SWAC Pre-Conference Meet (2A)

Bostic, NC
Hosted by R-S Central

Athlete Entries

Boys 5000 Meter Run 69 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Jimenez, Johan Chase
Horton, Sumter R-S Central
Carver-Robbins, Alex R-S Central
Kamdar, Muhammad South Point
Pate, Ridge South Point
Mullen, Jacob East Gaston
Austin, Ayden South Point
Learn, Tim Shelby
Lewis, Zach R-S Central
Harris, Ashton South Point
Ballard, Drake South Point
Hunt, Zamarie Shelby
Dover, Hunter Chase
Guida, Dominick East Gaston
Pace, Gabe R-S Central
Douglass, Brody Burns
Adcock, Davis South Point
Woliver, Grant South Point
Salyers, Joseph R-S Central
Walker, Matthew South Point
Brown, Nathan South Point
Rackley, Conner Shelby
Emery, Parker East Rutherford
Leverette, Cameron Chase
Robbins, Van R-S Central
Black, Seth Burns
Rash, Tyler South Point
Jones, Nathan South Point
Wright, Chandler East Gaston
Matthews, Wesley South Point
Stout, Brady Shelby
Scoggins, Cole East Rutherford
Kanz, Nehemiah Chase
Marsh, John R-S Central
Striff, Logan R-S Central
Lewandowski, Quinn South Point
Corcoran, Connor South Point
Banks, Khalil East Gaston
Bowman, Will South Point
Brownlee, Charlie Shelby
Towery, Brett Chase
Ankrom, Garry R-S Central
Johnson, Ruffin South Point
Millspaw, Joshua South Point
Dalton, Matthew South Point
Eason, Tony Burns
Risk, Ty South Point
Upton, Christopher R-S Central
Adcock, Gage South Point
Abernathy, Alexander South Point
Harrison, Antonio Shelby
Lewis, Zac East Gaston
Jiminez, Alex Chase
Cole, Julian R-S Central
Parsons, Andrew Burns
Ray, Cooper South Point
Long, Alex South Point
Paddyfote, Emmanuel South Point
Tolbert, Justin South Point
Riddle, Dillan Shelby
Adair, Kaleb East Rutherford
Fabian, Bryan Chase
Wilson, Sam R-S Central
Dugan, Zachary Burns
Millspaw, Alex South Point
Hughes, Josh South Point
Luu, Brayden East Gaston
Cunningham, Zach South Point
Schweppe, Daniel Shelby
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Girls 5000 Meter Run 57 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Mace, Marina East Rutherford
Pallozzi, Makenna South Point
Grenier, Victoria Shelby
Rose, Ava South Point
Lewis, Ashlyn East Gaston
Frkova, Zuzana Shelby
Harris, Marla Chase
Thomas, Christina R-S Central
Eason, Patience Burns
Allen, Nicole South Point
Yelton, Jennifer East Rutherford
Owens, Brianna Shelby
Pacheco, Ashleigh East Rutherford
Luna, Dulce Chase
Rogers, Emma R-S Central
Martin, Abbey South Point
Gold, Mara R-S Central
Mauney, Allie Shelby
Morgan, Trisha East Rutherford
Lane, Gracey R-S Central
Day, Sarah Burns
Gregory, Lilly South Point
Potter, Carissa East Gaston
Keever, Cori R-S Central
Nitschke, Olivia East Rutherford
Villemagne, Jordan South Point
McDowell, Wray Shelby
Carr, Catherine South Point
Longnecker, Heather East Gaston
Mooneyham, Anna Chase
Howard, Jodi R-S Central
Douglas, Madelyne Burns
Racz, Riley South Point
Clifton, Tori Shelby
Tutt, Janiah East Rutherford
Benedict, Kim East Gaston
Hensley, Hattie Shelby
Cooper, Christian East Rutherford
Harrill, Faith Chase
Houser, Hunter R-S Central
Lewandowski, Emme South Point
York, Katie East Rutherford
Brackett, Jenna R-S Central
Walker, Ansley Shelby
Razo, Clarissa East Rutherford
Bush, Keeleigh R-S Central
Wray, Alice Burns
Kline, Camryn South Point
Rogers, Grace R-S Central
Wallen, Rainey Shelby
Moore, Kayla East Rutherford
Geese, Erin R-S Central
Dover, Hannah Burns
Feduniec, Jenna South Point
Jessen, Abigail East Gaston
Houser, Gracie Chase
Hodge, Grier R-S Central
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