Senior Spotlight: Noah Pipes of Cleveland

Unlike many of the track athletes that got their start from playing soccer, Noah Pipes didn't join the distance squad; Noah started running the 200m and the 400m when he made the transition from soccer to track. He took a few tries at the longer races, but it was ultimately the sprints that took his interest. His Cleveland High School track team is, I'm sure, thankful for that choice, as they can always count on Noah in their relays to chase down their competition. Noah's time representing Cleveland on the track came to an end at his regional meet a couple weeks ago, but that doesn't mean the go-getter won't be putting on another jersey in the future; Noah has chosen to attend Liberty University in the fall for academic and religious reasons, and he isn't ruling out the possibility of landing a spot on the school's track team. Whatever his ultimate path is, he is sure to follow it whole-heartedly.