Ashley HS Home Meet #1 2020

Wilmington, NC

Meet Information

Course Directions

Starting Line is at the Gazebo

located by the Veterans Park Water Tower.

Runners will head towards the

little league fields. There is a slight down hill before they have to funnel

down. (This is a forced funnel similar to Long Leaf Park)

Follow the cones around the

outfield. There will be 2 sets of cones throughout the course. (Be aware

running too close to the fences will be off the course and possibly in a deep

ant mound).

After the 2nd Baseball Field cones

will lead runners to the sidewalk. Athletes May run on the sidewalk or

alongside of it.

Course will then lead runners along

the front side of Veterans Park Soccer Fields.

Runners will Make a left at the end

of the fence and may run to the right of the cones or alongside the road.

Shortly after the turn is the half

mile mark.

Course will continue down alongside

the fields until athletes reach the Murray Soccer/Football Field.

Hang a left at the end of the field

and run towards the Baseball/Softball Field.

Follow cones around the outfield

back to the starting line.

Follow the cones around to the

right, followed by a left at the fence.

Run along the walkway or on it

towards the starting line. This area will be the 1, 2 and 3 mile mark.

Unless athletes are finishing hang

a right at the starting line for laps 2 and 3.

After your 3rd loop follow the blue

cones to the finish shoot by the 2nd foul pole.

This is the point athletes must

leave that part of the course.


Please encourage parents to cheer from a distance. I

designed the course so it goes by 4 parking areas and we should be able to

respect all social distancing rules easier this way.


It may not make for the fastest course I could do but

it's spread out.


Also encourage kids to cool down some where else and

respect the rules that we may be under at the time.


You are responsible for sending me the proper amount of

runners to the starting area.


2 coaches in starting area suggested and 1 near the

finish shoot. But all coaches are welcome, must wear masks.


I will have volunteers at all turns and crossings to

avoid foot traffic interfering with the course.


These are concrete crossing by on the first time trial

Ashley ran there the boys wore spikes with no problem.


If they use spikes have them be cautions if turning on

concrete and to pay attention to foot placement.


I will assign warm up areas the week before the meet.

Please understand I don't have fields reserved so warm up on the fields that

are open or around the fences on the course.


There will not be a course walk for athletes in the meet



Schedule of Events:

8:00am Varsity Boys

8:30am Varsity Girls

9:00am JV Boys 1

9:30am JV Girls 1

10:00am JV Boys 2

10:30am JV Girls 2 

There will be automatic timing provided by GoTime.