North Carolina's All-Time NCHSAA Individual Girls State Champions

Cardinal Gibbons alum. Sarah Rapp after winning her third NCHSAA XC State Championship (1 2A, 2 3A) in 2010!  Photo by Jeff Sides

We've compiled all of the NCHSAA Boy's Individual State Championships dating back to when it all started in 1956 where only 19 athletes competed at the XC State Championships at Finley Golf Course.  Girls were first allowed to compete in 1980

NCHSAA Girls Individual State Champions

McAlpine Creek Era
All Classes were combined until 1986
1980 Charlotte McCall (McDowell County)
1981 Karen Dunn (Garner)
1982 Kathry Ormsby (Richmond County)
1983 Beth Ruggles (East Burke)
1984 Tomika Whitten (West Forsyth)
1985 Tomika Whitten (West Forsyth)
4A 3A
1986 Jamie Newnam (Chapel Hill) Francine Dumas (T.C. Roberson) Heather Lenglade (Ledford)
1987 Cessy Hudson (East Burke) Janet Osada (T.C. Roberson) Heather Lenglade (Ledford)
1988 Silicia Johnson (Grimsley) Robin Land (Wilkes Central) Erin Smyth (Lejeune)
1989 Tammie Carpenter (Smithfield-Selma) Suzanne Black (Sun Valley) Julia Barba (Lejeune)
1990 Tammie Carpenter (Smithfield-Selma) Ami Knox (West Henderson) Karen Godlock (Polk County)
1991 Ami Herrman (Providence) Suzanne Black (Sun Valley) Karen Godlock (Polk County)
1992 Ami Herrman (Providence) Rebekah Frick (East Rowan) Karen Godlock (Polk County)
1993 Frances Warner (E.E. Smith) Tammy Duckett (Enka) Amy Knox (West Henderson)
1994 Addie Bower (Watauga) Mandy Becker (Fuquay-Varina) Kristy Whitaker (Murphy)
1995 Angie Morey (Chapel Hill) Erin Musson (Wilkes-Central) Julie Stackhouse (Hayesville)
1996 Whitney Weber (West Forsyth) Sarah Goodman (T.C. Roberson) Jennifer Dimsdale (Polk County) 
4A 3A 2A 1A
1997 Julie Wilhelm (Hoggard)  Sarah Goodman (T.C. Roberson)  Macy Little (Brevard)  Jennifer Dimsdale (Polk County) 
1998 Alisha Little (East Burke)  Erin Kelley (T.C. Roberson)  Diana Henderson (North Henderson)  Jennifer Dimsdale (Polk County) 
1999 Casey McGraw (Freedom)  Alicia Valtin (Western Harnett)  Heidi Sloop (West Wilkes)  Ariel Glassman (Hendersonville)       
2000 Ginger Wheeler (Mount Tabor)  Alicia Valtin (Western Harnett)  Heidi Sloop (West Wilkes)  Erika Schneble (Hendersonville) 
2001 Carly Matthews (Mount Tabor)  Jessica Collins (Eastern Wayne)  Jessica Durant (North Henderson)  Kasey Smith (South Stokes) 
Tanglewood Park Era
2002 Kate Merrill (Jordan)    Maggie Kovach (T.C. Roberson)  Leigh Ann Taylor (Monroe)  Kasey Smith (South Stokes) 
2003 Kate Merrill (Jordan)    Claire Duval (T.C. Roberson)  Leigh Ann Taylor (Monroe)  Kala Robertson (Surry Central) 
2004 Lindsey Nadolski (Chapel Hill)  Monique Jones (Northwest Cabarrus)  Lindsay Groce (Wilkes Central)  Elisabeth Elliott (Polk County) 
2005 Callan Fike (Athens Drive)  Caroline Kirby (T.C. Roberson)  Tria Metzler (Bunn)    Elisabeth Elliott (Polk County) 
2006 Kimberly Spano (North Mecklenburg)    Caroline Kirby (T.C. Roberson)  Heather Beichner (Cardinal Gibbons)  Zatha Loewen (Topsail) 
2007 Kimberly Spano (North Mecklenburg)    Lindsay Ester (Williams)  Heather Beichner (Cardinal Gibbons)  Zatha Loewen (Topsail) 
2008 Kimberly Spano (North Mecklenburg)    Kenyetta Iyevbele (Olympic)  Sarah Rapp (Cardinal Gibbons)  Faith Trammell (Robbinsville) 
2009 Laura Hoer (T.C. Roberson)  Sarah Rapp (Cardinal Gibbons)  Catie Byrd (North Henderson) Carol Blankenship (East Wilkes) 
Ivey Redmon Era
2010 Darby Middlebrook (Watauga)  Sarah Rapp (Cardinal Gibbons)  Grace Morken (Carrboro)  Carol Blankenship (East Wilkes) 
2011 Samantha George (Millbrook)  Blake Dodge (West Carteret)  Grace Morken (Carrboro)  Kirsten Parries (Mount Airy) 
2012 Megan Sullivan (Broughton)  Mary Grace Doggett (Cardinal Gibbons)  Grace Morken (Carrboro)  Sophia Bhalla (Lincoln Charter) 
2013 Kayla Montgomery (Mount Tabor)  Mary Grace Doggett (Cardinal Gibbons)  Maysa Araba (Carrboro)    Malia Ellington (Community School of Davidson) 
2014 Elly Henes (Green Hope)  Anna Vess (A.C. Reynolds) Maysa Araba (Carrboro)    Malia Ellington (Community School of Davidson) 
2015 Nevada Mareno (Leesville Road)  Anna Vess (A.C. Reynolds) Amanda Hickey (Carrboro)  Blakely Moore (Highlands) 
2016 Nevada Mareno (Leesville Road)  Emme Fisher (West Carteret) Anna-Kathryn Kilby (Forbush) Michaela Gammon (Lincoln Charter)