Senior Spotlight: Terrell Adams of Middle Creek

Terrell Adams has always been good at throwing heavy things, but never has NC Runners seen a thrower with a background in top-tier bowling; Terrell was on a bowling team when he started out at Middle Creek, and he was actually quite good at it. Eventually he was coaxed into trying the shot put, though at the time he didn't even know what it was. Once he got involved with track and field, he set his competitive bowling to the side to become a competitive thrower. His start as a thrower was limited to throwing the shot put; he wasn't able to throw the discus at all his freshman year. With the help of a new coach and a year of solid development, however, he was able to pick up either throwing implement and send them sailing when he showed up to practice as a sophomore. Now he's worked his way through the ranks and has found himself among the top throwers in the state. He is ready to make some big marks at this weekend's state meet, and then he'll progress to outdoor nationals before heading to UNC Charlotte in the fall. Looking back on his high school career, Terrell ultimately gave up success in one sport for another, and that switch is something he (and his team and coaches) has been truly thankful for.