Apex vs. Middle Creek 2020

Holly Springs, NC
Hosted by Apex

Athlete Entries

Boys 5000 Meter Run 28 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Brockman, Luke 18:55.10 Apex
Ryan, Nathan 20:30.12 Middle Creek
Kirkland, Tyler 18:54.70 Middle Creek
Vickery, Charlie 21:26.50 Apex
Russell, Gavin 16:20.90 Middle Creek
Turrick, Landon 16:34.60 Apex
Skelton, Nic Middle Creek
Boxell, Carter 18:38.38 Apex
Emrath, Jacob Middle Creek
Sirma, Alvin 18:36.91 Apex
Wald, Griffin 17:26.60 Middle Creek
Bolton, Parker 19:49.50 Apex
McCallister, Ethan 18:33.90 Apex
Sanger, Andrew 18:29.70 Middle Creek
Harmon, Chris 18:45.20 Apex
Berry, Ethan 22:05.90 Middle Creek
Patel, Carson 19:06.10 Middle Creek
Alvarez, David 19:51.23 Middle Creek
Caudill, Aiden 20:46.60 Apex
Kimble, Kamory Apex
Hogan, Lincoln Middle Creek
Tilly, Reed 17:03.94 Apex
Riddle, Christian Middle Creek
Villiers, Patrick 17:25.20 Apex
Shanahan, John 21:29.59 Middle Creek
Mobley, Drew 18:00.00 Apex
Coughlin, Liam 19:12.43 Apex
Sanchez, Carlos 19:32.05 Middle Creek
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Girls 5000 Meter Run 25 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Rogers, Lily 22:16.30 Middle Creek
Whitley, Emma 26:46.68 Apex
Merna, Madelyn Middle Creek
Scrbacic, Rachel Middle Creek
Collum, Piper Apex
Mitchell, Sarah 18:50.30 Apex
Fornes, Addie 21:29.90 Apex
Johnson, Sarah 27:22.94 Apex
Vazquez-Orea, Deisy Middle Creek
Boyer, Sadie 24:42.30 Apex
Kennedy, Abbey Middle Creek
Sjoquist, Grace 29:30.30 Middle Creek
Ryder, Katie 22:19.90 Apex
Carter, Grace 25:44.00 Middle Creek
Borchert, Libby 20:53.10 Apex
Scrbacic, Julia Middle Creek
Galdi, Sarah 23:52.30 Apex
Bailey, Emma 22:11.79 Middle Creek
Taylor, Sophie Apex
Karyani, Carrine 21:32.70 Apex
McLaughlin, Lexi 21:31.74 Apex
Griggs, Clara 23:36.86 Apex
Lewis, Arianna Middle Creek
Russell, Isabella Middle Creek
Arnold, Ella 20:30.00 Apex
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