Carolina Liberty Freedom Invitational Virtual Meet!

Broughton makes their seasonal debut this weekend and do so with a lot of competition around them. Dylan Core (Broughton) has the fastest personal best of the bunch at 15:17 but it will be no run away victory. William Mitchell (Millbrook), Jack Dingman (Northern Guilford), Elliott Kleckner,  Nathan Geyer (DH Conley), and William Hamilton (Forsyth Home Educators) all made their debuts last weekend at Hare & Hounds. Dingman was the fastest of the group that day as he took 6th in 15:45. Landon Soroka (Broughton), Andrew Thompson (Hoggard), Mitchell Payne (Millbrook), Brennen Pierce (Hoggard), and Aaron Rovnak (Franklin Academy) will all be in the mix up front as well. On the next page we look at the girls' side!



Core, Dylan 15:17.19 Capital Distance Club
Mitchell, William 15:24.00 North Raleigh Track Club
Dingman, Jack 15:24.70
Kleckner, Elliott 15:35.00
Soroka, Landon 15:50.70 Capital Distance Club
Thompson, Andrew 15:53.10
Geyer, Nathan 15:55.44
Payne, Mitchell 15:57.00 North Raleigh Track Club
Hamilton, William 15:58.30
Pierce, Brennen 15:59.50
Rovnak, Aaron 16:04.00
Mann, Gabriel 16:07.00 North Raleigh Track Club
Baldwin, Spencer 16:07.50 Pfafftown Running Club
Baker, Quinn 16:09.62
Knott, Zachary 16:10.60
Ward, Luke 16:12.00
Whitehead, Andrew 16:12.80
Laney, Jacob 16:15.50
Campbell, Warner 16:16.00
Scrocco, Nicholas 16:20.40 Coastal Christian HS
Smith, Octavious 16:21.34 Carolina Liberty
Rodriguez, Colten 16:24.00 Patsy Pond Runners Club
Enyeart, Harrison 16:25.00 North Raleigh Track Club
Howell, Harrison 16:25.10 Capital Distance Club
Conroy, Dominic 16:27.9
Henry, Colin 16:30.60
Kleckner, Cooper 16:31.00
Trimm, Ben 16:36.00
Dewalt, Kieran 16:39.32
Garcia, Alex 16:42.30
Widmayer, Cooper 16:43.20 Capital Distance Club
Epps, Nicholas 16:45.00
Timberlake, Benjamin 16:45.10
Pena, Evan 16:48.90
Hansen, Gavin 16:52.80
Aitken, Graham 16:56.00 North Raleigh Track Club
Fernandez, Alex 16:57.10
Debellis, Owen 16:57.12 Capital Distance Club
Keeley, Jay 16:58.60 Pfafftown Running Club
Surface, Tyler 17:01.00 North Raleigh Track Club
Benefield, Jay Buggy 17:01.04 Carolina Liberty
Miller, Sam 17:07.00 Fayetteville Christian School
Connick, Spencer 17:08.50
Wallace, James 17:12.36 Patsy Pond Runners Club
Green, Tucker 17:13.19 Capital Distance Club
Bottiglier, Vince 17:20.80 Coastal Christian HS
Miller, Garrett 17:20.90
Adams, Luke 17:22.00
Hayes, Nate 17:22.70 Pfafftown Running Club
Meadows, Flyn 17:22.90
Benson, Eric 17:22.95 Capital Distance Club
Hayes, Hudson 17:23.92
Roeder, Justin 17:27.40
Fargo, Caleb 17:28.42 Coastal Christian HS
Hill, Matthew 17:30.80
Dingman, Logan 17:38.81
Rapp, Matthew 17:42.50
Longrie, Daniel 17:51.50
Resler, Ben 17:54.24 Cornerstone Charter Academy
Adrias, Carter 17:55.00
Cottle, Caleb 17:59.31 Coastal Christian HS
Scarlett, Bailey 18:00.00 North Raleigh Track Club
Jones, Conner 18:01.43 Pfafftown Running Club
Groff, Bo 18:02.20
Cumbo, Lucas 18:10.11 Pfafftown Running Club
Davis, Patrick 18:10.24 Carolina Liberty
Cooke, Michael 18:10.82 Coastal Christian HS
Orr, Colby 18:14.00
Stewart, Victor 18:17.57 Pfafftown Running Club
Payne, Kamden 18:20.24 Carolina Liberty
Sterrett, Jack 18:20.52 Coastal Christian HS
Jordan, caleb 18:30.00 Patsy Pond Runners Club
McConnell, Will 18:31.82 Coastal Christian HS
Clancey, Will 18:38.91
Bos, Max 18:40.51 Coastal Christian HS
Winkley, Manuel 18:41 Franklin Elite Athletics Track C
Mohs, Samir 18:42.50 Capital Distance Club
Shropshire, Alexander 18:43.14
Mims, Isaac 18:46.00 Pfafftown Running Club
Tripp, Sam 18:47.33 Coastal Christian HS
Haynes, Armelius 18:52.04 Carolina Liberty
Morgan, Sam 18:57.70 Coastal Christian HS
Fiumara, Michael 19:02.84
Carson, Tyler 19:15.00 Pfafftown Running Club
Fleming, Francis 19:17.50
Niloff, Tyler 19:18.20 Coastal Christian HS
Sells, Dylan 19:20.88 Pfafftown Running Club
Wilson, Elijah 19:22.31 Fayetteville Christian School
Bahr, Ryder 19:25.04
Van Vooren, Griffin 19:28.50
Hoffman, Raymond 19:30.00 Franklin Elite Athletics Track C
Jensen, Anders 19:31.73
Liming, Luke 19:33.00 Triangle Cross Country
Johnson, Wyatt 19:43.85 Capital Distance Club
Delacruz, Jonathan 19:56.24 Carolina Liberty
Troch, Carson 19:58.00
Deakins, Sam 20:00.00
Vanderpool, Charles 20:05.24 Carolina Liberty
O'Neill, Thad 20:07.03 Coastal Christian HS
Sellers, Will 20:24.60 Fayetteville Christian School
Galyon, Charles 20:31.08 Pfafftown Running Club
Bright, Eli 20:45.03 Coastal Christian HS
Rivas, Christopher 21:04.58 Fayetteville Christian School
Davis, Tucker 21:13.71 Carolina Liberty
Walker, Alex 21:56.61 Coastal Christian HS
Rivas, Alex 22:01.81 Fayetteville Christian School
McReynolds, Aidan 22:27.20
Mathews, Wesley 22:31.89 Fayetteville Christian School
Phipps, Tyler 23:30.00
Mullins, Matthew 24:20.71 Fayetteville Christian School
Gingras, Alex 24:41.00 Pfafftown Running Club
Mcken, Omar 25:42.84 Fayetteville Christian School
Macagg, Matthew 25:43.00 Fayetteville Christian School
Mabus, Noah 26:08.10 Fayetteville Christian School
Magsig, Noah 27:23.00 Fayetteville Christian School
Barnett, Wyatt 27:33.00 Patsy Pond Runners Club
Penner, Joseph 31:47.43 Fayetteville Christian School
Rigney, Aden 33:29.88 Fayetteville Christian School