Senior Spotlight: Kate Sanborn of Pinecrest

Kate Sanborn is finishing up her high school career wearing a Pinecrest Patriots jersey, but there's more history to her running career than that. Kate started running as a third-grader to prepare for a local track race. Little did she know that she'd ultimately come from behind to win her first 800m race and begin on a journey that would take her all the way to the collegiate level. After that first race in elementary school, the young speedster began a 9-year stretch of working with one of the most kind-hearted and influential coaches in North Carolina. The passing of her beloved coach and her father's career move made for a bittersweet move from Jack Britt High School to the Pinecrest High School's school and running teams, but she was able to fit in perfectly for a nice addition to the Patriots' squad. Now that her time in high school is coming to a close, Kate is preparing for a move up to New York where she will begin her Army career (and continue her running career) at West Point.