Chatham County Championships 2019

Pittsboro, NC
Hosted by Northwood

Athlete Entries

Varsity Boys 5000 Meter Run 69 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Cheruvu, Advaith Green Level High School
Griffith, Samuel Northwood
Thompson, Carter Woods Charter School
Rakes, Landon Chatham Charter
Porter, Glenn Northwood
Dusenberry, Jake Woods Charter School
Stecker, David Chatham Charter
Kimbrel, Andrew Northwood
Charbonneau, Jacob Woods Charter School
Watson, Jaden Chatham Charter
Henry, Colin Northwood
Trott, Matthew Woods Charter School
Suits, Riley Chatham Charter
Erman, Mason Northwood
Green, Jared Woods Charter School
Fuller, Luke Chatham Charter
Hartman, Jacob Northwood
Cook, Dustin Chatham Charter
Costa, Primo Woods Charter School
Holdstock, Ryan Green Level High School
McKoy, Brandon Chatham Charter
Adams, Jackson Northwood
Oldham, Matthew Jordan-Matthews
Farrell, Kyle Chatham Charter
Sikes, Wiley Woods Charter School
Willis, Gabe Green Level High School
Christenbury, Silas Chatham Charter
Sullivan, Matthew Northwood
McIntosh, Braden Jordan-Matthews
Griffin, Clay Chatham Charter
Smith, Reid Woods Charter School
Hryn, Dean Green Level High School
Levy, Malachi Northwood
Millard, Charles Northwood
Lindley, Seth Chatham Charter
Lanford, Ryan Woods Charter School
Phillips, Carter Chatham Charter
Paul, Dillon Northwood
Stone, Ian Woods Charter School
Semrad, Collin Chatham Charter
Henry, Dalton Northwood
Berrier, Tobin Woods Charter School
Snow, Parker Chatham Charter
Pippin, Carter Northwood
Dummer, Samuel Woods Charter School
Covington, Khalil Chatham Charter
Bae, Mason Northwood
Ritter, Anderson Woods Charter School
Steele, Chandler Chatham Charter
Wanless, Casey Chatham Charter
McCaw, Patrick Northwood
Vallant, Nichols Woods Charter School
Hussey, Landon Chatham Charter
Glick, Christian Northwood
Crowder, Lane Chatham Charter
Thompson, Colin Woods Charter School
Bharti, Arya Green Level High School
O'Hara, Thomas Chatham Charter
Johnson, Ryan Northwood
Esquival, Christian Jordan-Matthews
Harrison, Fogleman Chatham Charter
MacReynolds, Hannah Woods Charter School
Fernandez, Alex Green Level High School
Collison, Chance Chatham Charter
Broome, Matthew Northwood
Train, Robert Jordan-Matthews
Kolb, Caleb Chatham Charter
Tamboli, Archit Green Level High School
Costa, Primo Northwood
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Varsity Girls 5000 Meter Run 33 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Yell, Tessa Northwood
O'neill, Lillie Woods Charter School
Desai, Maya Green Level High School
Hennessey, Ella Northwood
Kilgore, Dahlia Woods Charter School
Holt, Hailey Green Level High School
Sparrow, Eliza Northwood
Carter, Caitlin Woods Charter School
Venuti, Amelia Green Level High School
Holleran, Audrey Northwood
Richard, Chloe Woods Charter School
Costa, Grace Northwood
O'Hara, Grace Chatham Charter
Wilcox, Keaghan Northwood
Mcintosh, Kayli Jordan-Matthews
Young, Samana Woods Charter School
Haley, Amber Northwood
Tyler, Molly Woods Charter School
Pimenta, Rhea Green Level High School
Riggsbee, Liv Northwood
Kilgore, Dahila Woods Charter School
McRae, Eliza Green Level High School
Murrell, Caroline Northwood
Sparrow, Maddie Woods Charter School
Nune, Kaanjaree Green Level High School
Yell, Caroline Northwood
Lavendar, Avis Woods Charter School
Dille, Campbell Green Level High School
Case, Dacia Northwood
Kolat, Gracie Northwood
Tinnin, Ashlynn Chatham Charter
Barbour, Sarah Northwood
Penney, Ember Woods Charter School
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