Salute To Seniors: Brian Risse (North Lincoln)

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Brian Risse (North Lincoln)

2019 Outdoor Rankings

What was your greatest moment while competing in high school? 

My greatest moment of high school running was winning the 3200m at the 2019 outdoor state meet. That race was the most competitive 2A 3200m in history, so to win that race and close in a 2:09 last 800m to run 9:30 was awesome. Also, that win secured the team title for us making it the first track state title in North Lincoln and Lincoln county history. I got the best of both of worlds of winning an individual and team title in one day at my last state meet and it's a day I'll never forget.
Watch Brian Risse win the NCHSAA 2A 3200m 

What is your biggest regret (related to T&F in high school) or what would you have done differently and why?
My biggest regret of high school running was my junior year, because I lost focus on doing the little things. I lost focus on taking my vitamins/ iron, recovering my body after runs, getting the right fuel in my body, and getting quality hours of sleep in. This led to me not having the junior year I wanted, and I wish I would of done the little things perfectly. I now realize running is a 24/7, 365 day sport and you have to be physically and mentally focused on it all the time.

What will you miss the most about HS T&F/XC?
I will miss the relationships the most about high school running. Not seeing your coach and teammates every single day at practice is going to be a big adjustment and I will miss them the most, because they have shaped me into the runner I am today. Also, I have met so many male/female competitors  as my time as a high school runner and I am blessed I got the chance to know them. Not going to see them at meets will be different, but hopefully I'll have the chance to see them at college races.

What is some advice from incoming frosh and rising seniors on your high school team that you would like to share with them?
For incoming freshman, have fun, learn the sport, work hard, and set a high goal for yourself and keep working at it until you get it. Then, once you get that goal, raise it even more and keep believing you can accomplish anything. For incoming seniors, don't put any stress on yourself about running or your college decision. Stay relaxed, work hard, and have fun, because you only have one senior year and you want no regrets when you're done with high school.

What was the hardest workout you did your entire high school career? Did you like it or did you dread it?
I would say my hardest workout in high school was 10x400 in 60sec with 3:00min rest. I hated that workout so much, because my body would be drained for the whole day, my legs were heavy and I didn't feel like walking, and my head always hurt after it. Even though I didn't like it, it helped me with my speed, strength, and my kick when I was feeling tired. 

How did you make track/XC a very individual sport into more of a team sport?
I made high school running more of a team sport than an individual sport, because my mindset would be "what can I do for the team"rather than focusing on myself. At practices, I wanted to get the best out of everyone, so we could all perform at our best. At meets, I wanted to do whatever it took for our team to win county, conference, regionals, and states. I feel like if you run for something much higher then yourself, the better and more confident you will run.

Finally, what are your college plans? Will you be competing in college, where? What do you plan on studying? What do you have as career plans? 
My college plans are to run cross country/track at Lipscomb University, a Division 1 Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee. I plan on majoring in Finance as Lipscomb is the #1 business school in Tennessee. My career plans are a to be a financial planner/advisor or a salesmen, but my dream career would be to run professionally. I know that sounds crazy, but I believe I have the work ethic, the mindset, and the resources at Lipscomb to make that dream possible.

Anything else you'd like to add or shoutouts you'd like to give?
Enjoy your 4 years of high school running, because it is going to go by fast. The experience of high school running is totally worth it and you will have memories that you will never forget. I would like to thank Coach Jerry, the greatest 2A coach of all time, for coming into my life and making me the runner I am today, because I would not be where I am today without him. My teammates both former and current, especially Jason Thomson and Johnny Grant, for pushing me every day and making high school running awesome. My family for being my #1 fans and always supporting me through the good and bad. All the athletes I have met through running that will hold a special place in my heart. And Lastly, thank you NCRunners for all that you do for making a high school runner's experience one they will never forget from articles, photos, race videos, and interviews. For everyone, my Twitter is @brianrisse24 so reach out to me if you have any more questions or comments. Always #GGG (Give God the Glory) and #TTP (Trust the Process).