Meet Information

State Championship| Nov 3, 2018

Coach Meetings:

2A & 4A: 9:15 am

1A & 3A: 2:15 pm

Race Times:

2A Men: 10:00 am

4A Men: 10:30 am

2A Women: 11:00 am

4A Women: 11:30 am

1A Men: 3:00 pm

3A Men: 3:30 pm

1A Women: 4:00 pm

3A Women: 4:30 pm


NCHSAA State Meet Qualification:

The top 25% of teams (minimum of 4 teams qualify) at Regionals and the top 7 individuals not on one of the qualifying teams will qualify for the State XC Meet. The 25% (any fraction .5 or above will be rounded up) will be determined by the number of scoring teams (at least 5 athletes)thatstart the race. Boys and girls teams are considered separately, so 25% of the scoring boys teams to start the race and 25% of the scoring girls teams to start the race will qualify for the State XC Meet.So 26-29 teams = 7 qualifying teams; 22-25 teams = 6 qualifying teams; 18-21 teams = 5 qualifying teams; 17 or fewer teams = 4 qualifying teams.

Practice Time / Early Packet Pickup:

Course will be open on Friday between 2:30 and 6:00pm; Early Packet Pickup will be available from 3:00 to 6:00pm on Friday at Ivey Redmon near finish line.

Participant parking:

School buses and team vans will park in the lower parking lots by the soccer fields.Individual qualifiers arriving in a vehicle other than a school bus or team van will park in the grassy lot across the street.Individual qualifiers will pick up their packets at the tent on the left hand side of the road at the entrance on Shields Road.If individual qualifiers are arriving in a bus, please stop at the tent on your way in to park.If your school has a team in one division (boys/girls) and an individual or individuals in the other division, your individuals will be with your team packet at the team entrance.