War Eagle Classic 2020

Mocksville, NC
Hosted by Davie County
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Meet Information

2020 War Eagle Classic

Track & Field Invitational

of Meet Saturday April 18th, 2020

Entry Limits:
Unlimited athletes per school per event and 3 relays per school per relay event. Athletes can participate in up to 4 events including relays.

Entry fees:
$150 per school includes both male and female teams. Unattached High school individuals are $12 per individual.

will be parked at North Davie Middle School parking lot.

The lot is located on the left side of Farmington Road. Go past the main entrance of the school and take the second entrance by the tennis courts. Athletes and coaches will enter the stadium through the gate by the throws area.

should park in the main parking lot of the HIGH SCHOOL, go pass the stadium and take the 1st left turn, and enter the Stadium through the main gate from the main parking lot. $5 admission for spectators.

Only NCCA passes are accepted for free admission.


Concession Stand will be open.

Scratches are allowed but NO SUBSTITUTIONS. please submit any scratches by 8:00 p.m.Friday April 17, 2020

Our bathrooms are small so please have your athletes in their uniforms before they get here.

Spikes should be either 1/4 or 1/8 pyramids ONLY. No needle spikes or Christmas tree spikes will be allowed. Athletes with illegal spikes will be disqualified.

All coaches are reminded that if you have not been assigned meet duties by the Meet Director the INFIELD AREA IS OFF-LIMITS. All Coaches working the meet will have field passes issued by Meet Management. If you are issued a field pass you will be expected to work or you will be asked to leave.

Only exception is if they are competing in the jumps.

Field events will check in at their field event.

Make sure all runners are checked in at the clerks tent at first call. Clerks tent will be the BIG WHITE TENT NEAR THE FIELD HOUSE WITH A SIGN THAT SAYS CLERKS TENT. Once your athletes check in they are to stay in the clerks area, they are not to leave. The marshals will be lining the athletes up into their heats at second call. Once the marshal has left the clerks area for the next event an athlete will not be allowed to run in that event.

The 10 minute check-in /check-out rule will be in effect. If an athlete is in a field event and gets a first call for a running event, they should check out of their field event and check-in at the Clerks Table and then return to the field event. Event judges will be instructed to allow athletes to go out of turn if necessary but have 10 minutes to return to the field event or will be disqualified. The Clerk will be instructed not to hold athletes competing in field events. It is the responsibility of the athlete to report to the starting line for their event.

During running events NO ATHLETES ON THE INFIELD.

Athletes competing in 2 or more field events simultaneously will have to go back and forth. They will need to checkout and report immediately to their next event. (Officials will allow them time to change shoes if the need shall arise.) Athletes will not lose an attempt if competing in another event if they are properly checked out. High Jump takes precedent over all other field events. The bar will not be moved if an athlete has properly checked out.

Rule 6. Section 2 Article 6: Order of competition in Throwing and Jumping Event

Head event judge may change the order of competition to accommodate a competitor to be excused to participate in other events.

Competitors may take more than one trial in succession

Rule 6, Sect. 2, Art. 12: Warming-up without a coach or event official at the venue shall lead to a warning and if repeated, disqualification from the event. If the incident recurs, the athlete will be disqualified from the meet. NO PRACTICING WHEN EVENT IS OVER.

Long and Triple Jump: 4 Jumps will be flighted with best flight last.

***All persons participating in the Pole Vault will be weighed and have poles verified at the Field House.

Shot and Discus Throw: 4 Throws will be flighted with best flight last.

***Shots and discuses will be weighed and impounded before the start of the meet at the Field House

Order of Field Events:

Ladies: Long Jump, High Jump and Discus (shot will follow discus), Pole Vault (Triple will follow Long)

Men: Long Jump, and Discus (Shot will follow discus); Pole Vault, Mens High Jump will follow the womens (Triple Jump will follow Long Jump)

Starting Heights:

Ladies High Jump: 4 0 Mens High Jump: 5 0

Ladies Pole Vault: 6 0 Mens Pole Vault: 700

Running Events Semifinals for the 100/110 Hurdles and 100 Dash; Boys will Run the 110hurdles and the 100m before girls

Timed Finals for everything else fastest heat will be last. Girls before Boys

All NFHS and NCHSAA Rules will be enforced

All protests should be filed with the Referee, on the proper

Appeal Form. Please bring your Rules book. This will assist you in filling out the Appeal Form. Any protest is to be taken to the Meet Director, who will then present it to the Games Committee.

You are responsible for telling your athletes the rules. No excuse from an athlete, parent or coach that they did not know about the rules. Know the important rules in the rule book (uniform, use of electronic devices, hair clips, relays, profanity, etc.)

Coaches and all athletes are expected to show GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP. Competitors who engage in taunting, profanity, baton throwing, and/or refuse to follow the instructions of meet officials will be DISQUALIFIED FROM THAT EVENT OR POSSIBLY THE MEET.

NO ATHLETES allowed outside of the track stadium, they are not to be in the parking lot, in any area of the school.

Results will be posted at the top of the Stadium near the press box.


TENTS are allowed in the top rows only of the stands.

COACHs CELL PHONES must be on vibrate or turned off near the Start/Finish Line and at Field Events.

No athlete may use / view electronic devices during their competitions unless a coach is in the coaches box during the field event.

War Eagle Classic

Invitational Time Schedule

9:45 am Track Opens

10:00 to 10:45 a.m.

10:45 Officials Meeting

11:00 a.m. FIELD EVENTS

Women's Pole Vault followed by Men's (West side of the Stadium)

Women's High Jump Pit-1 (Near Finish line)

Mens High Jump Pit-2 (Near 300h Start)

Women's Shot followed by Discus Throw

Men's Discus Throw followed by Shot

Women's Long Jump followed by Women's Triple Jump Pit -2 (closest to 100m Start)

Men's Long Jump followed by Men's Triple Jump Pit-1 (closest to finish line)

***Shot, Discus, Long Jump, and Triple Jump - 4 attempts

 11:45 Coaches Meeting: Tent near the Start/Finish Line

. 4X800 Relay (Women followed by Men)

12:30p.m. Prelims

110 Meter Hurdles Men

100 Meter Hurdles Women

100 Meter Dash (Men followed by Women)

1:00pm Finals

110 Meter Hurdles (Men Finals)

100 Meter Hurdles (Women Finals)

100 Meter Dash (Finals) (Men followed by Women)

1:30 p.m. Running Event Finals on a Rolling Start
(Women followed by Men)

100 Meter Dash Wheelchair

4X200 Meter Relay

1600 Meter Run

4X100 Meter Relay

4X100 Meter Throwers Relay

400 Meter Dash

300 Meter Hurdles

800 Meter Run

200 Meter Dash

200 Meter Dash Wheelchair

3200 Meter Run

4X400 Meter Relay