South Charlotte Hyundai Charlotte City Championship 2023

Waxhaw, NC

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The meet was supposed to start with field events at 10 A.M and running at 11 A.M, but we are going to start everything at 11 A.M this year. At this point the weather man has the temperature at 30 degrees at 10 A.M and I dont want kids jumping when it is below freezing.  Giving us this extra hour will allow the sun to heat things up a little bit.  The original schedule also had the hurdle pre lims and 55 pre-lims before the 4x800.  We are going to swap that as well to allow it to heat up some for the sprinters. 

11 A.M- All field events will start and the 4x800 will start. 

Women first in high jump, pole vault, and triple jump. 

Track order

4x800 girls/boys

55 hurdle pre-lims boys/girls

55 pre-lims boys/girls

55 hurdle finals girls/boys

55 finals girls/boys

10 minute break

4x200 followed by the normal order of events 

Entry Standards

Based on NCRunners times. Only enter athletes that have met the standard. All athletes who have not met the standard will be taken out of the meet.


4x800- 11:32.24

55H- 10.54

55m- 7.94

4x200- 1:59.24

1600m- 5:56.24

500m- 1:29.24

1000m- 3:31.24

300m- 45.54

3200m- 13:18.24

4x400- 4:43.24

High Jump- 4'4"

Long Jump- 14'0"

Triple Jump- 30'0"

Pole Vault- 7'0"

Shot Put- 26'0"


4x800- 9:08.24

55H- 9.34

55m- 6.94

4x200- 1:39.24

1600m- 4:51.24

500m- 1:14.24

1000m- 2:53.24

300m- 38.24

3200m- 10:43.24

4x400- 3:50.24

High Jump- 5'6"

Long Jump- 18'6"

Triple Jump- 38'6"

Pole Vault- 9'0"

Shot Put- 40'0"

Fully Automated Timing:

Awards: We are doing something different this year and awarding bag tags to the top athlete in each event. We will not be doing medals for the top 3.

We will have team trophies to the top 2 men's and women's teams. 

ContactDustin Allen-

Entry Fee: $60 for 1 gender team and $100 for both Genders. Checks can be made out to Cuthbertson High School.

Individuals need to contact coach Allen. We will charge $10 per event for people running unattached.

Unlimited Entries- you may enter all your athletes who qualify from your team.

Spectators Tickets-

Meet Schedule

Field Events

10:00 am Start Time

High Jump- Girls followed by Boys

Shot Put- Boys followed by Girls

Pole Vault- Girls followed by Boys

Long Jump- Boys followed by girls

Triple Jump- Girls followed by boys

11:00 A.M Start Time then rolling schedule

55 Meter Hurdles Semi boys then girls

55 meter dash Semi Finals boys then girls

4x800 girls finals

4x800 boys finals

55 meter Hurdles Finals(girls then boys)

55 meter dash Finals (Girls then Boys)

4x200 Meter Relay Finals

1600 Meter Run Finals

500 Meter Run Finals

1000 Meter Run Finals

300 Meter Dash Finals

3200 Meter Run Finals

4x400 Meter Relay Finals