Alamance County Championship 2014

Burlington, NC

Meet Information

ENTRIES ARE DUE Wednesday April 16th, 2014 by 6 pm.

This year we will give medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place participants

Scratch meeting will be held on Thursday, April 17th at 2:30 in the press box. Track meet starts at 3:30.

You can scratch a participant but will not be allowed to enter any new athletes.

Athletes cannot scratch from an event after the scratch meeting.If they do, or if they fail to report to an event, they are scratched from the rest of the meet.

In the field events (SP,D,LJ,TJ) each athlete will have four attempts and all running events will be timed finals.(It is very important that you send in accurate entries for the athletes to be competing beside athletes of the same caliber.)

All field events will start at 3:30.

The 3200 meter relay will start at 3:30 and the remainder will start at 4.

The 800, 1600 and 3200 meter runs will start from the water- fall start line and runners will break when they have a stride and a half advantage.

All buses must park along on the visitor side of the stadium.Do not park on the residential side of the road.

Check in area for the running events will be near the starting line.Field events check in at the site.All athletes must be checked in by the 2nd call.

You may sit in the bleachers on the visitor side or the home side. Tents will only be allowed on the visitors side.

Coaches please tell your athletes to stay in the bleachers until the first call for their event.They may warm up on the scoreboard side of the field that is roped off.NO ATHLETES should be on the finish line side of the field.

Tell your athletes to enter the field from the scoreboard side and exit their event from the finish line side of the field.There will only be two gates open on the home side and one open on the visitor side. Please help in not allowing your runners to jump over the gates to come on and off the field.

No boom boxes or loud speakers allowed in the stadium or in the parking area provided around the school.Please remind your athletes of the rules regarding electronics.

Relay Cards will be in your packet.Please print athletes first and last name on the card, and have your athletes turn in the cards with them when they check in for the relay.

Re-seeded sheets will be posted outside the press box.

We will announce the results and team scores thoughtout the meet.Coaches, we will give out awards at the event site at the culmination of each event.

We will mark all legal shots and discuses with paint.Make sure your vaulters weight does not exceed the weight limit on the pole.

Hospitality room will be on the home side of the stadium.This is only open to the coaches, not the athletes.

Coaches please stress to your athletes to display good sportsmanship throughout the entire meet and that the uniform rule will be in effect.

Please let your fans know the price of admission. Tuesday-$5.00

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