Great Outdoor Provision Co. Preview: CPC Championship

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It's a classic battle between Reagan's tightly-packed depth and the front-running power of Mount Tabor, and the outcome is anyone's guess.


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Virtual Meet


Boys Varsity Preview

Ian Milder (Mount Tabor) is by far the best runner in the field, as he is in the conversation for the top 5 individuals in the state.  However, his big advantage in time is only worth one point in team scoring, and in a meet this size that won't swing the results either way; to win the meet, Tabor needs good races from their 2-5 runners.  Behind Milder iis a Spartan squad that has posted some very strong times recently, with 5 guys under 16:30 and 6 under 16:50, and that makes them the favorite coming into the race.  R.J. Reynolds ranks a close second, close enough to be a serious threat to win the meet.  The Demons' best times came at Hagan Stone, which is much more similar to the West Forsyth course than McAlpine; having had several top runners missing at Wendy's, they didn't get the chance to put up blistering times, and that might be a factor in their current ranking.  Don't be deceived by the apparently comfortable points cushion shown for Mount Tabor in the virtual meet!  This will be a close team race, and either team has a legitimate shot of winning the race.


Girls Varsity Preview

Once again, Mount Tabor has the top individual, this time in the person of Kayla Montgomery.  She is joined up front by Vanessa Bateson, and together the two hope to power the Spartans to the team title (and possibly a sweep with the boys, a feat Tabor has accomplished many times in the past).  In this case, it is the Reagan girls that stand in the way, and they appear to be a very strong opponent, having put their front 5 under 20 minutes at Hagan Stone almost three weekends ago.  The Raiders haven't raced since then, preferring to train in anticipation of their postseason aspirations, so that makes it hard to get a fix on their fitness.  If Reagan is healthy, you can consider them slight favorites in this meet, as their depth puts them at an advantage and the smaller meet size neutralizes Tabor's front-running.  Interestingly, it could be two individuals from West Forsyth - Ellen Spencer and Ashley Smith - that determine the outcome of the team scores for Mount Tabor and Reagan.  Bolstered by fast times from Wendy's, the two Titans rank 3rd and 4th in the conference individually.  If the lead runners from Reagan can get in front of those two at the finish line, it would almost certainly propel the Raiders to the title, but that might be difficult to accomplish when they are running on their home course

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