Foothills 2A North Surry Meet #1 2021

Mount Airy, NC
Hosted by North Surry

Athlete Entries

Boys 5000 Meter Run 43 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Brock, Gabe Wilkes Central
Kaufhold, Alexander North Surry
Pedraza, Alexis Surry Central
Douglas, Hayden East Surry
Keen, Landon Forbush
Vega, Miguel North Surry
Parker, Drake Forbush
Lewczyk, Isaiah West Wilkes
Pyke, Quinn Wilkes Central
Stone, Gavyn Wilkes Central
Eller, Isaac Surry Central
Boggs, Joseph East Surry
Mazariegos, Brangly Surry Central
Edgar, Kaiden East Surry
Mojica, Stephen North Surry
Preslar, Isaiah Forbush
Burgess, Connor West Wilkes
Thornton, Kaleb Wilkes Central
Wilson, Sean Wilkes Central
Morales, Ignacio Surry Central
Benson, Sam East Surry
Motsinger, Cooper 17:38.44 East Surry
Hernandez, Charlie 18:40.80 Surry Central
Foster, Braeden 18:51.00 North Wilkes
Pell, Ray 19:17.22 North Surry
Sanchez, Sebastian 19:32.29 Surry Central
Furno, Christian 19:38.18 Forbush
Keen, Jonah 20:04.60 Forbush
Myers, Dylan 20:26.12 East Surry
Furr, Wesley 20:59.58 West Wilkes
Redmon, Drake 21:03.30 Wilkes Central
Perez-Brasil, Rodney 21:14.10 West Wilkes
Boggs, Nicholas 21:16.06 East Surry
Talton, Charles 21:29.82 East Surry
Adams, Mitch 22:25.00 North Wilkes
Smith, Jaysen 22:29.00 Forbush
Renegar, Austin 22:36.15 East Surry
Gentry, Jackson 22:59.20 Forbush
Hall, Nick 23:13.00 Wilkes Central
Gaspar, Aldofo 23:15.50 Wilkes Central
McLean, Corbin 23:37.30 North Wilkes
McMasters, Hunt 25:10.13 East Surry
Calhoun, Ethan 27:14.70 North Surry
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Girls 5000 Meter Run 32 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Hoover, Mady West Wilkes
Whalen, Krissa West Wilkes
Goins, Addison East Surry
Reeves, Faith Wilkes Central
Talton, Kamryn East Surry
Gonzalez, Andrea Surry Central
Rodriguez, Aylin Surry Central
Allen, Callie North Surry
Riggs, Ella North Surry
Quate, Haley Forbush
Dancy, Seaira West Wilkes
Bryant, Morgan East Surry
Huffman, Caroline West Wilkes
Parker, Joanna East Surry
Redies, Ari Wilkes Central
Munoz, Yeira Surry Central
Cortes-Rosa, Rubi Surry Central
Whitaker, Anna North Surry
Gage, Peyton 22:40.00 Wilkes Central
Hernandez, Abigail 22:52.89 Surry Central
Fitzgerald, Lanie 23:16.52 Surry Central
Mendoza, Lorena 23:29.81 Forbush
Reeves, Weatherly 23:32.41 North Surry
Curry, Isabelle 23:56.40 Wilkes Central
Priddy, Ella 24:00.23 Surry Central
Mathis, Natalie 24:16.00 North Wilkes
Norman, Chezney 24:28.59 Forbush
Twiggs, Kaelyn 24:35.03 Wilkes Central
Cantor, Wendy 25:39.90 Surry Central
Cabrera, Nydia 26:50.46 North Surry
Perez, Yasmin 29:25.00 Wilkes Central
Blakeney, Maria 36:16.07 East Surry
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