Olympic Meet #1 Senior Night 2023

Charlotte, NC
Hosted by Olympic
Timing/Results Mitchell Timing

Meet Information

Hey coaches,

First, I want to thank you all for your interest in joining us for our only weekday home meet and Senior Night of the season. We will have 5-6 teams in total participating.  Mitchell Timing will be timing the event.

Just a couple things to consider before Wednesday:

Parking -

1. ALL ATHLETES, COACHES, and BUSES will need to park in our bus parking along the sidewalks.

2. We will only allow athlete/coach entry through the home side from the bus parking lot.  (Parents/Spectators must enter through the same gates.)

Tickets -

1. Have your parents download and purchase tickets through the Hometown Tix under Olympic High School. And, tickets will be sold at the meet.

Warm ups -

1. Warm ups will be done on the game field. 

2. Athletes will not be allowed to casually hang out on the field.

3. They will be given one warning before I bring it to your attention (possible DQ from the meet if it continues).

Meet Start Time -

1. Coaches meeting at 3:45 pm sharp.

2. Field events will begin at 4:30 pm.

3. Running events will begin at 5:15 pm sharp and we will be on a rolling schedule.

Coaches' Help -

1. Please be ready to help out in a field event & relay exchanges. This includes you or a member of your staff.

2. All schools must assist in some capacity.

Entries -

1. Entries are to be submitted in NCMilesplit.com and is located on the calendar.  The password is Trojans23. Entries are due Monday, 4/18/2023 at 11am.

2. All substitutions will be due upon arrival at the meet to Mitchell on April 20th by 3:30 pm.

Entry Limits -

1. Sprints - 7 entry max

2. Distance - Unlimited entry

3. Hurdles - 7 entry max

4. Long/Triple Jump - 5 entry max

5. High Jump - 5 entry max

6. Throws - 5 entry max

7. Relays - 2 entry max

Please clean your team areas at the conclusion of the meet.

Any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact me