WHKP Relays 2016

Hendersonville, NC

Meet Information

Welcome to 2016 running of the the annual WHKP Relays. This will be the 55th year for the mens relay and the 21st year for the womens relay. This meet is for boys and girls and is on Thursday, April 7, 2015. The WHKP track meet will be held at North Henderson High School and we look forward to hosting a great event.

The Field Events will begin at 4:00 and running events will begin at 4:15 starting with the team mile. Timing will be FAT.

In our meet, the field events are "team relays". Each field event will have 3 entries and the best individual marks will be added together for a team mark. If you do not have three athletes in a field event, you may still enter a team in the event.

Each school participating should send in entries by 7:00PM on Tuesday, April 5. Email Coach Heang Uy (khuy@hcpsnc.org) for entry forms.

We look forward to a great meet and hope to see you there. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Heang Uy at 828-697-4500 or khuy@hcpsnc.org

Order of Events:
Field Events
Long Jump
Triple Jump
High Jump
Shot Put
Pole Vault

Running Events

4:15 Team Mile (4 Runners, score like cross country race)

Shuttle Hurdle Relay (4 X 110/100m hurdles)
800 Meter Relay (4x200)
3200m Relay (4x800)
1600 Meter Medley Relay (200, 200, 400, 800)
Sprint Medley Relay (100, 100, 200, 400)
Distance Medley Relay (1200, 400, 800, 1600)
400 m Relay (4x100)
1600 Meter Relay (4x400)