NCHSAA 4A East Regional 2018

Raleigh, NC
Hosted by Sanderson

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2018 NCHSAA 4A Regional Championships Schedule


Please read the information below concerning the 4A Eastern Regional Championships:

The 4A East Regional will be held at Sanderson High School in Raleigh North Carolina. Sanderson has an 8 lane rubberized track with two jump pits, pole vault runway and concrete throwing surfaces. F.A.T. timing will be utilized. Certified athletic trainers and first responders will be in attendance.

The 2018 NCHSAA 4A East Regional Track and Field Championships

Jesse O. Sanderson High School 5500 Dixon Dr Raleigh North Carolina 27609

Saturday, May 12, 2018

ENTRIES: Go to the calendar option on and scroll down to the NCHSAA 4A East Regional,Raleigh NC.

o ENTRY DEADLINE: Saturday, May 5, 11:59 PM, per the NCHSAA.

o Except for relays, there will be no changes or additions.

o There will be no write-ins of any kind on meet day.

o No athlete will compete in more than four (4) events, including relays, for the entire meet.

o All entry marks must be actual marks earned during the 2018 Outdoor Track and Field Season and must be in the database.

o Each coach should print out the print confirmation sheet from their team registration page and bring it with them to the meet in case there are any questions.

o You may make corrections and changes to your roster up until the entry deadline. But after that deadline, the NCHSAA takes over. Read below:

Note: This form must be received by the NCHSAA no later than 3pm on Monday, May 7, 2018.

A $50 late fee will be assessed for each individual entry.

Checks must be made payable to the NCHSAA and in our office prior to the start of the Regional meet.

No entries after this will be accepted.

Important Notes:

Buses: Buses will be directed to the smaller parking lot to park when they arrive. You may drop off your athletes at the front of the stadium. Cars will park in the main parking lot in front of the stadium. Overflow parking will be on the other side of the school.

Tents: Athletes should set up across the field on the visitors side of the stadium,as to not impede spectator viewing.

Coaches Meeting: This will be at 9:00AM in POD 6 .

Awards: The top three individuals and relays from each event will receive medals from the NCHSAA. The top two teams will receive trophies from the NCHSAA. The top four are all qualifiers to the State Championship.

Uniforms: Athletes uniforms need to be legal. Please check this and go over it with your athletes.

Athlete Check-In:

o Athletes need to report to the check in tent prepared to compete. If an athlete has an illegal uniform, they will be informed of what is wrong and how to correct it. That will count as their warning.

o The Check-In Tent will be placed at the end of the field near the goal posts.(Near finish line)

Preliminary Advancement - In track preliminaries, advancement will be by place and time:

o If there are three (3) heats, the top two (2) finishers in each heat plus the next two (2) best times will advance.

o If there are two (2) heats, the top two (2) finishers in each heat and the next four (4) best times will advance.

o If, after scratches, there are only enough competitors for one (1) heat, there will be no preliminaries.

o The top nine (9) in preliminaries will advance to finals in all field events.

Electronics: There can be no electronics within the field of play once a meet has started.

Scoring: Scoring is through eight (8) places for individual events and relays.

All NCHSAA & National Federation Rules are in effect.

Commemorative Regional T-Shirts will be available

Concessions will be available throughout the meet.


MEET DIRECTOR Raymond Hammond (Sanderson HS)

ADMISSION GATE Sanderson High School

CONCESSIONS Sanderson High School

Referee Troy Baker

Head Field Judge

Games Committee



Starters Ron Wheeler, Travis Wilson

Finish Line Judges

Finishlynx & Hy-Tek Scoring Network Timing, Inc. Will Dotts (Sanderson)

Athletic Trainers Sanderson High School

PA Announcer


Awards Announcer

High Jump

Girls Long/Triple

Boys Long/Triple Michael Hines (Sanderson )

Pole Vault Bobby Hostler (Sanderson)


Shot Put Charles Jackson (Sanderson)

Hurdle Crew Sanderson Athletes

Break point

Relay Exchange Zone 4x800:


2018 NCHSAA 4A East Performance List