Jaidin 22.62 Bull City Express
Davis, Tyler 24.94h Northwest Guilford
Monroe, Larry 22.80h Dudley
Childs, Nick 23.04h East Forsyth
Davis, Jikaveous 29.74h Henderson Collegiate
Angiulli, Sam 22.64h Northern Guilford
Akins, Adam 24.05 Southeast Guilford
Miles, Justin 22.82 Parkland
Slade, Chris 22.9 Dudley
Wallace, Jahamani 24.84h Lexington
Sutton, Matt 24.34h Franklin Academy
Gowens, Myles 25.82 Grimsley
King, Joshua 23.27 Southeast Guilford
Keel, Tyre-k 23.70h T.W. Andrews
Perez, Christian 23.95 Lexington
Suarez, William 25.40h Northwood
Attucks, Cameron 21.89 Atkins
Flesch, Joseph 24.44 Grimsley
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HS Boys 300 Meter Hurdles 29 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Wall, Mekhi 41.90h Dudley
Koonts, Nathan 52.34h Southeast Guilford
Conway, Brendon 42.44h East Forsyth
Rogers, Christopher 41.58 Hillside
Bowers, Samuel 44.69 Parkland
Bradshaw, Devin 45.74h Northwest Guilford
Civiletti, Noah 52.54h Northwood
Burns, Kyree 43.54h Southeast Guilford
Reyes, Ivan 42.96 East Forsyth
Hall, Justin 47.87 Ragsdale
Davis, Tyler 44.10 Northwest Guilford
Wisseh, Simon 44.87 T.W. Andrews
Jean-Louis, Andey 48.54h High Point Central
Felton, Benton 47.80h Dudley
Payton, Kevin 44.24 D.H. Conley
Thomas, Dorian 44.38 T.W. Andrews
Eanes, Kristian 51.74h Hillside
Patino, Sincere 43.96 East Forsyth
Gipson, Eugene 52.95 Northwood
Dowell, Chandler 43.68 Parkland
Fleming, Justin 42.19 Southeast Guilford
Heras, Brandon 48.03 Northwest Guilford
Garrett, Matthew Charlotte Flights
Sandiford, Kyle 48.44h Northwood
Anthony, Bryce 38.24 Ragsdale
McRae, Jacobe 45.90h Dudley
Atkins, Ishmel 53.14h Page
Perez, Joel 46.74h D.H. Conley
Person, Phillip 44.50 T.W. Andrews
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HS Boys 3200 Meter Run 27 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Leib, Brandon 11:35.00 Northwest Guilford
Gentry, Hayden 12:35.00 Page
Dingman, Jack 9:30.83 Northern Guilford
McCaw, Patrick 12:52.03 Northwood
McKinney, Seth 10:29.64 D.H. Conley
Beckner, Seth 11:25.00 Grimsley
Milroy, Cam 9:42.33 Page
Anderson, John 10:51.00 D.H. Conley
Jiles, Seth 11:04.98 Grimsley
Noble, Isaiah 15:06.00 Hillside
Rovnak, Aaron 10:02.81 Franklin Academy
Noyola-Martinez, Eddy 10:55.75 Parkland
Peasle, Curtis 10:29.53 Northwest Guilford
Barrios-Zavala, Ernesto 11:16.70 Northern Guilford
Barbee, Zach 11:01.65 Jesse Carson
Gaydon, Jackson 11:27.67 Southeast Guilford
Long, Ethan 10:32.00 Page
Walters, Peyton 10:30.73 D.H. Conley
Williams, Jack 11:04.38 Grimsley
Cash, Richie 13:02.37 Franklin Academy
Almontedilone, Rony 10:50.00 Parkland
Carbajal Perez, Jose 11:17.00 Hillside
Waldon, Jeddy 10:50.20 Franklin Academy
Eaton, Austin 10:50.07 Mount Airy
Lewis, Tyler 14:12.25 Northern Guilford
Cox, Kenan 13:01.20 Southeast Guilford
Cope, Ransom 11:54.00 Ragsdale
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HS Boys 400 Meter Dash 44 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Akins, Adam Southeast Guilford
Ajose-Adeogun, Tunji 51.44h East Forsyth
Perez, Nery Henderson Collegiate
Angiulli, Sam 50.35 Northern Guilford
Sanchez, Marco 56.77 Northwood
Creary, Murad 51.52 High Point Central
Miles, Justin 53.25 Parkland
Slade, Chris 53.29 Dudley
Meza, Noel 52.00 Grimsley
Moore, Jeremiah 59.64h D.H. Conley
Copp, Gabriel 57.44h Northwood
Earnhardt, Will 52.54h Southeast Guilford
Mayorquin, Aaron 56.00 Lexington
Atchison, LeAndre 56.84h D.H. Conley
Arias, Jose 56.00 Grimsley
McKiver, Jevon 53.14h T.W. Andrews
Pratt, Kacey 49.02 Hillside
Shelton, Cole 55.24h Mount Airy
Mack, Larenzo 51.72 High Point Panthers Elite
Stamp, Camren 55.00 Platinum Sports
Attucks, Cameron 52.92 Atkins
Lucas, Aaron 56.24h Southeast Guilford
Johnson, Brandon 52.12 East Forsyth
Clarke, Romeo Henderson Collegiate
Williams, Nate 51.58 Northern Guilford
Grubbs, Gavin 58.84h Northwest Guilford
Brooks, Kamari 55.01 Parkland
Waddell, Jaylin 54.77 Dudley
Wallace, Jahamani 53.00 Lexington
Hayes, Savien 48.72 Parkland
Parmely, Tyrone 57.24h D.H. Conley
Mai, Joshua 54.00 Grimsley
Brewer, Stephen 59.90 Platinum Sports
Vick, Noah 1:00.84h Northwood
Keel, Tyre-k 53.20 T.W. Andrews
Udemadu, Obieze 59.34h Hillside
Cannon, Micah 57.74h East Forsyth
Covington, Robert 53.28 Hillside
Tumbarello, Austin 49.54 Mount Airy
Strickland, Isaiah 0:59 High Point Panthers Elite
Lyon, Tyler Henderson Collegiate
Attucks, Cameron 49.00 Platinum Sports
Sullivan, Blake 53.84h Northwest Guilford
Shaw, Michael 57.20h Dudley
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HS Boys 4x100 Meter Relay 8 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 44.88 Hillside
Relay Team A 43.15 East Forsyth
Relay Team A 45.72 Lexington
Relay Team A 44.44h Southeast Guilford
Relay Team A Henderson Collegiate
Relay Team A 43.80h Dudley
Relay Team A Mount Airy
Relay Team A 44.90 T.W. Andrews
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HS Boys 4x400 Meter Relay 14 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 3:38.65 Dudley
Relay Team A 3:36.30 T.W. Andrews
Relay Team A 3:39 Page
Relay Team A 3:28.87 Hillside
Relay Team A Northwest Guilford
Relay Team A 3:48.40 East Forsyth
Relay Team A 3:29.80h Parkland
Relay Team A 3:45.00h Franklin Academy
Relay Team A 3.55 Platinum Sports
Relay Team A 3:32.00h High Point Central
Relay Team A 3:43.90 Southeast Guilford
Relay Team A 3:42.10 Grimsley
Relay Team A Henderson Collegiate
Relay Team A 3:55.63 D.H. Conley
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HS Boys 4x800 Meter Relay 11 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 9:00.67 Dudley
Relay Team B 9:11.82 Franklin Academy
Relay Team A 7.30 Platinum Sports
Relay Team A 9:02.00 Southeast Guilford
Relay Team A 9:17.44 Grimsley
Relay Team A 8:27.65 D.H. Conley
Relay Team A 9:00.31 Northwood
Relay Team A 8:54.27 Page
Relay Team A 8:43.00 Hillside
Relay Team A 8:33.22 Northwest Guilford
Relay Team A East Forsyth
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HS Boys 800 Meter Run 44 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Wilson, Jalen 2:06.60 D.H. Conley
Arias, Jose 2:21.54 Grimsley
Pratt, Korey 1:58.73 Hillside
Dominguez, Daniel Ragsdale
Orr, Colby 2:20.08 Franklin Academy
Sokolowski, John 2:13.23 Jesse Carson
Corral, jorge 2:42.60 East Forsyth
Morgan, Dominic 2:27.47 Hillside
Bueno, Anthony 2:29.06 Mount Airy
Meza, Lorenzo Henderson Collegiate
Ingram, Will 2:19.70 Franklin Academy
Hamilton, Nicholas 2:15.00 Northwest Guilford
Jones, Matthew 2:15.00 Dudley
Henry, Colin 2:10.34 Northwood
Jamar, Payne 2:18.56 High Point Central
Falls, Dalton 2:17.00 Southeast Guilford
Clothier, Colin 2:48.80 East Forsyth
Cervantes, Alek Henderson Collegiate
Lewis, Tyler 2:25.15 Northern Guilford
Hairston, Joshua 2:00.12 Northwest Guilford
Carmona, Kevin Page
Martinez, Cesar 2:10.0 Dudley
Tucker, Zach 1:58.33 D.H. Conley
Terzaghi, Tommaso 2:12.57 Grimsley
Levy, Malachi 2:09.62 Northwood
Brown, Neil 2:04.00 High Point Central
Mitchum, Michael 2:25.00 Page
Thomae, Lucas 2:19.58 Grimsley
Orians, Eli 2:05.50 D.H. Conley
Davenport, Ahmir 2:13.62 Hillside
Novas, Jared 2:10.13 Ragsdale
Rodriguez, Marco 2:14.94 Franklin Academy
Cox, Kenan 2:23.63 Southeast Guilford
Patton, Connor 3:06.83 East Forsyth
Vernon, Christian 2:25.99 Mount Airy
Clarke, Romeo Henderson Collegiate
Doyle, Joey 2:19.00 Northwest Guilford
Nelson, Jai'lyn 2:15.00h Dudley
Gaydon, Jackson 2:11.00 Southeast Guilford
De Lisa, Mateo 2:12.42 Northern Guilford
Pippin, Carter 2:14.00h Northwood
Anderson, Logan 2:21.00 High Point Central
Yacouba, Emmett 2:13.92 Page
Marin-Salinas, Randy 2:49.46 Parkland
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HS Boys Discus Throw 37 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Christa, Kris 112-5 Southeast Guilford
Madzivanyika, David 119-0 Hillside
Gilson, George 93-8 Northwood
Davis, Alex 58-1 Franklin Academy
Gordy, Luke 113-9 Northwest Guilford
Myers, Henry 105-8 Northwood
Hock, Nathan 63-10 Franklin Academy
Mattox, Noetic 108-0 Mount Airy
Fawole, Tobi 106-1 Northern Guilford
Lasure, Brock 113-1 D.H. Conley
Ivory, Kevin 120-8 T.W. Andrews
Lytch, Chesten 94-7 High Point Central
Gilliard, Ronald 125-4 Dudley
Robinson, Rodo 114-0 Page
Ruff, Trey 88-2 Northern Guilford
Council, Darius 93-2 D.H. Conley
Ray, Anthony 86-2 Southeast Guilford
Everette, Allen 71-10 Hillside
Mills, Brandon 91-5 Northwest Guilford
Brewington, Ahmad 101-0 Grimsley
Thrasher, Ruben 122-9.5 Southeast Guilford
walter, logan East Forsyth
Mcgaughnea, Ben 121-7 Northwood
Hines, Zachary 95-0 Northwest Guilford
Mcleod, Earnest 105-6 Ragsdale
Walker, Darius 72-2 Mount Airy
Snyder, Benedict 55-6 T.W. Andrews
Pollard, Nieko 104-2 Page
Timmons, Silas 70-0 High Point Central
Jacobs, Montez Dudley
Hill, Mason 80-8 Mount Airy
Barlow, Jacob 111-4 Northern Guilford
Edwards, Zykale 104-4 D.H. Conley
Jones, Aaron 127-4 T.W. Andrews
Coleman, Jayden 92-9 High Point Central
Holliday, Ian 105-2 Hillside
Goins, Justice 95-0 Grimsley
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HS Boys High Jump 20 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Davis, Tyler 5-9 Northwest Guilford
Murchison, Rakeem 5-5 Northern Guilford
Jackson, Cameron 5-10 East Forsyth
Burns, Kyree 5-10 Southeast Guilford
Anthony, Bryce 5-10 Ragsdale
Sumner, Kanyn 5-2 Mount Airy
Resper, Tyson Grimsley
Nefe, Trevor 5-7 Northwest Guilford
Robinson, LeQuan Northern Guilford
Spizzo, Anthony Northern Guilford
Francis, Keeland 5-2 T.W. Andrews
Lindsay, Isaiah 5-4 East Forsyth
Lucas, Aaron 5-8 Southeast Guilford
Gipson, Eugene 5-0 Northwood
Myers, Aiden 5-8 Franklin Academy
Childs, Morgan 5-6 East Forsyth
Burgess, Andrew 5-4 Southeast Guilford
Hairston, Kyren Grimsley
Maldonado, Dylan 5-6 Northwest Guilford
McRae, Jacobe 5-6 Dudley
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HS Boys Long Jump 31 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Wilkins Jr., Vincent 20-0 Parkland
Kirkman, Rahiem 19-4 Ragsdale
Graves, Jalen 18-9.5 Northern Guilford
Bastardo, Yoerick 18-3 D.H. Conley
Sherrill, Justin 17-0 Lexington
Tatum, Camden Southeast Guilford
Sutton, Kejerian 17-10 Dudley
Short, Naari 19-9.5 Hillside
Gowens, Myles 18-10 Grimsley
McAllister, Ervin 20-0.5 Southeast Guilford
Fuchs, Justin 22-0 Northwest Guilford
Carpenter, Isaiah 17-3.5 Grimsley
Myers, Aiden 18-5 Franklin Academy
Sweeney, Josiah 12-3.5 East Forsyth
Wisseh, Simon 15-9.5 T.W. Andrews
Childs, Morgan 17-8 East Forsyth
Smith, Kaulin 19-1 Mount Airy
Murchison, Rakeem 19-1 Northern Guilford
Jean-Louis, Andey 20-0 High Point Central
Jackson, Kevin 18-5 Dudley
Norfleet, Nigel 19-5 Ragsdale
Bowers, Samuel 17-11 Parkland
Coleman, Xavier 16-8.5 Southeast Guilford
Robinson, Dyvai 21-5 Hillside
Davis, Tyler 17-2 Northwest Guilford
Wall, Cameron 20-8.5 Grimsley
Strickland, Isaiah 18-1 High Point Panthers Elite
Francis, Keeland 17-7 T.W. Andrews
Lindsay, Isaiah 13-11 East Forsyth
Robinson, LeQuan Northern Guilford
Kennedy, Elijah 20-10 High Point Central
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HS Boys Pole Vault 11 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Thompson, Bryce 7-6 Southeast Guilford
Watson, Ethan 7-6 Northwood
Henry, Kevin 12-0 T.W. Andrews
Holland, Kevin 10-0 East Forsyth
Greeson, Noah Southeast Guilford
McCall, Jacob 6-6 Northwood
Maldonado, Dylan 8-6 Northwest Guilford
Bradshaw, Devin 8-6 Northwest Guilford
Sloan, Benjamin 7-0 Southeast Guilford
Friedman, Josh Northwood
Coon, Rycor 9-6 Northwest Guilford
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HS Boys Shot Put 37 entries

Athlete Seed Team
walter, logan 32-1 East Forsyth
Walker, Darius 25-3 Mount Airy
Snyder, Benedict T.W. Andrews
Lytch, Chesten 38-1.5 High Point Central
Mcleod, Earnest 46-10 Ragsdale
Hill, Mason 20-9 Mount Airy
Graves, Jalen 38-2 Northern Guilford
Lasure, Brock 38-10 D.H. Conley
Jones, Aaron 43-6 T.W. Andrews
Robinson, Rodo 37-10.5 Page
Coleman, Jayden 38-7 High Point Central
Gilliard, Ronald 50-4 Dudley
Everette, Allen 29-5 Hillside
Christa, Kris 36-1 Southeast Guilford
Madzivanyika, David 41-0 Hillside
Gilson, George 31-7 Northwood
Gordy, Luke 38-8 Northwest Guilford
Brewington, Ahmad 34-0 Grimsley
Mcgaughnea, Ben 42-5 Northwood
Hock, Nathan 31-11 Franklin Academy
Mattox, Noetic 31-5.75 Mount Airy
Clendinen, Will 35-1 Northern Guilford
Ramsay, Tyler 30-6.5 D.H. Conley
Ivory, Kevin 37-5 T.W. Andrews
Pollard, Nieko 36-6.5 Page
Tort, Joaquin 32-10 High Point Central
Jacobs, Montez Dudley
Barlow, Jacob 40-8.5 Northern Guilford
Edwards, Zykale 38-9.5 D.H. Conley
King, Jonathan 34-8 Southeast Guilford
Eanes, Kristian 38-8 Hillside
Mills, Brandon 36-6 Northwest Guilford
Goins, Justice 35-0 Grimsley
Thrasher, Ruben 39-3 Southeast Guilford
Poston, Christopher 30-9.5 Northwood
Davis, Alex 24-7.25 Franklin Academy
Hines, Zachary 35-10.25 Northwest Guilford
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HS Boys Triple Jump 19 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Gowens, Myles 39-11 Grimsley
Fuchs, Justin 44-7.75 Northwest Guilford
Wisseh, Simon 37-3 T.W. Andrews
Robinson, LeQuan Northern Guilford
Henry, Kevin 38-6 T.W. Andrews
Graves, Jalen 39-9 Northern Guilford
Jean-Louis, Andey 40-0 High Point Central
Tatum, Camden Southeast Guilford
Dowell, Chandler 40-0.5 Parkland
Norfleet, Nigel 40-1 Ragsdale
Johnson, Cj 41-0 D.H. Conley
McAllister, Ervin 43-11.5 Southeast Guilford
Wall, Cameron 39-3 Grimsley
Nefe, Trevor 36-3 Northwest Guilford
Person, Phillip 41-2.75 T.W. Andrews
Williams, Nate 38-4 Northern Guilford
Kirkman, Rahiem 41-7 Ragsdale
Smith, Kaulin 41-3 Mount Airy
Coleman, Xavier 34-1 Southeast Guilford
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HS Girls 100 Meter Dash 35 entries

Athlete Seed Team
MBaye, Diarra 14.10h Dudley
Bracy, Precious 14.73 Southeast Guilford
Thompson Rowe, Alyssa 12.35 Lexington
Mumford, Ija 12.24 Parkland
Guess, Wynter 12.25 Platinum Sports
Barrow, Kyndall 12.65 Dudley
Moore, Tamarr 15.23 Northwood
McPhail, Zhamoura 11.86 High Point Central
Patterson, Alexis 11.78 Parkland
Tisdale, Destinie 13.70 Grimsley
Draper, Sally 14.54h Northwood
Galloway, Monay 13.34h East Forsyth
Butcher, Gracie Mount Airy
Henderson, K'Mya Henderson Collegiate
Ector, Atiya 12.54 Hillside
Hughes, Ella 13.50 Grimsley
Hauser, Claire 13.84h Mount Airy
Burnette, Canya 13.53 Henderson Collegiate
Sabr, Safiyah 13.84h Southeast Guilford
Calvin, Ziavia 12.78 Lexington
Goffney-Brown, Nona 13.80h Dudley
Burgess, Jaiden 13.00h High Point Central
Bennett, Taylor 13.34h Lexington
Sheridan, Taela 13.16 Parkland
Haley, Katelyn 15.24h Northwood
Long, Destiny 12.88 East Forsyth
McCall, Sinyia 13.24h Hillside
Powell, Jade 14.20 Grimsley
Foskey, Aaliyah 12.91 East Forsyth
Elie, Anne Marie 15.14h Franklin Academy
Moser, Breauna 13.74h Mount Airy
Jones, Zanique Henderson Collegiate
Williams, McKenzie 13.18 Hillside
Lysaght , Kate 13.34h D.H. Conley
Raynor, Jela Southeast Guilford
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HS Girls 100 Meter Hurdles 29 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Bennett, Riviera 17.74h D.H. Conley
Muntyan, Natalie 20.34h Northwest Guilford
Harris, Shamiya 17.74h High Point Central
Rizzo, Chelsea 20.94h Page
Goffney-Brown, Nona 17.70h Dudley
Sheridan, Taela 19.46 Parkland
Sumpter, Alexis 15.20h Hillside
Brown, Adiva 18.54h Page
Teasley, Michelle 19.54h Southeast Guilford
Baker, Eryka 14.96 Dudley
Tracy, Annika 15.81 Northwood
Stevenson-Damon, Jadai 15.84 Parkland
English, Amaya 14.40 Northern Guilford
Green, Jada 14.89 Hillside
Black, Zariyah 14.45 Platinum Sports
Gillespie, Isabella 17.53 Northwest Guilford
Hawkins, Janiya 18.64h East Forsyth
Thompson Rowe, Alyssa 14.76 Lexington
Bennett, Tyteana 21.14h High Point Central
White, Gail 15.34 Grimsley
Perkins, Sydney 21.74h Page
Thomas, Trinity 20.43 Southeast Guilford
Wall, Mykayla 14.94h Dudley
Brooks, Bentley 19.44h Northwood
Patterson, Alexis 14.00 Parkland
Johnson, Krystalynn 15.74h Hillside
Rover, India 17.31 East Forsyth
Clemens, Sydney 14.35 Platinum Sports
Covington, Erinn 20.49 Southeast Guilford
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HS Girls 1600 Meter Run 30 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Le, Lyann 5:21.71 Ragsdale
Gardner, Aja 6:52.31 Hillside
Barrera, Kimberly 6:18.00 Jesse Carson
Schweitzer, Haley 6:05.00 Page
Higgins, Hannah 6:26.00 D.H. Conley
Poole, Samantha 6:13.3 Northern Guilford
Pratt, Cassandra 6:50.84 Franklin Academy
Cooke, Hanne 5:25.76 Mount Airy
O-Connell, Emma 6:52.80 Lexington
Lewis, Mari 6:52.00 Southeast Guilford
Pendergrass, Kara Henderson Collegiate
Lapish, Laurel 6:13.80 Franklin Academy
Yell, Tessa 5:32.48 Northwood
Long, Eleanor 5:58.00 Northwest Guilford
Oberlies, Jessica 6:05.07 Grimsley
Brown, Yuri 6:04.06 Southeast Guilford
Nelson, Jasmine 7:49.67 Henderson Collegiate
Deal, Megan 6:32.00 Jesse Carson
Stankewich, Paris 5:33.00 Northwest Guilford
Yarbrough, Kate 6:10.00 Page
Brown, Caitlin 6:30.00 D.H. Conley
Baum, Sarah 6:04.4 Northern Guilford
Roberts, Taylor 5:51.60 Franklin Academy
Murrell, Caroline 5:31.00 Northwood
Mitchell, Channing 6:17.67 D.H. Conley
Middlebrook, Autumn 6:52.53 Southeast Guilford
Cervantes, Hannah Henderson Collegiate
Partyka, Sydney 5:43.73 Northwest Guilford
Sokolowski, Brynn 6:24.87 Jesse Carson
Hamuka, Madelin 6:40.00 Page
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HS Girls 200 Meter Dash 39 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Thompson Rowe, Alyssa 25.65 Lexington
Lyerly, Diamond 26.34 Parkland
Clemens, Sydney 25.50h Platinum Sports
Haley, Katelyn 32.44h Northwood
McPhail, Zhamoura 24.80 High Point Central
Weaks, Layla 31.94h East Forsyth
Fawole, Timi 29.38 Northern Guilford
Harris, Eden 28.44h Hillside
Hughes, Ella 28.00 Grimsley
Galloway, Monay 28.64h East Forsyth
Moser, Haley 29.94h Mount Airy
Jones, Zanique 33.32 Henderson Collegiate
Williams, McKenzie 26.86 Hillside
Green, Anjali 30.74h Northwest Guilford
Ross, Janiyah 27.54h Southeast Guilford
Elie, Anne Marie 32.14 Franklin Academy
MBaye, Diarra 29.20h Dudley
McMillan, Sydni 26.98 Southeast Guilford
Brown, Ny'Lasia 28.64h Lexington
Patterson, Alexis 24.10 Parkland
McAdoo, Justyce Dudley
Moore, Tamarr 31.24h Northwood
Burgess, Jaiden 28.70 High Point Central
Tisdale, Destinie 28.00 Grimsley
Penn, Del'Nique 24.78 Parkland
Black, Zariyah 24.95 Platinum Sports
Draper, Sally 30.83 Northwood
Long, Destiny 27.04h East Forsyth
Pupillo, Frankie 29.04h Northern Guilford
Butcher, Gracie Mount Airy
Henderson, K'Mya Henderson Collegiate
Ector, Atiya 26.94h Hillside
Shaw, Rayah 29.00 Grimsley
Moser, Breauna 29.64h Mount Airy
Nelson, Jasmine 36.14h Henderson Collegiate
Bracy, Precious 30.14h Southeast Guilford
Calvin, Ziavia 26.84h Lexington
Pemberton, Kiwanna 28.90h Dudley
Cochrane, Khalayah 29.54h High Point Central
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HS Girls 300 Meter Hurdles 29 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Bennett, Tyteana 52.00h High Point Central
Peoples, Anhai 55.35 Lexington
Perkins, Sydney 57.34h Page
Thomas, Trinity 56.24h Southeast Guilford
McRae, Meccaylah 53.9 Dudley
White, Gail 46.07 Grimsley
Stevenson-Damon, Jadai 47.17 Parkland
Waters, Emmaya 46.54 Hillside
Teasley, Michelle 55.58 Southeast Guilford
Tracy, Annika 46.82 Northwood
Maj, Emilia 53.84h Northern Guilford
Hawkins, Janiya 54.13 East Forsyth
Black, Zariyah 44.50 Platinum Sports
Bennett, Riviera 52.04h D.H. Conley
Rizzo, Chelsea 55.60h Page
Goins, Rose 48.54h High Point Central
Deloatch, Imari Hillside
Goffney-Brown, Nona 55.30h Dudley
Sheridan, Taela 54.46 Parkland
Brown, Adiva 52.93 Page
Reid, Kloe 53.79 Southeast Guilford
Wall, Mykayla 46.11 Dudley
Brooks, Bentley 1:01.64h Northwood
Simington, Amari 46.06 Parkland
Green, Jada 49.15 Hillside
Rover, India 49.95 East Forsyth
Clemens, Sydney 45.50 Platinum Sports
English, Amaya 45.14 Northern Guilford
Muntyan, Natalie Northwest Guilford
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HS Girls 3200 Meter Run 18 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Mendoza-Cruz, Kelli 13:17.90 Parkland
Poole, Samantha 13:22.21 Northern Guilford
Pratt, Cassandra Franklin Academy
Yell, Caroline 12:17.94 Northwood
Reid, Kloe Southeast Guilford
Yell, Tessa 12:06.23 Northwood
Partyka, Sydney 12:00.29 Northwest Guilford
Barrera, Kimberly 13:52.00 Jesse Carson
Morakinyo, Debbie Ragsdale
Middlebrook, Autumn 15:08.59 Southeast Guilford
Baum, Sarah 13:07.84 Northern Guilford
Roberts, Taylor 13:21.70 Franklin Academy
Murrell, Caroline 11:40.90 Northwood
Pendergrass, Kara Henderson Collegiate
Long, Eleanor 13:06.00 Northwest Guilford
Brown, Yuri 14:15.87 Southeast Guilford
Deal, Megan 13:57.00 Jesse Carson
Stankewich, Paris 12:24.00 Northwest Guilford
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HS Girls 400 Meter Dash 26 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Hudson, Khadija 1:03.29 Grimsley
Pendergrass, Andrea Henderson Collegiate
McMillan, Sydni 1:01.20 Southeast Guilford
Jones, Zanique Henderson Collegiate
Clark, Chase 1:05.00h High Point Panthers Elite
Smith, Laparis 1:06.26 Dudley
Pollard, Jai'laiya 1:08.66 Parkland
Jenkins, Jewel 1:06.37 Page
Smith, Malaysia 1:06.52 Lexington
Mukherjee, Sudiksha 1:05.62 Northern Guilford
Cochrane, Khalayah 1:09.54h High Point Central
Smalley, Christen 1:05 Grimsley
Hernandez, Alyssa 56.21 Northern Guilford
Smith, Tiarra 1:00.49 Southeast Guilford
Cervantes, Hannah Henderson Collegiate
Pan, Teresa 1:10.08 Northwest Guilford
Martin, Iyanna 1:04.50h Dudley
Ervin, Mya 57.65 Southeast Guilford
Edmond, Makayla 1:16.01 Parkland
Tatum, Imani 59.54 Dudley
Shannon, Jayah 1:12.14h High Point Central
Simmons, Moriah 1:04.20 Ragsdale
Taylor, Julia 58.95 Page
Pantophlet, KeAsia 1:09 Grimsley
Franco, Sierra 1:10.67 Parkland
Daye, Jordayne 1:03.14 Northern Guilford
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HS Girls 4x100 Meter Relay 8 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 52.34 East Forsyth
Relay Team A Henderson Collegiate
Relay Team A 54.14h Hillside
Relay Team A 50.00h High Point Central
Relay Team A 53.24h Southeast Guilford
Relay Team A 49.00 Lexington
Relay Team A 49.54 Dudley
Relay Team A 47.68 Parkland
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HS Girls 4x400 Meter Relay 10 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 4:34.58 Page
Relay Team A 4:24.00 Southeast Guilford
Relay Team A 4:10.85 Northern Guilford
Relay Team A 4:35.88 Lexington
Relay Team A 4:15.51 Dudley
Relay Team A 4:12.46 Parkland
Relay Team A East Forsyth
Relay Team A 4:02.00h Hillside
Relay Team A 4:34.00 High Point Central
Relay Team A 4:24.81 Grimsley
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HS Girls 4x800 Meter Relay 5 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 11:00.48 Page
Relay Team A 11:51.92 Southeast Guilford
Relay Team A 11:59.00 Dudley
Relay Team A Parkland
Relay Team A 10:52.50 Northwest Guilford
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HS Girls 800 Meter Run 32 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Zimmerman, Stasia 3:00.00 Southeast Guilford
Irwin, Haley 2:32.00 Northwest Guilford
Cromwell, Erica 2:58.00h Dudley
McKenzie, Ysantis 2:36.44 Northwest Guilford
Edwards, Jayln 2:45.31 Dudley
Colman, Destiny Parkland
Lineberry, Chloe Ragsdale
Warwar, Luiza Page
Sokolowski, Brynn 2:55.00h Jesse Carson
Hernandez, Alyssa 2:15.99 Northern Guilford
Shannon, Jayah 2:57.00 High Point Central
Curtis, Eve 2:48.90 D.H. Conley
Le, Lyann 2:28.00 Ragsdale
Riggsbee, Liv 2:45.10 Northwood
Ferrell, Hayley 2:38.10 D.H. Conley
Middlebrook, Autumn 3:02.00 Southeast Guilford
Cervantes, Hannah Henderson Collegiate
Gardner, Aja 2:36.71 Hillside
Tsui, Sidney 2:43.00 Northwest Guilford
Adon, Stephany Dudley
Wynn, Keyera 2:30.00h Page
Clark, Chase 2:53.23 High Point Panthers Elite
O-Connell, Emma 2:50.20 Lexington
Morakinyo, Debbie 3:10.40 Ragsdale
Bean, Nicole Page
Howell, Katie 2:25.54 Northern Guilford
Lapish, Laurel 2:46.30 Franklin Academy
Yell, Caroline 2:33.70 Northwood
Stoakes, Annika 2:37.91 D.H. Conley
Lewis, Mari 2:59.00 Southeast Guilford
Pendergrass, Kara Henderson Collegiate
Nash, Jessica 2:54.71 Northwood
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HS Girls Discus Throw 29 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Armstrong, Donnetta 79-4 Southeast Guilford
Lawson, Brooksie Mount Airy
Penn, Mikayla 73-0 Northern Guilford
Laws, Jala 109-4 Hillside
Shaw, Mia 80-1 Dudley
Hopp, Rose 61-4 Northwood
Hall, Erin 61-10 East Forsyth
Ennis, Samantha 131-3 Northwood
Lujan, Kaylee 53-3 Northern Guilford
Scott, Mellany 86-1 East Forsyth
Pirkey, Alysaa 68-8 High Point Central
Dempsey, Brianna 74-6.5 D.H. Conley
Desir-Moreau, Rolanda 98-11 High Point Central
Cooke, Shekinah Southeast Guilford
Johnson, Asia 52-8 Mount Airy
Redden, Cierra 107-7 Hillside
Wiggins, Brooklyn 39-7 Lexington
Stubblefield, Dakoryia 70-1 Dudley
Sizemore, Leslie 86-9 Mount Airy
Staton, Azaria 97-6 Southeast Guilford
Riggsbee, Liv 66-1 Northwood
Johnson, Mikiyah 48-5 East Forsyth
Warren, Janiah 69-0 D.H. Conley
Poole, Samantha 62-0 Northern Guilford
Brown, De'laycia 69-1 High Point Central
Crumpler, A'riana 115-11 D.H. Conley
Mcgoogan, Kaitlin 146-4 Ragsdale
Robinson, Dasani 82-4 Hillside
Matier, Nakiya 60-1 Dudley
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HS Girls High Jump 11 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Norris, Zoey 4-4 Northwest Guilford
Nicholson, Emani 4-8 East Forsyth
Elie, Anne Marie 4-4 Franklin Academy
Snead, Destinee 4-8 Page
Pupillo, Frankie 4-8 Northern Guilford
Drake, Rebekah 4-6 Northwest Guilford
Colman, Destiny Parkland
Rizzo, Chelsea 4-0 Page
Wall, Mykayla 4-10 Dudley
Calfo, Kylie 4-2 Northern Guilford
Ross, Janiyah 4-8 Southeast Guilford
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HS Girls Long Jump 35 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Brown, Adiva 14-11 Page
Butcher, Gracie Mount Airy
Williams, Laila 16-4 High Point Central
Seaford, Destini 12-8 Southeast Guilford
Simington, Amari 17-5 Parkland
Harris, Eden 16-2 Hillside
Barrow, Kyndall 15-6 Dudley
Calfo, Kylie 12-5 Northern Guilford
Jacobs, Nia 15-1 Southeast Guilford
Ademosal, Folaside 14-5 Ragsdale
Hauser, Claire 14-4.5 Mount Airy
Green, Annika 13-0 Lexington
Black, Zariyah 17-9.75 Platinum Sports
Foskey, Aaliyah 15-3 East Forsyth
Rafferty, Emily 15-3 Franklin Academy
Lee, Erynne 15-5.5 Northwest Guilford
Brewer, Flemeeja Grimsley
Smith, Zamaria 15-6 High Point Central
Lysaght , Kate 15-0 D.H. Conley
Stevenson-Damon, Jadai 17-4.05 Parkland
McAdoo, Justyce 14-5 Dudley
Moser, Haley 13-8 Mount Airy
Edwards, Maddie 11-3 Northern Guilford
Smith, Tiarra 15-4 Southeast Guilford
Hall, Jalyn 14-4 Hillside
Baker, Eryka 16-4.5 Dudley
Pupillo, Frankie 12-6 Northern Guilford
Nicholson, Emani 13-11 East Forsyth
Pratt, Cassandra 8-6 Franklin Academy
Bennett, Taylor 14-10.5 Lexington
Nash, Elizabeth 12-4 Northwood
Rover, India 14-11 East Forsyth
Elie, Anne Marie 13-5 Franklin Academy
Harris, Shamiya 16-5 High Point Central
Mumford, Ija 18-7.5 Parkland
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HS Girls Pole Vault 4 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Gillis, Madeline 8-6 Northwest Guilford
Smith, Sophia 10-6 Northwood
Ocran, Princess Southeast Guilford
Thompson, Naudia 10-0 Northwest Guilford
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HS Girls Shot Put 33 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Shaw, Rayah 19-9 Grimsley
Johnson, Mikiyah 23-7 East Forsyth
Warren, Janiah 25-2 D.H. Conley
Brown, De'laycia 25-6 High Point Central
Crumpler, A'riana 37-5.75 D.H. Conley
Redden, Cierra 30-2 Hillside
Matier, Nakiya 26-0 Dudley
Penn, Mikayla 26-6 Northern Guilford
Armstrong, Donnetta 25-11 Southeast Guilford
Mcgoogan, Kaitlin 37-7.25 Ragsdale
Lawson, Brooksie Mount Airy
Green, Jada 38-4.75 Hillside
Wiggins, Brooklyn 21-6 Lexington
Shaw, Mia 26-0 Dudley
Hopp, Rose 21-4 Northwood
Hall, Erin 32-0 East Forsyth
Lapish, Cloe 20-0 Franklin Academy
Dormon, Sandra 17-4 Northern Guilford
Ennis, Samantha 41-4 Northwood
Scott, Mellany 36-4 East Forsyth
Pirkey, Alysaa 30-3 High Point Central
Dempsey, Brianna 20-11 D.H. Conley
Desir-Moreau, Rolanda 33-0 High Point Central
Cooke, Shekinah 33-10.5 Southeast Guilford
Hope, Naliah Ragsdale
Johnson, Asia 22-1 Mount Airy
Laws, Jala 35-4.5 Hillside
Stubblefield, Dakoryia 29-0 Dudley
Staton, Azaria 33-10.75 Southeast Guilford
Sizemore, Leslie 30-9 Mount Airy
Lujan, Kaylee 18-6.5 Northern Guilford
Littlejohn, Kyarah 33-8 Lexington
Riggsbee, Liv 22-7 Northwood
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HS Girls Triple Jump 16 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Baker, Eryka 35-0.5 Dudley
English, Amaya 36-10.5 Northern Guilford
Gillespie, Isabella 33-9 Northwest Guilford
Harris, Shamiya 35-6 High Point Central
Mumford, Ija 37-0.5 Parkland
Butcher, Gracie Mount Airy
Williams, Laila 34-7 High Point Central
Lyerly, Diamond 35-9 Parkland
Wall, Mykayla 34-10 Dudley
Moser, Breauna 28-10 Mount Airy
Jacobs, Nia 32-4 Southeast Guilford
Lee, Erynne 30-11 Northwest Guilford
Wilds, Imari 30-0 High Point Central
Cain, Gabrielle 34-7 Parkland
Brewer, Flemeeja 26-7 Grimsley
Moser, Haley 30-4 Mount Airy
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