Who Has the Best Girls Sprint/Hurdle Teams in NC?

When Jazmine Gooden is your #2 hurdler, you know you have a deep group.

Over the weekend, we looked at the top field event squads in the state, so today it's time to do the same for the teams with the deepest & strongest sprint & hurdle groups!  We use "XC-Style" scoring to rank each 5-girl team, and the results can be very interesting.  Of course, we could just look at relay results to evaluate a school's sprint strength, but the approach in this article has several advantages: it goes 5-deep instead of 4-deep, it eliminates the variables that can affect relay performances, and it's also fun and different!

NOTE: a team must have 5 athletes with recorded results in a particular event to show up in these rankings.

100 Dash - 200 Dash - 400 Dash

100 Hurdles - 300 Hurdles