Senior Spotlight: Justin Cooper of Ardrey Kell

"Unexpected turns of events" would be a good term to describe the high school career of Ardrey Kell's Justin Cooper. Had you spoken to Justin four years ago, he probably would have told you that he wanted to be playing basketball; his ideas certainly didn't include running track. When it rolled around to track season of his freshman year, Justin's parents insisted that he go out for the team. Out of respect for his parents, he joined the track team with plans to be a short-distance sprinter. Fast-forward to 2016 and you'll find a young man who loves track, no longer plays basketball, and is preparing to run the 400m Dash in college. For the time that remains between now and Indoor Nationals, he'll be working on getting a 300m time to punch his ticket to the Armory, then after that it's all about the 400m and the 4x400m. He isn't sure of where he'll be going after he finishes his high school track career with a trip to Outdoor Nationals, but he is certain that he wants track to be a part of wherever he goes. The addition of mathematical studies to the equation certainly wouldn't hurt things, either!