Meet Information

2018 WNC Cross Country Carnival

Were looking forward to hosting the 18th edition of the early-season mountain classic. Our climate is comparatively cool. Our course is challenging but fair (and slightly shorter than 5k). Our goal is to provide teams with a positive introduction to the season.

To maintain the integrity of our races with the capacity of the course, we try to cap the field at about 40 schools. Preference is given to returning programs, but if you're interested, please contact the meet director ( Meet entry is through e-mail invitation only.

We are seeking sanctioning for NC, SC, and TN, but we can add others based on interest.

Championship Boys (limit of 8 runners)- 8:30
Championship Girls (limit of 8 runners)- 9:00
Invitational Boys (limit of 7 runners)- 9:30
Invitational Girls (limit of 7 runners)- 10:00
Individual Boys (limit of 10 runners)- 10:40
Individual Girls (limit of 10 runners)- 11:20
3k Boys (unlimited)- 12:00
3k Girls (unlimited)- 12:20

A school may participate in multiple events (for example, top 8 boys in the Championship, 7 boys in the Invite, 10 boys in the Individual Race, and others in the 3K race).

Please note that the 3k is not a middle school race; it is intended for high school athletes who are not quite ready for the rigor of a full 5k due to inexperience, fitness level, etc. We certainly respect a coach's desire to challenge young athletes, but we also encourage a progressive approach to the season and a positive, enjoyable competitive experience. We appreciate your effort to assign athletes to a race appropriate for their current ability.

Among the unique aspects of our race are the ceramic medals created by Mud Dabbers Pottery in Balsam, NC which will be presented to the top 10 individual finishers in the first three divisions and the top 5 finishers in the 3k. Face jug team awards will go to the top two squads in the Championship and Invitational races.

One hundred and fifty dollars will cover all participants from a given school ($75 if only a boys team or girls team; $20.00 for an individual). Athletes must represent their school. Make checks payable to
TC Roberson Rams Club & mail to:

Coach Andrew Devine
250 Overlook Rd.
Asheville, NC 28803