Meet Information

8th Annual Northwest Cabarrus Cross-Country Carnival

Sept. 3, 2019 at Frank Liske Park, Concord, NC

Park Address 4001 Stough Rd Concord, NC

Welcome to this unique 2 mile event that will be a good early season meet to test your seasoned veterans and newcomers alike.

Time Schedule---(Coaches Meeting at 3:45 at the Boat dock)

4:00 Senior Mens Race 4:15 Senior Womens Race

4:35 Junior Mens Race 4:50 Junior Womens Race

5:10 Sophomore Mens Race 5:25 Sophomore Womens Race

5:45 Freshmen Mens Race 6:05 Freshmen Womens Race

Course---A One mile loop that will be run twice. Mostly pit gravel or rock dust trail with a 100 meter stretch of grass and a short flight of concrete steps. Only one major uphill. Course is set up so we can start one race before the other is finished so we will stick to the time schedule above.

***If interested contact one of the coaches below as soon as possible. We are limiting the field to 16 teams.

Entry Fee: $60 per school (includes guys and girls teams) Schools that have less than 10 total runners may register them as individuals for $6; more than 9 runners constitutes a school team and means the $60 fee applies. Checks should be made out to Northwest Cabarrus High School. You may bring the check to the race but you must notify our coaching staff of your intent and send in rosters by August 22. Rosters must have grades for each runner and should be entered through . There will be no changing of races on meet day. Please make sure that you get the athletes grade correct. Running in the wrong race constitutes a disqualification.

Scoring---is based on cumulative time of your top 7. Low times win.

Awards---TruTeam category-top 7 mens times and top 7 womens times are calculated to determine your TruTeam score. A first and second place trophy will be given to the top two schools.

Mens Champ---Top 7 mens times (One Trophy) Womens Champ---Top 7 Womens times (One Trophy)

Individuals---Medals to the top 5 in each race.

ParkingBusses at the big parking lots near the barn (walk down to the pond area)

Please help pick up trash upon completion of the event

All participants, coaches and spectators are expected to adhere to the principles of good sportsmanship.

Thank you to Perry Gabriel and the Cabarrus County Parks and Rec Staff. Please thank them personally if you see them at the park.

Questions??? Please contact Tyrone Pierce at