JCSU High School Invitational 2024

Charlotte, NC

Meet Information

Date:March 30, 2024

Contact Information - Coach Lawrence at clawrence@jcsu.edu

Entry Fee:The entry fee will be $10 per athlete per event and $20 per relay. Teams will be capped at a max fee of $275 per team per gender.

Spectator Fee:$5/visitor (If you are not competing or with the coaching staff)

Concessions:Will be available

Entry Deadlines: The entry deadline will be Monday, 25th, 2024

Entry Limits:3 athletes per event per school and 1 relay team per school

Parking: Parking will be available on the main campus towards the back of the school. 

Facility Layout:All Throwing events will take place on the main campus next to the tennis courts. All running events will take place at the stadium.

Starting Heights:Starting heights will be decided based on entries.

Implements:All implements must be weighed in before competition begins at the throwing events area

Check-in:30 minutes before the event. Field Events check-in at the venue

Running events check-in at the start of the 100m dash.

Athletic Training:Trainers will be available during the meet. They will be located in the field house near the start of the 100m. If you need to be taped, please bring your own tape. 

Spikes:Athletes will be permitted to use only 1/4-inch pyramids. Judges and clerks will be checking shoes at check-in for each event. Athletes will be disqualified for illegal spikes.

Events Contested - This will be a rolling schedule after a 10:00 a.m. start.

Women's 4 X 800m Relay

Men's 4 X 800m Relay

Women's 4 X 100m Relay

Men's 4 X 100m Relay 

Women's 100m Hurdles

MS 100m Hurdles

Men's 110m Hurdles

Men's 3200m

Women's 3200m

Women's 100m dash

Men's 100m dash

Women's 400m dash

Men's 400m dash

Women's 800m run

Men's 800m run   

MS 200m Hurdles

Women's 400m hurdles

Men's 400m hurdles

Women's 200m dash

Men's 200m dash

MS 1500m run

Women's 1600m 

Men's 1600m

Women's 4 x 400m Relay

Men's 4 X 400m Relay

Women's 2,000m Steeplechase

Men's 2,000m Steeplechase 

Field Events

9:00 a.m. - Men's Shot Put, Women's Discus, Men's and Women's Long Jump

10:30 a.m. - Men's Discus, Women's Shot Put, Men's High Jump, followed by Womens high jump

1:00 p.m. - Men's and Women's Triple Jump, Men's Javelin followed by womens javelin