Senior Spotlight: Trevor Sleight

The Carolina Day senior has quietly ranked among the top 5 runners in the state at the 5K or 3200 the last two years.


One of the quietest runners in the state and also one of the most talented, Trevor Sleight continues to rank in the top 5 among North Carolina boys from season to season.  He is somewhat constrained by the distances available in high school running, and I think he will blossom as a 5K-10K runner at the college level.  For right now, though, Trevor has geared his entire cross country season to Foot Locker South, not even bothering to taper for his state meet race (which he won for the second straight year).  Although he is clearly very shy in front of the camera (his teammates had to drag him over for this interview), watch carefully to see the confidence that he has in himself and his ability; his whole demeanor transforms subtly when he talks about his training and his goals.


Trevor Sleight's Athlete Profile