South View Polar Bear 1 2020

Fayetteville, NC
Hosted by South View

Meet Information


o Entry fee is $2 per athlete. Ask each athlete to give you $2 and put it in an envelope. Turn it in when you pick up your meet packet. If you bring 30 kids, your entry is $60. We try to make it where the kids have some skin in the game. Even our kids pay. If you want to pay with a school check, that is your choice.

o LETS AVOID WRITE-INS!!! It is a polar bear meet, so we want to be flexible, but please try to reduce write-ins. If you have additional athletes, make sure they are in the milesplit database.

o BRING YOUR YOUNG ATHLETES!!! Its a polar bear meet, not the Olympics. It is a great opportunity for your younger athletes to compete and learn.


We require a coach from each school to be at the finish line to assist timing laned events.

o It is each coaches responsibility to have their own stopwatch.

o If a coach or coaches from a school is/are assisting with a field event, or as the starter, etc. they do not have to time events. If a coach finishes with their respective field event, any help they can offer at the finish would be appreciated (if needed).

o If a school has athletes in a laned event, but is not assisting with the meet, the meet director reserves the right to disallow his/her team to compete those events.

All coaches need to bring measuring tapes, stopwatches, clipboards, etc.


Please speak with your athletes about respecting the bathrooms and facility as a whole. Every year we end up shelling out money to pay for damages to something in the bathroom. This has actually been the second biggest expense to the SROs.

The uniform code may be relaxed due to the weather or other issues.

Results will be posted to

Only athletes warming up or competing will be allowed on the infield. Please remind your athletes of the electronics rule within the field of play.

Reid Ross Classical School is located at 3200 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, NC 28301.

Questions? Email Coach Jesse L. Autry at .


Admission is only $3.00 for spectators. Children five and under are free.

Parking: Spectator and coach vehicle parking will be in the back parking lot off Lynn Avenue. Bus parking will be in the bus parking lot of Reid Ross Classical School on Ramsey Street.


We will use a write-on bib number system where your athletes will use a sharpie/permanent marker and write an assigned bib number on their arm, wrist or somewhere to make finish line recording easier. One thing that really slows meets down is the recording process at the finish line. This expedites that situation.

  • These bib numbers MUST BE LEGIBLE.
  • MAKE SURE "7s" LOOK LIKE "7s" and not "1s" and "9s" DO NOT LOOK LIKE "4s". Tell the kids that we do not read hieroglyphics,cuneiform or Martian.

We will email rosters with bib numbers by Friday morning so you can have your athletes write these NEATLY ahead of time on Saturday. It would be easier to have them on before you get to Reid Ross.

Permanent marker, please.

TIMES TO KNOW (times could change due to weather):

9:00AM Track Opens

9:30 Coaches Meeting at midfield

10:00 Field Events begin

10:00 Track Events begin (Track events will be on a rolling schedule.)


Check In: TBA

Meet Director: Jesse L. Autry (SV)

PA: Jesse L. Autry (SV), Joe Clark (SV)

Marshals: NEED ONE MORE FOR LANED EVENTS, Robert Zoky (SV), Jesse Autry (SV)

Starter: Robert Freeman (DB)

Hurdle Crew: All coaches at the start/finish lines, parents, any kids standing around.

Boys LJ and TJ: NEED SOMEONE-2 OFFICIALS & SOMEONE TO RAKE (that could be a student or parent)

Girls LJ and TJ:NEED SOMEONE-2 OFFICIALS & SOMEONE TO RAKE (that could be a student or parent)


Pole Vault: Addison Johnson (SL)

Shot Put:NEED SOMEONE 2 OFFICIALS & SOMEONE TO RECORD (that could be a student or parent)

Finish Recorder: Joan Callahan (CF) , Erin Yoest (SV)

Head Timers: Christopher Wurst (SV),



Boys Shot Put will precede girls.

Starting heights for HJ and PV to be determined at the Coaches Meeting.

Girls High Jump is before boys.

Boys Pole Vault shall precede the girls.

The Long Jump shall precede the Triple Jump for both boys and girls.

In the shot put, LJ and TJ, every athlete's first measurable mark will be measured. After that, the following marks must be met for measurement:

Girls LJ: 14-00, Girls TJ: 28-00, Girls Shot: 24-00

Boys LJ: 17-00, Boys TJ: 38-00, Boys Shot: 36-00

Girls HJ will begin at 4-00, Boys HJ will begin at 5-00

Girls HJ will begin at 4-00, Boys HJ will begin at 5-00

For LJ and TJ each athlete will be allowed three (3) attempts. There are no finals.


Girls will go first, followed by boys. At the discretion of the meet director, boys and girls can be combined in the distance events. The CORRECT order of events is listed below:

1. 4x800 Meter Relay

2. 55 Meter Hurdles

3. 55 Meter Dash

4. 4x200 Meter Relay

5. 1600 Meters

6. 500 Meters

7. 1000 Meters

8. 300 Meters

9. 3200 Meters

10. 4x400 Meter Relay