Senior Spotlight: Garrett Nickelson of Cuthbertson

Like so many other middle distance runners in the state of North Carolina, Garrett Nickelson of Cuthbertson High School started out as a soccer player. When his time was up on the soccer field, Garrett made a natural transition over to the track, where he ended up finding even more enjoyment and success. For a while in his high school career he was primarily an 800m runner, but after being sidelined by a hamstring injury he was able to have more success getting back on the track to run the 400m than the 800m. So far it's turned out to be a good change; despite a couple other bouts of hamstring issues, he's still been able to crank out competitive times in the 400m, thanks to some consistent work in the weight room. Next year Garrett will be continuing his track and academic careers at Davidson College.