Vincent Crisp wins US Junior 800 Title!

crVincent Crisp shocked himself last weekend at the US Junior Championships.  He had already had a very strong season at Texas Tech running 1:47.91 qualifying individually for NCAA West Preliminaries and running at NCAAs on Texas Tech's 4x400.  US Juniors was just icing on the cake, where he took down a strong 800 field winning a US Championship and advancing to Poland to the US Junior World Championships where he should be a medal contender.  Crisp was able to end his High School career on a high note as well. He took second place to Philip Hall at the NCHSAA 4A State Championships, but was able to bounce back at New Balance Nationals to secure a podium finish out of the slower seeded section.  Crisp ran a good PR that day which was 1:50.21 and 6th overall.  See what Crisp had to say about his time at US Juniors and how the college transition has gone for him?

What emotions did you have when you crossed the line as the US Junior Champion?
When I crossed the line at Junior Worlds I was so surprised because I saw 1:46 on the clock but mostly because I noticed I just won the biggest meet of my track career. I was so excited that I had to dab at the end because I was so happy  I had to dance.

What was your mindset going into the final? 
Going into finals to be completely honest I just wanted a medal.  I just wanted to get top 6 and Pr. I wanted to win but that was not my main focus of the race.

You qualified on time into the finals, did that discourage or encourage you going into the next round?
I was a little discouraged because I didn't run past Brian Bell on the final stretch for the win, But I also was encouraged because we ran slow through the 400m and only 1:49.9 so I knew I had a lot of energy left for the finals the next day.

What were your goals going into the US Junior Championships? Did you think you were capable of winning?
My goal was just to have fun, compete with the best in the country, and run  a Pr of 1:47.5. I was not thinking a 1:46 was going to pop up on the clock and I didn't think I was going to win. I knew it was going to be close and who ever wanted it that most at the point was going to make the team.

Did you know you could run a time like 1:46.91? Yes, you ran 1:50.71 in High School, but 4 seconds in an 800 is a lot!
I truly didn't believe I could run 1:46. Running 1:50 out of high school, I wanted to finish my whole college career at 1:47.00. And now running 1:46 as a freshman the sky is the limit now.

What's the biggest different in you now versus you in high school?
Then  difference from High School and now is. I eat healthier and  finally have some base and endurance. In High school it was all speed but now we started running miles and it really helped my last 400m. Also training with a pretty great group of Guys everyday pushing me in practice and weight room really helped me get to where I am today.

What do you have to say about the excellent coaching you've received at Texas Tech?
Coach Kitley has really trained me the best way possible. He can always point out my weaknesses and make sure we work on them at practice, so race day so fix the problem and get faster and better position.

What are your goals going into Poland's World Championships?
My goals going to Poland is to have the much fun as possible, enjoy the experience, advance through each round smooth as possible, maybe get another big Pr, and place the best that I can for the USA.

You're just a freshman, what do you think the ceiling is for you in your collegiate career?
In my collegiate career I would like to win conference, break conference, make nationals , and eventually one day win nationals. And if one day I get fast enough I would like to take my talents and go Pro.