Races To Watch From The NCRunners MS Elite Invitational

Girls 100m Hurdles

Akala Garrett (Westerly Hills Academy/Purpose Driven Elite TC) had won multiple age group titles in the 80m Hurdles outdoors and 60m Hurdles indoors, but she had he debut in the 100m Hurdles yesterday.  On the club circuit Garrett moved up to the 13-14 Age Group this year, which is the next step up in distance in the short hurdles going from 80 meters to 100 meters.

Garrett was even over the first hurdle with Ijeoma Eziri (Providence Day), but she was able to pull ahead of her as they went over each hurdle.  Garrett crossed the line in an impressive 14.80 to Eziri's 15.97.  Garrett's time is currently the second fastest in the US for the middle school girls 100m hurdles.

1Akala Garrett7Westerly Hills Academy14.805
2Ijeoma Eziri8Providence Day School15.975
3Mia Mcmillen8Central Surry Middle School16.225
4Emma Barnes8Parkwood Middle School16.965
5Ashley Horwitz8Providence Day School17.425
6Amber Rivera8Riverwood Middle School17.614
7Ashley Miller8Riverwood Middle School17.695
8Hydeia Linton8Trinity Episcopal18.435