Senior Spotlight: Alex Hazan of Weddington

Alex Hazan has had a passion for running ever since his freshman year when he bought into his Weddington coach's program. He's worked hard over his four years, and he began to finally see the culmination of his efforts this past cross country season. While he can claim to have a 15:41 5k PR, the crowds tend to focus more attention on his teammates who are consistently running among the top in the state. Though the public may see him as a "shadow" runner, his team certainly doesn't overlook him; Alex always demonstrates a great sense of humble leadership, especially among his younger teammates. The Weddington senior truly understands the value of each individual and how great efforts from all lead to major team successes. As he and his team continue into the track seasons, Alex will continue to maintain his focus on team success until he moves on to college to continue his academic (and running) career.