Meet Information

2016 Wake County Track and Field Championships

Dear Track and Field Coach:
We would like to take this opportunity to invite you and your team to the Wake County Championships. We are very excited that we will also be the host of the second ever Unified track meet in North Carolina. Please be aware that with this very special event the track meet may go a little longer then in the past. Our meet is scheduled this year on Saturday, April 9th at Garner Magnet High School.


Entry Fee: Please mail or bring a check for $50 made out to Garner Trojans Club. If you choose to mail the check, please have c/o Ronnie Lee.

Parking and tickets: All teams will Park on the visitor side of the stadium and teams and coaches will enter from the visitor side. Each athlete and coach will need a wrist band only those with bands will be allowed in the track area. Please send a number of coaches and athletes that will be attending by April 8th. Fans and supports will park and enter on the home side of the stadium. Teams can enter the stadium anytime after 7:00 am. Fans can enter anytime after 8:00 am. Tickets are $6 for school age and up.

Hospitality Room: We will be serving breakfast starting at 8:00 am and Lunch from 10:30-12:30 for coaches. Coaches meeting and Hospitality room will be in the building on the visitor side of the stadium.

Meet officials: If you would like to volunteer for an event please let us know by April 3rd at this time we will assign duties that are not filled.

Awards: There will be trophies for the first, and second, place teams in the mens, womens, and United teams competition. Medals will be awarded for the top three finishers in each event, while the fourth through sixth place finishers will receive ribbons.

Sanction: Sanction has been obtained from the North Carolina High School Athletic Association. All National Federation rules will be followed for the conduct of this meet.

Declaration: All entries should be confirmed or scratched from the meet at the coaches meeting starting at 8:00 a.m.

All entries will be done on-line through NC Milespilt (if you are unfamiliar with this process then please e-mail me and I will forward instructions). Each team will be allowed 2 athletes per event and one team per relay. The Unified teams can have unlimited number of athletes per event.

Seeding: All events will be seeded according to your entry submission. Please be accurate in submitting times each event. All field events will have 4 attempts with no finals.

Concessions: Concessions will be on sale throughout the day through the efforts of the Garner Trojans Club. T-shirts will also be on sale at the concession stand for $15 each.

2016 Wake County Track & Field Championship- Time Schedule

8:15 a.m. Coaches meeting


9:15 a.m. Womens Field Events: Discus, High Jump, Triple Jump
Mens Field Events: Shot Put (followed by Unified Sp.Oly. Shot Put), Long Jump

9:45 a.m. Womens 4x800 Relay (timed) finals
Mens 4x800 Relay (timed) finals

10:15 a.m. PRELIMS
Womens 100 Meter High Hurdles prelims
Mens 110 Meter High Hurdles prelims
Womens 100 Meter Dash prelims
Mens 100 Meter Dash prelims
Unified Special Olympics 100 meter dash (timed) finals

11:15 a.m. Womens Field Events: Shot Put, Long Jump (followed by Unified Sp.Oly. Long Jump)
Mens Field Events: Discus, High Jump, Triple Jump

11:45 a.m. FINALS
Unified Special Olympics 800 Meter Run (timed) finals
Womens 100 Meter High Hurdle finals
Mens 110 Meter High Hurdle finals
Womens 100 Meter Dash finals
Mens 100 Meter Dash finals
Womens 4x200 relay (timed) finals
Mens 4x200 relay (timed) finals
Womens 1600 Meter Run (timed) finals
. Mens 1600 Meter Run (timed) finals
Unified Special Olympics 4x100 Relay (timed) finals
Womens 4x100 relay (timed) finals
Mens 4x100 Relay (timed) finals
Womens 400 Meter Dash (timed) finals
Mens 400 Meter Dash (timed) finals
Womens 300 Intermediate Hurdles (timed) finals
Mens 300 intermediate Hurdles (timed) finals
Unified Special Olympics 400 Meter Dash (timed) finals
Womens 800 Meter Run (timed) finals
Mens 800 Meter Run (timed) finals
Womens 200 Meter Dash (timed) finals
Mens 200 Meter Dash (timed) finals
Womens 3200 Meter Run (timed) finals
Mens 3200 Meter Run (timed) finals
Unified Special Olympics 4x400 Relay (timed) finals
Womens 4x400 Relay (timed) finals
Mens 4x400 Relay (timed) finals