Stars Emerge At NCRunners Holiday Invitational

Maya Singletary (Hoke County) battled against a loaded 500 field.  Singletary emerged in this event last fall at the indoor state championships where she ran NC#2 All-Time 1:13.47 winning the 4A Individual Title.  Singletary made her debut yesterday and certainly did not disappoint.  She ran 1:14.47, which we believe is the fastest time in November or December in this event in state history.  It broke state record holder McKinley McNeill's meet record which was previously 1:14.81.  McNeill broke the state record running 1:13.02 later that year.  Singletary's mark is currently NC#1 and US#1 so far this season.

1Maya Singletary12Hoke County1:14.471
2Jessica Wright12Hillside1:18.161
3Abriel Myers12Stratford1:19.351
4TiCoiya Gidderon12Unattached AAU1:19.571
5Nimeesha Coleman10Providence1:19.671
6Ashlan Bowdry12Hillside1:19.771
7Lauren MustapharUnattached AAU1:20.811
8Angel Frank11Summerville1:22.341
9Mikaila Gadson11Unattached AAU1:22.471
10Akira Long12Mallard Creek1:22.761
11Ella Mainwaring Foster10Providence1:23.631
12Julia Taylor11Page1:23.691
13Deavion NesbittUnattached AAU1:23.701
14Ela Lucas10East Chapel Hill1:23.911
15Araybian Lilly12Unattached AAU1:24.331
16Ciseley Brown11T.W. Andrews1:24.381
17India Alston10Hobbton High School1:24.481
18Erin Macdevette11Myers Park1:24.621
19CaJazzalyn Hairston-Waller12Unattached AAU1:24.861
20Lenah Proctor11Unattached AAU1:24.991
21Kendra Beyer11West Carteret1:25.551
22Erin Outlaw11West Carteret1:25.641
23Gabrielle Ryan12Hillside1:25.741
24Andrea Robinson11Garner1:26.641
25Mia Macon11Newton-Conover1:26.761
26Morgan Green11Fort Dorchester1:27.481
27Mya Fisher11Pender1:28.171
28Netanya Linares11Parkwood1:28.571
29Margaux Mooney12Asheville1:28.721
30Sierra Moore12Garner1:29.181
31Dominique Edmondson11Fort Dorchester1:29.961
32Hannah Ortiz9Cape Fear1:30.011
33Brielle Dunn9Millbrook1:30.171
34Torri Davis9Rocky River High School1:30.281
35Jadaya Asor-Sallaah10Garner1:30.411
36Katelyn Parah12Gray Stone Day School1:30.521
37Ariana RichardsonUnattached AAU1:30.641
38Elizabeth CrosbyUnattached AAU1:31.151
39Jaqueeta Moise12Z.B. Vance1:31.261
40Gracie D'amico9Croatan1:31.871
41Janet Thompson12Hobbton High School1:32.061
42Camryn Lee10Millbrook1:32.231
43Kaela MooreUnattached AAU1:32.951
44Alyssa Apple10Southern Lee1:33.361
45Noel Wright8Sun Valley1:33.791
46Claire Pedersen12East Chapel Hill1:34.141
47Jamie Cornette10Cape Fear1:35.671
48Isabel Reyna12Ledford1:35.851
49Sierra Andrews10Southern Guilford1:36.301
50Emilia Medina10Cape Fear1:36.461
51Anna Wilkerson11Sun Valley1:36.671
52Alyssa Bell9Pender1:37.001
53Laura Hartman10Croatan1:37.031
54Lauren PattersonDavie County1:39.761
55Kaylee O'Brian10Asheville1:40.921
56Mary Walsh12Bishop McGuinness1:44.131
57Nuvia Guardado12Southern Lee1:48.951
58Madelyn Fadale10Parkwood1:49.991
59Emerald Giko10Z.B. Vance2:02.501