Connor Lane Summer Training Blog Series

Connor Lane gave us some insight on his summers training, and was even kind enough to send his daily running log!  Lane was NC#1 last season for 5K and fell to Jeremy Brown at the state meet.  Lane is coming off of a break out season where he ran 14:59 coming off of a 15:45 PR from his sophomore season.  Despite the success Lane had his season didn't end how he had hoped and he ended it with an injury.  This kept him out of the indoor season, but he was able to bounce back and run 9:06 for 3200 and 4:12 in the 1600 in which he was the state leader.  Now that he has proven that he is capable of being the star that he is, he knows the key is being smart with his training.  He shares the idea behind Coach Mangum's training and what changes he will take as apposed to the 2015 summer.  We will check back in with Lane in two weeks and see how things are going!

Monday, July 18

  • 55 min/ 9 miles

    • First run up in the mountains at camp, ran up Hooker Falls for the first half then back down the second half of the run, always tough on the calves. Stayed as relaxed as possible knowing I had a tough week ahead.

Tuesday, July 19

  • 4x 5 minutes track workout today/ 9 miles today

    • Splits: 5:30 mile pace, 5:17 mile pace, 5:06 mile pace, 4:51 mile pace

    • Coach Mangum always wants early workouts to be finished confident you could do another rep at the same intensity and relatively the same effort, and I finished the workout still feeling pretty relaxed. It felt really good to get a faster effort in for the first time this summer.

Wednesday, July 20

  • 60 min/ 9 miles

    • Conservative effort today at Dupont Forest after the workout yesterday and a tough run upcoming tomorrow

Thursday, July 21

  • 42:44 min/ 8 ½ miles

    • Tried to go after Thomas Graham's two loop record at Arboretum, the counselors and coaches told me it was 45 minutes so I just took it out from the beginning. Huge shoutout to Zack Langston for pacing me especially on the second lap. Went 21:02 on the first loop then 21:42 for the second one.

    • Got the record by about 2 minutes and averaged 5:01 pace for 8 ½ miles- super tough effort but I was happy that after 3 weeks of training and hardly any previous workouts I could run that pace for a sustained effort.

  • PM: Easy 3 miles to shakeout

Friday, July 22

  • 35 min/ 5 miles

    • On campus before we left camp in the afternoon, easy run after yesterday.

Saturday, July 23

  • 80 min/ 11.5 miles

    • Another slow run- this time on single track trails back in Umstead.

Sunday, July 24

  • Off Day

Week: 55 miles

Monday, July 25

  • 50 min/ 7.75 miles

    • Normal consistent run, beginning to up the mileage on normal continuous runs. The goal is to hit the same mileage as last week on singles.

Tuesday, July 26

  • 50 min/ 8.25

    • Fast run, hadn't picked up the pace at all since last week so felt like a good time to do it. Averaged a little above 6 minutes per mile but honestly felt relaxed for most of it.

Wednesday, July 27

  • 60 min/ 9.5 miles

    • I generally try to keep the pace of moderate long and long runs around 6:30, so this was right on schedule

Thursday, July 28

  • 50 min/ 8 miles

    • Little faster than normal but nothing too bad

Friday, July 29

  • 50 min/ 8 miles

    • Normal run on single track trails

Saturday, July 30

  • 80 min/ 12.75 miles

    • Averaged 6:30s so right where I want to be

Sunday, July 31   

  • Off Day

Week: 54.25