NCHSAA 4A West Regional 2024

Charlotte, NC

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

2024 4A West Region Track & Field Championship

Saturday May 11th at Palisades High School

15221 York Rd, Charlotte NC, 28278

Order of Events & Time Schedule

We will try to mimick the state meet schedule

Gates Open: 9:00AM

Coaches Meeting: 10:30 AM in gymnasium located in the building behind the tennis courts. Can enter through the side doors on top of the hill near main stadium gate. 

Field Events: Event areas will open at 11:00AM, 1 hour prior to start time. 

12:00 PM

**Implement weigh in and pole inspection will start at 11AM and close at 11:30AM.

**(3 jumps & 3 throws top 9 will go to finals for 3 additional attempts)

Long Jump: (Girls and Boys) Girls in Pit 1 by pole vault pit and Boys in Pit 2 behind visitor stands

Discus:(Girls followed by Boys)

High Jump:(Boys)OH: (B): TBD

Pole Vault:(Girls followed by Boys)OH: (G):  TBD (B): TBD

2:00 PM

Triple Jump: (Boys and Girls)Girls in Pit 1 and Boys in Pit 2

Shot Put:(Girls followed by Boys)

High Jump:(Girls) OH: (G): TBD

12:00PM: Running Event Semi Finals (rolling schedule)

100m HH

110m HH

100m (Girls)

100m (Boys)

4x800m Relay Finals (Girls followed by Boys)

Running Events:Timed Finals and Rolling Schedule

2:00 PM Finals (Girls followed by Boys)

100m HH

110m HH


4x200m Relay


4x100m Relay


300m IH




4x400m Relay

*Entries are due TBD.No substitutions or late entries will be allowed, only scratches.
*ALL tickets must be purchased through the Hometown Tix website or app under Palisades High School. No tickets will be sold at the meet.
*ALL BUSES will need to park in the lower bus lot behind the baseball field. The main bus lot will serve as overflow parking for buses. 
*All other vehicles must be parked in the main parking lot by the stadium in front of the school. Paliasades Park Elementary will serve as overflow parking for all personal vehicles. 
*Coaches and athletes must use the gate entrance located behind the stadium as you walk past the baseball and softball fields, NO VEHICLES ARE PERMITTED TO ENTER OR PARK THROUGH THE GATES BY THE BASEBALL FIELD. No other entrances will be open for athletes and coaches.
*Tents may only be placed on the top 6 rows of the bleachers on the visitors side.
*All spectators should enter through the main gate at the top of the hill,

*Carolinas HealthCare System will be providing certified athletic trainers onsite during the competition. Schools not traveling with a trainer should send supplies, such as tape and pre-wrap, as we will have limited quantities of those supplies.
*All injuries or medical emergencies should be reported to the athletic trainer. The trainer will either be in the training room, or the medical tent.
*Coaches and athletes are not allowed under the timing tent for any reason.
*Coaches are not allowed near the start and finish lines as well as the field event venues unless assisting.
*No headphones, cell phones or other electronic devices are allowed in warm up or competition areas.
*Any protests should be filed with the appropriate referee (running or field) or the meet referee.
*Protests will be judged by the games committee, which will consist of the three head coaches and the meet referee.
*The protest period will be within 15 minutes after the posting of final results.
*Shot Put and Discus are located behind the home side bleachers and concourse on the grass practice field.
*All jumps are located on the visitors side and high jump is on the apron near the field house.
*All field event athletes should check in at their event site no later than 10 minutes prior to the start of their competition.
*No athletes should be in the infield unless they are competing; this can result in disqualification.
*Check-In will be located under the Palisades tent. 
*Hip numbers will be worn on the left hip for lane races. All other races will wear numbers on the left hip and left chest.
*Athletes should know the order of events and not depend solely on calls before they check in.
*Please be ready to help out in a field event & relay exchanges..
*Coaches Hospitality Provided.