Entering a Meet


Entering a Meet Using MileSplit Registration


Once you have claimed a team, you can enter that team into meets that use the MileSplit Meet Registration process.


These meets will have a green "Online Entry" button beside them on the calendar.

To enter a meet, follow these steps:


Find the meet and register:

1.    Click on the “Calendar” tab in the red menu bar near the top of the page.

2.    Scroll down the list of meets until you find the correct one.

3.    Click on the green button that says “Online Entry.”

4.    Click on the green bar that says “Enter Online Now.”

5.    Review the information and click on “Enter Team.”

6.    On the next page:

                            a.    Make sure you are registering the correct team.

                            b.    Fill in TWO contact phone numbers.

                            c.    Make sure your email is correct.

                            d.    If you want to add a second contact person (such as an assistant coach), click on that button and enter the information.  You can ignore that button otherwise.

               e.    Click on the boxes for the genders you want to enter (male, female, or both).  EVEN IF YOU PLAN TO ENTER ONE GENDER NOW AND ONE LATER, YOU HAVE TO CHECK BOTH NOW.  You will not come back to this page again.

               f.   Click “Enter Team."  At this point you have entered your school into the meet, but you have not entered your athletes into specific events.

Enter your athletes into events.

7.    You will see a list of events.  Click "Edit Entries" beside any event into which you want to put athletes.

8.    Check the boxes for the athletes you want in that event.  You must observe the entry restrictions for the meet.

                             a. Only athletes that are ACTIVE and are assigned to the CURRENT SEASON (track or cross country) will show.  See the section on Team Admin Functions for more details on managing your roster.

                             b. When you check an athlete, his/her best mark will automatically show up. 

                             Note: Meet directors can limit this to the athlete's best mark this season.  For most meets, you will have the option to adjust the athlete's seed time, but for some meets only verified marks can be entered.

                             c.   For relays, you have the option of listing the athletes by leg.

                             d.   When you have finished the event, click “Done Editing.”

9.    Repeat for all events that you need to enter.

10.  If you cannot enter one gender or one group (Varsity, JV, etc), look at the section titled "Divisions Entered."  You can click on "Edit Divisions Entered" to add the missing gender and/or division.

             11.   There is no final button to click to submit your entries.  They are automatically saved every time you click "Done Editing" for an event. 


Returning to Edit or Complete Entries.

             1. If you stop during the entry process and need to start again, first repeat steps 1-4 above.

             2. The next page should say "Already Entered."  Click on the link "View/Edit Entry" beside your team name.

             3. Continue entering athletes.