Polar Bear @ Bunker Hill

Claremont, NC
Hosted by Bunker Hill
Timing/Results Jason Fulbright

Athlete Entries

Boys 1600 Meter Run 48 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Teffeteller, Ben 5:45.00 Draughn
Arey, Jackson 6:30.00 Burns
Shepler, Carson 5:40.00 Hickory
Seagle, Clay 5:46.00 East Burke
Vong Pha Chanh, Brandon 6:00.00h Fred T. Foard
Pate, Neil 5:10.00h Ashe County
Perez, Fernando 5:47.10 Hickory
Wilkinson, Kobus 5:21.00 Fred T. Foard
Smyre, Zachary 6:12.80 Bunker Hill
Bayless, Nathaniel 5:36.00 West Lincoln
Rector, Grady 5:42.92 Ashe County
Shepler, Colby 5:22.00 Hickory
Sherrill, Andrew 5:21.70 Bunker Hill
Robbins, Van 5:41.20 R-S Central
Baker, Tafton 4:33.10 Ashe County
Ledford, Caleb 5:45.00h St. Stephens
Perales, Anthony 5:13.60 Wilkes Central
Storie, Owen 5:24.00 Burns
Christensen, Tyler 4:49.82 St. Stephens
Farrar, Reed 5:18.00 Draughn
Sigmon, Jacob 5:30.00h Lincolnton
Kleiner, Andrew 5:43.00 East Lincoln
Culpepper, Spears 5:49.70 Hickory
Schultz, Andrew 5:33.00 St. Stephens
Zimmer, Jeremy 6:43.80 Draughn
Elam, Wesley 8:00.00 Burns
Hopkins, Daniel 4:36 Lincolnton
Bennett, Jonathan 5:36.50 Hickory
Ollis, Tyler 5:09.00 Draughn
Howell, Conner 5:37.70 Ashe County
Haines, Nate 5:26.50h Hickory
Eblen, Ryan 6:00.00h Fred T. Foard
Roten, Josh 5:30.38 Ashe County
Nelson, Nicholas 5:23.80 Hickory
Phillips, Nicholas 5:45.90 Bunker Hill
Black, John 5:41.21 R-S Central
Crawford, Chandler 5:01.65 Ashe County
Striff, Logan 5:38.55 R-S Central
Beard, Jordan 5:26.30 Bandys
Kelly, Jack 5:45.00h St. Stephens
Netherly, Kobe 6:54.00 Draughn
Storie, Aidan 5:26.00 Burns
Harrison, Nicholas 5:27.50 East Lincoln
Brown, Jeremy 5:05.00 St. Stephens
Elliott, Solomon 6:23.00 Draughn
Eley, Braxton 5:45.00h Lincolnton
Pacheco-Trejo, Martin 5:53.90 Hickory
Davis, Brayden 5:19.00 East Lincoln
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Boys 3200 Meter Run 16 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Perales, Anthony 11:16 Wilkes Central
Roten, Josh 12:25.83 Ashe County
Yang, Zeng 14:39.60 Maiden High
Schultz, Andrew 12:00.00 St. Stephens
Teffeteller, Ben 13:00.03 Draughn
Ollis, Tyler 11:13.60 Draughn
Lesser, Noah 10:23.88 East Lincoln
Maksoud, Gabe 13:00.00 Patton
Howell, Conner 12:41.49 Ashe County
Seagle, Clay 12:46.00 East Burke
Rogers, Tyler 12:50.00 St. Stephens
Farrar, Reed 13:00.00 Draughn
Harper, Grant 11:27.00 St. Stephens
Smith, Parker 13:16.00 Draughn
Mclucas, Alex 13:18.30 East Lincoln
Hopkins, Daniel 9:46.48 Lincolnton
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Boys 4x200 Meter Relay 7 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 1:36.10 Freedom
Relay Team A 1:42.00 West Lincoln
Relay Team A 1:40.86 R-S Central
Relay Team B 1:38.00h Freedom
Relay Team A 1:53.90 Wilkes Central
Relay Team A 1:53.00h East Lincoln
Relay Team A 1:44.98 Ashe County
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Boys 4x400 Meter Relay 7 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 4:20.30 St. Stephens
Relay Team A 4:13.00 Patton
Relay Team A 3:40.00 Freedom
Relay Team A 4:00.00h East Burke
Relay Team A 4:03.90 East Lincoln
Relay Team A Maiden High
Relay Team A 3:40.52 Burns
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Boys 4x800 Meter Relay 7 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 9:20.00h R-S Central
Relay Team A 9:42.10 Wilkes Central
Relay Team A 9:41.14 Ashe County
Relay Team A 9:23.00 St. Stephens
Relay Team A 9:12.00 East Lincoln
Relay Team A Maiden High
Relay Team A 9:28.00 Draughn
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Boys 55 Meter Dash 52 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Craver, Dorian Maiden High
Spicer, Jackson 7.84h Bandys
Buckley, Maxwell 7.14h Patton
Jones, Hunter 7.39 Bandys
Sigmon, Carson 8.00 Bandys
Baker, Dontae 7.44h Hickory
Moore, Omar 7.54h Freedom
Pack, Josh 7.6 Wilkes Central
Carlton, Deandre 7.24h Hickory
Valasquez, Michael 8.44h Wilkes Central
Leonhardt, Hunter 7.54h West Lincoln
Nauman, Patrick 8.11 East Lincoln
Worley, Andrew 8.44h Ashe County
Mendenhall, Jonathan 6.84h Hickory
Driver, Cameron Maiden High
Hardin, Josh 6.71 Ashe County
Puiu, Daniel 7.74h Fred T. Foard
Jones, Dontay 7.20 Burns
Reeves, Zackary 8.00 Bandys
Bailey, Zack 8.00h St. Stephens
Banks, Khe-nai 6.94h Draughn
Craig, Stedman 7.34h Fred T. Foard
Kennedy, Malik Maiden High
Davis, Jordan 8.00 Bandys
Jones, Vance 7.34h Patton
Greene, Trey 7.22 R-S Central
Brown, Michael 8.00 Bandys
Sheets, Noah 6.77 Patton
Talbert, Isaiah 6.84h Bandys
Wilkins, James 8.12 Hickory
Clarke, Elijah 7.34h Bandys
Lowdermilk, Tay 7.14h Freedom
Williams, CJ 7.1 Wilkes Central
Gatica, Demetri 7.34h Hickory
Carter, Mekhi 7.24 Freedom
Carlton, Ahmad 7.24h Wilkes Central
Stevenson, Chadz 7.19 Bunker Hill
Squarles, Trae 7.24h Hickory
Rosales, Jonathan 7.6 Wilkes Central
Cook, Tyler 7.34h West Lincoln
Manolato, Ken 7.74h Ashe County
Pate, Neil 8.0 Ashe County
Elkins, Will 9.00h Fred T. Foard
Nance, Ryan 7.54h Hickory
Jones, Pierce 8.00h Bandys
Tran, Phat 8.34h St. Stephens
Ledezma, Andreas 7.22 Ashe County
Gross, David 7.34h Fred T. Foard
Gilchrist, Isaiah 8.00 Bandys
Creed, Nicholas 8.00 St. Stephens
Ceccato, Patrick 7.24h Fred T. Foard
Washburn, Zahaire 7.44 R-S Central
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Boys 55 Meter Hurdles 6 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Perry, Erwin 10.54h Wilkes Central
Koehler, Mason 13:32.00 East Lincoln
McDowell, Triston 8.36 R-S Central
Nauman, Patrick 19.54h East Lincoln
Hannah, Dashon 8.24 Burns
Lynch, Rashod 9.05 R-S Central
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Boys High Jump 7 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Jones, Reese 5-0 R-S Central
Reavis, Alex 6-6 Bandys
Thomas, Kobe 5-11 East Lincoln
Garris, Colton 5-2 Wilkes Central
Hatcher, Jessie 5-8 West Lincoln
Smith, Quentin 6-1 East Lincoln
Rector, Grady 5-8 Ashe County
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Boys Long Jump 21 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Greene, Trey 18-6 R-S Central
Hatcher, Jessie 17-9.5 West Lincoln
Kennedy, Malik Maiden High
Gilchrist, Isaiah 16-0 Bandys
Bollinger, Spencer 0-0 Draughn
Talbert, Isaiah 19-7 Bandys
Zimmer, Jeremy Draughn
Thomas, Kobe 20-1 East Lincoln
Worley, Andrew 13-0 Ashe County
Carlton, Ahmad 14-9 Wilkes Central
Leonhardt, Hunter 16-9 West Lincoln
Lynch, Rashod 19-4.5 R-S Central
Herman, Ethan Maiden High
Spicer, Jackson 16-0 Bandys
Bockhoefer, Henri 0-0 Draughn
Smith, Quentin 19-1 East Lincoln
Sigmon, Carson 18-6.5 Bandys
Manolato, Ken 14-1 Ashe County
Sheets, Noah 18-10 Patton
Garris, Colton 14-1 Wilkes Central
Duckworth, Laiton 5-0 East Burke
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Boys Pole Vault 2 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Perry, Erwin 8-0 Wilkes Central
Bockhoefer, Henri 6-11 Draughn
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Boys Shot Put 24 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Freeman, Tyler 36-4.25 Fred T. Foard
Brown, Keith 30-5 R-S Central
Lin, Addison 34-2.75 St. Stephens
Miller, Easton 33-0 Wilkes Central
Kilby, Tanner 39-10 Ashe County
Sahior, Sam 29-7.25 Patton
Maulden, Hunter 29-9 East Burke
Fisher, Alex 28-5 Fred T. Foard
Rooks, Noah 40-9.5 East Burke
Boston, Hunter 31-2.25 West Lincoln
Butts, Cooper 36-3.5 Fred T. Foard
Smith, Alex 27-7.5 Maiden High
Biscola, Anthony 33-0 Bandys
Butts, Carson 31-3.25 Fred T. Foard
Ferguson, Zach 28-0 Wilkes Central
Miller, Isaac 36-5 Ashe County
Garris, Colton 36-6 Wilkes Central
Wilson, Carter 49-11.5 Ashe County
Luke, Larry 40-2 Freedom
Siemer, Corey 41-5.25 Fred T. Foard
Griggs, Henry 23-4.5 East Burke
Campbell, Toby 31-6.5 West Lincoln
Sweet, Landon 25-9.25 Fred T. Foard
Shook, Nash 36-7.5 Bandys
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Boys Triple Jump 14 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Hatcher, Jessie 38-4.5 West Lincoln
Kennedy, Malik Maiden High
Gilchrist, Isaiah 33-0 Bandys
Talbert, Isaiah 38-1.5 Bandys
Thomas, Kobe 20-1 East Lincoln
Manolato, Ken 35-2 Ashe County
Valasquez, Michael 27-0 Wilkes Central
Lynch, Rashod 39-0 R-S Central
Spicer, Jackson 33-0 Bandys
Herman, Ethan 0-0 Maiden High
Sigmon, Carson 37-1 Bandys
Smith, Quentin 19-1 East Lincoln
Pack, Josh 28-0 Wilkes Central
Garris, Colton 29-9 Wilkes Central
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Girls 1600 Meter Run 20 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Kiefer, Amber 7:35.00h St. Stephens
Fountain, Chloe 6:26.00 Fred T. Foard
Cronk, Mahaley 5:38.10 Ashe County
Escalera, Jennifer 6:10.00h R-S Central
Humphrey, Olivia 5:57.77 East Lincoln
Warlick, Shelby 7:24.00 West Lincoln
Dover, Hannah 6:00.00 Burns
Murdock, Gillian 6:12.00h Hickory
Le, Caylin 7:50.00h St. Stephens
Lowe, Carrie 7:13 Wilkes Central
Stepanian, Grace 6:27.00 East Lincoln
Lane, Gracey 6:08.99 R-S Central
Eurey, Ashlynn 7:14.60 West Lincoln
Mitchell, Gracie 6:24.42 Draughn
Evans, Ella 6:58.00 Patton
Trejo-Sanchez, Nancy 6:16.46 St. Stephens
Blankenship, Mary 7:26.00 East Burke
Eason, Patience 6:41.00 Burns
Luu, Joann 7:26.00h Hickory
Najera, Brenda 7:52.50 Wilkes Central
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Girls 3200 Meter Run 11 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Humphrey, Olivia 12:45.74 East Lincoln
Evans, Ella 14:50.00 Patton
Griggs, Sara 14:50.00 Patton
Mitchell, Gracie 13:53.85 Draughn
Breedlove, Annaleigh 14:45.80 Patton
Beard, Maddie 13:00.00 Wilkes Central
Cronk, Mahaley 11:59.29 Ashe County
Stepanian, Grace 14:18.60 East Lincoln
Browning, Sarah 14:50.00 Patton
Westra, Calli 14:37.30 Patton
Lyerly, Lauren 16:48.00 Hickory
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Girls 4x200 Meter Relay 4 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 2:04.40 West Lincoln
Relay Team A 2:08.20 Wilkes Central
Relay Team A 1:56.40 Bunker Hill
Relay Team A 2:30.00h Fred T. Foard
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Girls 4x400 Meter Relay 4 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 5:02.31 Patton
Relay Team A 5:01.80 St. Stephens
Relay Team A 4:57.95 R-S Central
Relay Team A 5:00.00 East Lincoln
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Girls 4x800 Meter Relay 5 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 13:47.00 West Lincoln
Relay Team A 12:23.00 Hickory
Relay Team B 12:26.00 St. Stephens
Relay Team A 12:21.00 Wilkes Central
Relay Team A 11:24.00 Fred T. Foard
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Girls 55 Meter Dash 32 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Geyer, Barrett 8.34h Hickory
Smith, Kayla 7.45 Lincolnton
Blevins, Allie 8.47 Ashe County
Payne, Kierra 8.74h Hickory
Ianc, Abby 10.00 Fred T. Foard
Cooperberg, Julia 10.00 St. Stephens
Burns, Madison 9.00h Bunker Hill
Hackney, Samantha 8.94h Hickory
Nichols, Adelin 8.34h Wilkes Central
Silverio-Lemus, Shayla 10.54h Fred T. Foard
Perkins, Jaysha 8.54h Bunker Hill
Eblen, Anna 10.00h Fred T. Foard
Arrowood, Sydnee 8.31 R-S Central
Lyerly, Lauren 9.24 Hickory
Hembree, Hope 8.03 East Lincoln
Reep, Gwenyth 8.24h West Lincoln
Pope, Paityn 9.14h Hickory
Rogers, Cambi 0 Maiden High
Tallent, Bailey 8.94h Patton
Thorne, Anna 9.12 Hickory
Kennedy, Isabel 8.35 Hickory
Rush, Olivia 8.34h Wilkes Central
Calhoun, Ilene 10.00 Fred T. Foard
Alkoutami, Christine 10.00 St. Stephens
Ramseur, Naeousha 7.70 Bunker Hill
Corpening, Makenzie 8.50h Freedom
Riley, Elizabeth 10.00h Fred T. Foard
Williamson, Regan 8.49 R-S Central
Henry, Charlotte 8.66 Hickory
Perkins, Jada 8.34h Bunker Hill
Alguire, Autum 9.00 West Lincoln
Barrier, Addie 8.84h Hickory
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Girls 55 Meter Hurdles 9 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Genoe, Mattie 11.24h Patton
Lowe, Carrie 13.54h Wilkes Central
Reep, Gwenyth 11.14h West Lincoln
Howell, Melena 10.21 Ashe County
Rush, Olivia 10.74 Wilkes Central
Eblen, Anna 11.94h Fred T. Foard
Wilson, Sevanna 10.00 St. Stephens
Warlick, Shelby 14.24h West Lincoln
Hembree, Hope 11.84h East Lincoln
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Girls High Jump 6 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Grant, Holly 4-6 Ashe County
Taylor, Lauren 4-8 East Lincoln
Hembree, Hope 4-2 East Lincoln
Genoe, Mattie 4-6 Patton
Gilmore, Kaley 4-4 West Lincoln
Williams, Nevaeh 4-8 Draughn
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Girls Long Jump 12 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Taylor, Lauren 12-3 East Lincoln
Gilmore, Kaley 13-0 West Lincoln
Hull, Destiny 12-0 West Lincoln
Warlick, Shelby 12-0 West Lincoln
Hathaway, Brittany 0-0 Draughn
Seagraves, Leanna 0-0 Draughn
Schalk, Marissa 15-5.75 St. Stephens
Whisnant, Brooke 13-0 East Burke
Gonzales, Skyler 10-2 East Lincoln
Pfeifer, Katalyn 11-0 West Lincoln
Alguire, Autum 12-0 West Lincoln
Mcginnis, Norah 0-0 Draughn
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Girls Pole Vault 5 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Williams, Nevaeh 7-0 Draughn
Luu, Joann 6-0 Hickory
Stamos, Kirsten 7-6 Draughn
Seagraves, Leanna 11-3 Draughn
Lowe, Carrie 7-0 Wilkes Central
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Girls Shot Put 20 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Swartley, Karah 20-0 Fred T. Foard
Harris, Olivia 22-3 R-S Central
Edwards, Raegan 22-2.5 Patton
Carpenter, Alexis 27-3.5 East Burke
Wilson, Sevanna 24-10 St. Stephens
McCurdy, Adia 29-5 Wilkes Central
Stewart, Claire 23-0 West Lincoln
Reeves, Gina 20-3 West Lincoln
Drewery, Jayleigh 26-0.5 West Lincoln
Silverio-Lemus, Shayla 17-6 Fred T. Foard
Richard, Julia 27-6.75 Fred T. Foard
Shain, Emily 40-3 Lincolnton
Wojcik, Danielle 24-10.25 Patton
Davis, Sarah 19-8.5 R-S Central
White, Ambria 23-10.5 East Burke
Hull, Destiny 18-4.75 West Lincoln
Conley, Taylor 31-6 East Burke
Ross, Madison 22-4 West Lincoln
Ramos, Diana Maiden High
Saine, Rebecca 16-3.5 West Lincoln
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Girls Triple Jump 6 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Mcginnis, Norah 0-0 Draughn
Gonzales, Skyler 22-4 East Lincoln
Grant, Holly 27-4.5 Ashe County
Seagraves, Leanna Draughn
Schalk, Marissa 33-11.5 St. Stephens
Taylor, Lauren 29-1 East Lincoln
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High School Boys 1,000 Meter Run 34 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Sigmon, Jacob 3:10.00h Lincolnton
Black, Jackson 3:18.00h St. Stephens
Netherly, Kobe 5:40.00 Draughn
Hopkins, Daniel 2:50.00h Lincolnton
McGlamery, Dalton 3:10.00h St. Stephens
Goodman, Elijah 6:34.00 Draughn
Chun, Randy 3:50.00 Draughn
Johnson, Mac 3:44.00 Hickory
Yang, Zeng 3:43.90 Maiden High
Deal, Josh 4:37.00 Draughn
Upton, Christopher 2:53.01 R-S Central
Pineda, Brandon 3:34.10 Draughn
Beard, Jordan 3:03.20 Bandys
Brittain, Christopher 3:00.00h Freedom
Parsons, Andrew 3:30.00 Burns
Stone, Grant 3:40 Wilkes Central
Chapman, Chandler 3:40.00h Patton
Black, Sam 4:00.00h St. Stephens
Eley, Braxton 3:10.00h Lincolnton
Cruz-Uribe, Pedro 4:06.00 St. Stephens
Lingerfelt, Ayden 3:11.00 East Burke
Zimmerman, Brad 5:20.00 Draughn
Bayless, Nathaniel 3:24.10 West Lincoln
Lackey, Ethan 4:55.00 Draughn
Banks, Will 4:25.12 Hickory
Stewart, Zach 3:21.70 Maiden High
Ingram, Kaleb 5:49.20 Draughn
Picazo, Allen 4:52.02 Hickory
Say, Anthony 3:18.00 Draughn
Smith, Parker 2:47.30 Draughn
Scott, Jonas 3:41.30 Wilkes Central
Hover, Joseph 3:10.00h Freedom
Maksoud, Gabe 3:30.00h Patton
Marvin, Alexander 3:45.00h St. Stephens
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High School Boys 300 Meter Dash 50 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Bryant, Davis 42.74h Hickory
Lowdermilk, Tay 40.84h Freedom
Williams, CJ 0 Wilkes Central
Squarles, Trae 56.32 Hickory
Johnson, Kejhion 48.44h Freedom
Valasquez, Michael 0 Wilkes Central
Smith, Dalton 45.10h East Lincoln
Nance, Ryan 41.74h Hickory
Harrison, Cameron 40.14h Freedom
Thomas, Kobe 45.60h East Lincoln
Parsons, Andrew 47.00 Burns
Childers, Ben 43.24h East Burke
Pate, Neil 41.54h Ashe County
Elkins, Will 45.00h Fred T. Foard
Gibson, Daniel 38.84h Burns
Rogers, Tyler 45.14h St. Stephens
Ceccato, Patrick 41.14h Fred T. Foard
Waller, Joseph 38.34h Burns
Martinez, Edgar 45.27 St. Stephens
Craver, Dorian Maiden High
Boone, Isaiah 43.12 R-S Central
Miller, John Maiden High
Wilkins, James 44.44h Hickory
Brown, Jackston 41.00h Patton
Gatica, Demetri 40.74h Hickory
Carlton, Deandre 39.44h Hickory
Moore, Omar 42.14h Freedom
Pack, Josh 0 Wilkes Central
Olivo-Castanon, Naelson 42.84h East Lincoln
Mendenhall, Jonathan 40.74h Hickory
Carter, Mekhi 42.74h Freedom
Francis, Bryan Wilkes Central
Smith, Quentin 45.50h East Lincoln
Howell, Elijah 40.74h Burns
Stamos, Matthew 45.44h East Burke
Olivo'Castanon, Denilson 44.84h East Lincoln
Hannah, Dashon 39.00 Burns
Cook, Tyler 41.04h West Lincoln
Worley, Andrew 44.09 Ashe County
Tran, Phat 49.74h St. Stephens
Duckworth, Laiton 45.04h East Burke
Wilkinson, Kobus 43.34h Fred T. Foard
Jones, Dontay 38.00h Burns
Creed, Nicholas 45.00h St. Stephens
Washburn, Zahaire 41.21 R-S Central
Jones, Vance 40.34h Patton
Driver, Cameron Maiden High
Adair, Matthew 0 Maiden High
Baker, Dontae 40.64h Hickory
Sheets, Noah 39.94h Patton
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High School Boys 500 Meter Dash 38 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Clapp, Jacob 1:35.00h Patton
Arey, Jackson 1:35.00 Burns
Kleiner, Andrew 1:27.70 East Lincoln
Gibson, Daniel 1:12.30 Burns
Stamos, Matthew 1:40.00h East Burke
Waller, Joseph 1:09.80 Burns
Black, Sam 1:33.40 St. Stephens
Duckworth, Laiton 1:35.00h East Burke
Rye, Evan 1:47.00h West Lincoln
Gross, David 1:20.70 Fred T. Foard
Harper, Grant 1:22.77 St. Stephens
Miller, John Maiden High
Banks, Will 1:43.80 Hickory
Jones, Reese 1:17.19 R-S Central
Brown, Jackston 1:18.70 Patton
Johnson, Mac 2:25.00h Hickory
Lackey, Ethan 2:09.50 Draughn
Johnson, Aidon 1:15.00h Freedom
Howell, Elijah 1:12.60 Burns
Swan, Walter 1:15.27 Freedom
Stone, Grant 1:17.60 Wilkes Central
Harrison, Nicholas 1:31.30 East Lincoln
Storie, Owen 1:25.00 Burns
Storie, Aidan 1:20.29 Burns
Bailey, Zack 1:20.10 St. Stephens
Childers, Ben 1:35.00h East Burke
Puiu, Daniel 1:19.70 Fred T. Foard
Martinez, Edgar 1:30.00h St. Stephens
Lopane, Nicholas 1:35.80 Fred T. Foard
Driver, Cameron Maiden High
Boone, Isaiah 1:19.12 R-S Central
Yang, Zeng Maiden High
Pacheco-Trejo, Martin 2:32.00h Hickory
Picazo, Allen 2:33.00h Hickory
Smith, Parker 1:35.00 Draughn
Elam, Wesley 2:00.00 Burns
Avery, Kameron 1:15.00h Freedom
Francis, Bryan 1:19.20 Wilkes Central
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High School Girls 1,000 Meter Run 14 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Najera, Brenda 4:36.00 Wilkes Central
Le, Caylin 4:31.00 St. Stephens
Keever, Cori 4:24.48 R-S Central
Alguire, Autum 4:59.00 West Lincoln
Eurey, Ashlynn 4:05.60 West Lincoln
Browning, Sarah 3:48.12 Patton
Westra, Calli 3:53.50 Patton
Ramirez, Hilary 3:27.00h St. Stephens
Shelton, Zipporah 4:05.00 Fred T. Foard
Humphrey, Olivia 4:41.00h East Lincoln
Thomas, Christina 4:15.55 R-S Central
Ross, Madison 4:36.10 West Lincoln
Griggs, Sara 3:58.00h Patton
Breedlove, Annaleigh 3:58.00h Patton
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High School Girls 300 Meter Dash 30 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Ennis, Janie 53.94h East Burke
Edwards, Raegan 1:00.00h Patton
Rogers, Cambi Maiden High
Kennedy, Isabel 56.42 Hickory
Lehn, Olivia 1:00.24h Patton
Barrier, Addie 51.94h Hickory
Bang, Kailyn 51 Wilkes Central
Cooperberg, Julia 1:00.74h St. Stephens
Holland, Celsey 1:03.54h Burns
Geyer, Barrett 50.14h Hickory
Riedel, Rhiannon 52 Wilkes Central
Coulter, Karina 49.74h Fred T. Foard
Schalk, Marissa 49.14 St. Stephens
Hector, Na'Mya 1:00 Bunker Hill
Douglas, Madelyne 54.04h Burns
Gonzales, Skyler 53.04h East Lincoln
Williamson, Regan 48.31 R-S Central
Taylor, Lauren 54.03 East Lincoln
Gangloff, Sofia 0 Maiden High
Tallent, Bailey 48.64h Patton
Hackney, Samantha 1:01.14h Hickory
Suggs, Katelyn 51.64h Patton
Montano, Gabriela 59.54h St. Stephens
Walker, Morgan 1:08.64h Burns
Pope, Paityn 57.04h Hickory
Nichols, Adelin 51.00h Wilkes Central
Alkoutami, Christine 1:05.64h St. Stephens
Comer, Breanna 53.00 Burns
Matthews, Jada 1:00.00h Bunker Hill
Eubank, Jessica 53.04h East Lincoln
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High School Girls 500 Meter Dash 24 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Rogers, Cambi Maiden High
Holland, Celsey 2:12.00 Burns
Hughes, Stella 1.65 Hickory
Dover, Hannah 1:29.00 Burns
Beard, Maddie 1:30 Wilkes Central
Minami, Sarah 1:36.31 St. Stephens
Tamas, Bianca 1:40.00h Fred T. Foard
Eason, Patience 1:47.17 Burns
Hembree, Hope 1:29.60 East Lincoln
Bush, Keeleigh 1:38.11 R-S Central
Gangloff, Sofia Maiden High
Ennis, Janie 2:50.00h East Burke
Walker, Morgan 2:06.00 Burns
Luu, Joann 1.54 Hickory
Mcclure, Nikita 1:55.00h Patton
Comer, Breanna 1:40.10 Burns
Lyerly, Lauren 1:41.60 Hickory
Bang, Kailyn 1:36.30 Wilkes Central
Stafford, Madeline 1:31.40 St. Stephens
Douglas, Madelyne 1:39.17 Burns
Riedel, Rhiannon 1:39 Wilkes Central
Coulter, Karina 1:40.00h Fred T. Foard
Humphrey, Olivia 1:42.00 East Lincoln
Arrowood, Sydnee 1:27.53 R-S Central
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