Senior Spotlight: Malcum Tatum of Providence

Before moving up to Providence High School four years ago, Malcum Tatum was spending his middle school years playing basketball and running track, thanks to the encouragement of his basketball coach. In his early years of running his specialty had always been the 400m Dash, but now he's made his presence known in the 300m Hurdles as well. Though the 400m still holds a special place in his heart, Malcum is hoping that showing his solid hurdling skills will help to secure his spot on a collegiate track team. So far it seems to be working out for him, as he's gotten the attention of several college coaches already and is still working on getting his times where they ought to be. Right now Malcum holds the fastest 400m time in the state and the second-fastest time in the 300m Hurdles, and it's looking like he'll be able to run both races at the state meet this year. Until that time comes, keep an eye on Mr. Tatum as he continues to uncover more and more potential!