Senior Spotlight: Chris Cubra

The A.C. Reynolds senior has overcome adversity to add to the momentum North Carolina has in the throws right now.


Whenever I spend some time watching the throwing events, I always leave impressed, especially when it comes to the elite throwers.  There is a real spirit of camaraderie among these athletes and their parents (who are usually clustered around the throwing rings with their folding chairs to watch the competition).  Although they clearly want to beat each other, the state's top-flight throwers also seem to want to support each other, and also to seek recognition for their event (not just for themselves as individuals).  When you talk to an athlete like Chris Cubra, it's easy to understand why all of that is true.  He maintains a positive attitude, seems to form genuine relationships with his competitors, and shows the kind of work-ethic it takes to be successful.  Having returned from a serious knee injury, Chris now seems focused on showing the state what he's been capable of all this time, and I think the results will be impressive.  I've said it before: if you've never gotten around to watching the throws at a big track meet, make sure you do it sometime.  Our state is loaded with strong throwers right now, and this is the perfect time to check out something you haven't seen before.  You'll come away impressed, too!


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