Connor Lane Summer Training Blog Series

Connor Lane gave us some insight on his summers training, and was even kind enough to send his daily running log!  Lane was NC#1 last season for 5K and fell to Jeremy Brown at the state meet.  Lane is coming off of a break out season where he ran 14:59 coming off of a 15:45 PR from his sophomore season.  Despite the success Lane had his season didn't end how he had hoped and he ended it with an injury.  This kept him out of the indoor season, but he was able to bounce back and run 9:06 for 3200 and 4:12 in the 1600 in which he was the state leader.  Now that he has proven that he is capable of being the star that he is, he knows the key is being smart with his training.  He shares the idea behind Coach Mangum's training and what changes he will take as apposed to the 2015 summer.  We will check back in with Lane in two weeks and see how things are going!

Increasing both volume and intensity at the same time is how you get injured.

With that in mind, this summer is about building volume, while late September through December will be about gradually building tempo and speed work into my training plan to succeed at the right time of the year. Last year I was on a mission over the summer, I hammered practically every day while we continued to up the mileage. I increased both volume and intensity at the same time; I topped out in the low 70s last year, but did them faster than any training block before. I was incredibly fit in September and October, but unknowingly burned myself out before the important part of the season rolled around.

I say all this to show my mentality going into this year. I'm optimistic of what's ahead of course, but I'm cautious in regards to training. I have complete trust in Coach Nick Mangum, I now know to take easy days easy, to save my effort for when it matters, to build slowly yet steadily towards the goals ahead. My first week of training (besides 30 minute maintenance runs my second week of rest) was July 4-10, two weeks after a disappointing Nationals meet where I came in 6th. The idea behind starting in July was to delay my training in preparation for running through Mid-December. The first true week was all about readjusting. Back to running every day, back to waking up early, back to stretching, core circuits, drills, strides. Reminding my body how to train, I completed 40 minute runs each day, Monday through Saturday somewhere between 6 to 7 miles each day (I don't run with a GPS watch so I don't know for sure), for 38 miles that week off of 6 days of easy running.

The next week, July 11-17, added in a moderate long of 60 minutes, about 9.25 miles, on Wednesday, and an 80 minute long run at the end of the week, 12.75 miles, my first of the season. Over the summer long run days are the most important day of the week, a time to really get in quality miles and although the pace wasn't that fast today, it'll become faster the closer we get to the start of the season.

Cardinal Gibbons runs at Umstead National Park every morning

Monday July 11

  • Drills

  • 40 min/ 6.5 miles

    • Felt refreshed after taking my first day off on Sunday since getting back into real training, took single track trails along the river.

  • General Strength Core Routine

Tuesday July 12

  • 40 min/ 6.25 miles

    • Felt a little sluggish but overall just getting bored of only running 40 minutes. Single track trails again.

  • Strides

  • Abs Core Routine

Wednesday July 13

  • 60 min/ 9.25 miles

    • Felt surprisingly good in the last 20 minutes for it being my longest run of the year so far. Started out on single track trails but moved to wider bridle dirt paths for the second half

Thursday July 14

  • Drills

  • 40 min/ 6.25 miles

    • Easier day after running 60 yesterday, felt a little tired. Slower, single track trails

  • GS

Friday July 15

  • 40 min/ 6.25 miles

    • Controlled run, no need to pick up the pace with my first long run tomorrow. First half was out on single track trails, came back bridle paths

  • Strides

  • Abs

Saturday July 16

  • 80 min/ 12.75 miles

    • Felt strong, we averaged 6:20s on the Turkey Creek Loop (bridle dirt paths) in Umstead and then added on. Happy with the way it went and still felt controlled in expectation for a tough next week of training runs in the mountains.

Sunday July 17

  • Off day as Cardinal Gibbons XC traveled to Arden, NC for the Adidas NC State All American Cross Country Camp.

Week: 47.25 miles