Durham Academy 2-mile 2007

Durham, NC

Meet Information

The races would begin at 2:00 pm and go until we get done, with a race going off every 30 minutes (this is all dependent on the number of entries we get). DA\'s track is 6 lanes, so we might not want more than 20 kids per race - we\'ll just run as many heats as needed depending on how many kids sign up. They can sign up by emailing: da2mile@hotmail.com and Dennis would like to have any entries in to that address by Sunday, Nov.11th (or anytime after the Sate Meet this Saturday) so we can get heats set up. Tell your kids (or if YOU send them in) to include either: McAlpine times from this season OR Tanglewood times OR SAS times OR (if they wish) 3200 times from last spring. We\'ll arrange heats based on the times. There are coaches whose e-mails I don\'t know, so if you are so inclined, please forward this along to them -THEY can respond to either email address, but please limit your kids emails to the da2mile@hotmail.com address!!!!!