East Henderson Dominates Interview Contest

During a break at the JDL Fast Track Invitational (they were running well ahead of schedule), we organized an impromptu interview competition on the infield.  Individuals or groups came out to speak with announcer Ed Teasley, and we recorded each one.  I would like to say that hilarity ensued, but unfortunately hilarity was fourth on the list of things that ensued:

1. Inaudible responses

2. Awkward pauses

3. Occasional glimpses of future politicians/celebrities

4. Hilarity

5. Profit!  (Oh, wait...)


Anyway, check out the winner, a quarter of East Henderson boys who stunned Coach Teasley into silence with their slightly off-kilter charm.  I will try to post some of the other interviews on our Faccebook page this week; check there or the NCRunners Twitter feed for updates.