NCHSAA 3A State Championship Girls Virtual Meet

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We calculated the virtual meets for this weekends NCHSAA 3A State Championships.  We only used FAT marks for the girls 55m Dash, 55m Hurdles and 300m Dash.  For the 300m and 4x200m we only used indoor marks as indoor and polar bear marks show a significant difference.  The NCHSAA State Championship will be broadcasted live on MileSplit through a MileSplit Pro Subscription.

Performance List

55 Meter Dash

1Alexis Patterson2019Parkland7.10 10
2Del'Nique Penn2019Parkland7.12 8
3Zariyah Black2021Eastern Guilford High School7.14 6
4Tracey Manigault2019Cox Mill7.17 5
5Alyson Davis2019Northern Guilford7.20 3.5
5Jordan Sales2020Rose, J.H.7.20 3.5
7Jordyn Case2021Weddington High School7.22 2
8Ija Mumford2022Parkland7.24 1
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300 Meter Dash

1Alexis Patterson2019Parkland39.50 10
2Alysia Johnson2020Hillside39.92 8
3Tracey Manigault2019Cox Mill41.10 6
4Diamond Lyerly2019Parkland41.14 5
5Alyson Davis2019Northern Guilford41.22 3
5Del'Nique Penn2019Parkland41.22 3
5Jordan Sales2020Rose, J.H.41.22 3
8Alyssa Hernandez2021Northern Guilford41.44 1
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500 Meter Dash

1Alyssa Hernandez2021Northern Guilford1:15.91 10
2Alysia Johnson2020Hillside1:17.81 8
3Ariana Daley2019Clayton1:18.90 6
4Mackenzie Townsend2019Cuthbertson High School1:19.12 5
5Emmaya Waters2019Hillside1:19.37 4
6Emily Bowbliss2021Union Pines1:19.89 3
7Zahnetta Wilkins2019Rocky Mount1:20.95 2
8Mya Ervin2020Southeast Guilford1:21.15 1
SCRMegan Marvin2020Chapel Hill1:18.28 --
SCRZahnetta Wilkins2019Rocky Mount1:20.95 --
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1000 Meter Run

1Sarah Bechtel2019Weddington High School2:58.76 10
2Megan Marvin2020Chapel Hill3:00.87 8
3Leah Helms2021Cuthbertson High School3:04.18 6
4Gabriella Castro2020Cuthbertson High School3:04.60 5
5Katie Verrill2019Piedmont3:04.81 4
6Elizabeth Starkie2021Weddington High School3:05.33 3
7Jenna Reiter2020West Carteret3:06.70 2
8Kaitlyn St. Hilaire2021Cuthbertson High School3:06.86 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Leah Helms2021Cuthbertson High School5:08.27 10
2Madeline Hill2021Cuthbertson High School5:08.72 8
3Jonna Strange2020North Iredell5:08.75 6
4Frances Whitworth2020Mount Tabor5:09.54 5
5Sarah Bechtel2019Weddington High School5:11.01 4
6Hayley Whoolery2020West Johnston5:11.53 3
7Amelia Maughan2022Chapel Hill5:12.97 2
8Gabriella Castro2020Cuthbertson High School5:14.01 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Hayley Whoolery2019West Johnston10:47.48 10
2Jonna Strange2020North Iredell10:47.84 8
3Frances Whitworth2019Mount Tabor11:06.96 6
4Jenna Reiter2019West Carteret11:10.00 5
5Madeline Hill2021Cuthbertson High School11:12.76 4
6Sophia Ritter2019Watauga11:14.86 3
7Emma Fredericks2020Northern Guilford11:17.80 2
8Anna Davis2020Weddington High School11:21.89 1
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55 Meter Hurdles

1Alexis Patterson2019Parkland8.13 10
2Zariyah Black2021Eastern Guilford High School8.30 8
3Riley Newkirk2022Western Guilford8.31 6
4Netanya Linares2019Cuthbertson High School8.38 5
5Amaya English2020Northern Guilford8.43 4
6Mykayla Wall2019Dudley8.54 3
7Keyana Yeoman2019North Brunswick8.57 2
8Guyah Love2020Ashbrook8.66 1
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4x200 Meter Relay

1Parkland1:40.86 10
2Northern Guilford1:43.30 8
3Hillside1:45.53 6
4Cleveland High School1:47.46 5
5Cuthbertson High School1:47.70 4
6North Brunswick1:47.96 3
7Western Guilford1:48.73 2
8Dudley1:49.26 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Northern Guilford4:01.44 10
2Hillside4:04.77 8
3Cuthbertson High School4:09.86 6
4Weddington High School4:12.01 5
5Western Guilford4:16.67 4
6Chapel Hill4:18.71 3
7Northside (3A)4:19.00 2
8Parkland4:19.04 1
SCRNorthside (3A)4:19.00 --
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Chapel Hill9:38.00 10
2Cuthbertson High School9:52.91 8
3Weddington High School9:53.01 6
4Marvin Ridge9:53.95 5
5Northern Guilford9:57.12 4
6Watauga10:24.29 3
7Mount Tabor10:25.71 2
8Southeast Guilford10:37.72 1
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Triple Jump

1Ija Mumford2022Parkland38-3 10
2M'Smrya Seward2019Franklinton36-9.5 8
3Amaya English2020Northern Guilford36-1 6
4Katie Gilliland2021Western Guilford35-9 5
5Jayda Hunter2019Jacksonville35-7 4
6Diamond Lyerly2019Parkland35-6 3
7Anna Shelton2019South Brunswick35-3.75 2
8Marissa Schalk2019St. Stephens35-0 1
SCRJayda Hunter2019Jacksonville35-7 --
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High Jump

1Netanya Linares2019Cuthbertson High School5-4 9
1Rebekah Smith2019Franklinton5-4 9
3Sophie Draughon2020West Carteret5-3 6
4Caroline Smith2021Cuthbertson High School5-2 4.5
4Joelie DeVries2019Union Pines5-2 4.5
6Alayna Rossi2022Weddington High School5-0 0.75
6Destiny Colman2022Parkland5-0 0.75
6Diamond Lyerly2019Parkland5-0 0.75
6Isabella Hendershot2020Tuscola5-0 0.75
6Jada Bradley2019Southwest Guilford5-0 0.75
6Jaden Mittman2021Western Guilford5-0 0.75
6Nahsheeda Facey2020Southwest Guilford5-0 0.75
6Rinke Dingemans2021Chapel Hill5-0 0.75
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Long Jump

1Ija Mumford2022Parkland19-4 10
2Courtney Lines2019North Brunswick19-0.5 8
3M'Smrya Seward2019Franklinton17-10 6
4Anna Shelton2019South Brunswick17-7.5 5
5Amari Simington2019Parkland17-5.25 4
6Jadai Stevenson-Damon2021Parkland17-5 3
7Netanya Linares2019Cuthbertson High School17-4.5 2
8Erykah Baldwin2019Southern Wayne17-1 1
SCRErykah Baldwin2019Southern Wayne17-1 --
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Pole Vault

1Netanya Linares2019Cuthbertson High School11-9 10
2Ava Studney2022Cuthbertson High School11-0 6.333
2Isabel Crandall2020Marvin Ridge11-0 6.333
2Lainie Baumgardner2020Cuthbertson High School11-0 6.333
5Elizabeth Wood2019Mount Tabor10-6 3
5Emma Stone2021Marvin Ridge10-6 3
5Sami Eberhard2019Weddington High School10-6 3
8Sophia Smith2019Northwood10-0 1
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Shot Put

1Samantha Ennis2019Northwood42-4.25 10
2Makayla Watkins2020Western Guilford40-2.25 8
3Jada Green2019Hillside38-11 6
4Ono Abhulimen2020Mount Tabor34-1 5
5Isabel Robayo2019Swansboro33-9 4
6Niya Kelly2019Kings Mountain33-6 3
7Elaina Irving2019Jacksonville33-0.25 2
8Alexis Elliott2019Southern Wayne33-0 1